Cape San Blas beach vacation rentals

Cape San Blas is located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, in the panhandle area. It is a small community with just enough restaurants and things to do to keep you busy but not too much so you won’t get bored. The beaches are gorgeous and great for fishing or swimming. There are many rental homes, condos, and cottages where you can stay while visiting this beautiful place!

The Best Cape San Blas Beach Rental

Cape San Blas beach rental #2 is the best option for you and your family. The unit is located a short walk from the beach, with a private pool, outdoor shower, and covered porch.

Inside this vacation rental, you will find four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a large kitchen equipped with modern appliances. In addition to this, there are two living rooms—one on each floor—and plenty of space to stretch out in comfort while on vacation.

Cape San Blas beach rentals
Cape San Blas beach rentals

This Cape San Blas beach rental includes access to all amenities: wireless internet access (WiFi), cable TV service, air conditioning units throughout the home (including living room), ceiling fans in each bedroom (except the master bedroom), covered parking spaces for up to three vehicles per unit.

Scallop Cove

  • Scallop Cove is located on the western side of Cape San Blas, in the small town of Port St. Joe.
  • Amenities at Scallop Cove include a heated pool, lighted tennis court and shuffleboard court.
  • Pets are allowed with an additional fee of $100 per pet per week. Dogs must be leashed at all times and cleaned up after immediately after they have finished playing in the sand or water. The beach area is not fenced off from other people’s property, so please keep your pets close by to avoid any unwanted occurrences with other local residents or visitors (this includes people as well).
  • The resort also welcomes children 12 years old and younger who are accompanied by an adult 18 years old or older; however there will be an additional charge for babysitting services provided by our staff members during your stay — please ask about pricing details when making your reservation!
  1. Places to visit in Cape San Blas, Florida

Sand Dune Escape

Sand Dune Escape is a luxury beach home that sleeps six. With two bedrooms and two full bathrooms, this home offers plenty of space for your group to enjoy their vacation.

The high-end amenities include an outdoor shower with hot water, a gas grill, private access to the beach (just steps from your front door!), and a full-size washer/dryer.

If you’re looking for a great location in Cape San Blas, look no further than Sand Dune Escape!

Surf Song

Surf Song is a quaint beach cottage located in Cape San Blas, Florida. The property has been meticulously maintained by the same owner since it was built in 1905, and it’s been lovingly restored to its former glory with modern conveniences like an updated kitchen and bathrooms.

The cottage sleeps four guests comfortably, with two full bedrooms and one bathroom on the first floor. There are also two twin beds on the second floor that can be made up into a king or queen depending on your needs! The house features beautiful hardwood floors throughout, as well as gorgeous windows that let in plenty of natural light during the day — perfect for lounging around after surfing or swimming nearby beaches all day long!

There are laundry facilities available just outside your front door steps so you don’t have to worry about misshapen clothes from traveling across country before getting here; however if you want more privacy there’s also 2 washers/dryers upstairs where we keep extra supplies like detergent etc…

Tidal Cottage

The Tidal Cottage is the perfect beachfront rental for a family or group of friends looking to stay together. With five bedrooms, it has room for six people to sleep comfortably. The cottage includes a daybed in addition to the five queen beds, so there’s plenty of room for guests who need an extra bed during their stay.

The kitchen has all the appliances you would expect in your own home, including a refrigerator and stovetop burners but also features some nice extras like an electric tea kettle and a coffee grinder that can be set to make fresh coffee each morning at your leisure (and then stored in the fridge).

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The screened-in porch gives you space to enjoy meals out while still feeling connected with nature through its transparent walls—and it comes complete with rocking chairs both inside and outside so everyone can relax while they eat! There is also an outdoor fire pit where you can roast marshmallows directly over coals if you want even more connection with nature!

If sun bathing isn’t enough action for your vacation plans then don’t worry: there is a hot tub attached directly onto this cottage so that anyone who wants some relaxing time away from others will be able to do so without having too much distance between themselves and other members of their party—or even just those who prefer privacy over socializing (which might include yourself!).

And if still not enough excitement? How about grilling up some burgers on one side of the grill while cooking seafood on another side? Or maybe start off slow by cooking something using only charcoal before moving onto propane gas when ready? There are many options here; whatever kind of foodie experience fits best into whatever mood takes hold…that’s what matters most!

Cape Sassy Cottage

Cape Sassy Cottage is located in the heart of Cape San Blas, Florida. The cottage can accommodate up to 5 guests and features a full kitchen, laundry room, covered porch with rocking chairs, and a gas grill.

This cottage also features linens provided by the owner (including towels), satellite television, WIFI internet access, and beach tags for entry into nearby St. Joseph State Park’s beautiful beaches.

The property manager provides local information about where to eat or shop for groceries which makes it easy for you to enjoy your time at this amazing beach retreat!

These are the top Cape San Blas beach rentals.

If you want to rent a house on the Cape, this is your place. The home comes with everything you need to enjoy your stay and then some: two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room with a fireplace, and even an outdoor shower. There’s a deck overlooking the water that’s perfect for drinking coffee in the morning or cocktails at night.

The location is also ideal because it’s close to all the action of St. Joseph but still quiet enough that you can enjoy yourself without feeling like you’re at a party all day long. And if there isn’t anything going on nearby—which is unlikely—you’ll have plenty of space here anyway thanks to its generous size (1,600 square feet).


If you’re looking for a unique Florida beach rental experience, we have the perfect rental for you. Our Cape San Blas vacation homes are located in the Gulf of Mexico and offer breathtaking views of white sand beaches, lush forests and water that seems to go on forever! Whether you want to relax by the pool or spend some time on your private deck overlooking the water, there’s something for everyone at our Cape San Blas beach rentals.

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