Coastal Getaway in Cape San Blas Bike Ride

If you’re looking for a bike ride that will put you in touch with nature, Cape San Blas is the place to go. It’s just 15 minutes from Port St Joe and offers beautiful beaches, wildlife, and miles of sun-drenched land. If you want an easy ride with some challenges thrown in here and there, this is perfect for you!

Enjoy the coast by bike.

Cape San Blas is a beautiful place to enjoy the coast by bike. Bike rentals are available at the park entrance and are a great way to explore the beach by bicycle. You can choose from the road, mountain, or hybrid-style bikes—all of which have fenders for those rainy days!

The park has miles of sandy beaches to explore on two or four wheels. A paved bike trail goes through most of the park, so you can ride off-road and on roadways in your car if you want to hop out for an exploration break from biking itself!

Cape San Blas Bike Ride
Cape San Blas Bike Ride

The 18-mile paved loop around the peninsula is breathtaking and offers a series of bike trails that vary in difficulty.

The 18-mile paved loop around the peninsula is breathtaking and offers a series of bike trails that vary in difficulty. Some are easier than others, some are more scenic than others, some are more challenging than others, and some are more popular than others.

  1. Places to go in Cape San Blas, Florida

We took the back roads all along US 98 to explore the less crowded trails; however, if you’re looking for a more remote trail experience with fewer people around, we recommend taking the road from Port St Joe, FL, to Apalachicola River or even further westward towards Eastpoint until you hit St George Island State Park where many people like to stop for lunch before heading back home!

It is the only beach in Florida where you can ride your bike on the beach, but be aware of tide conditions.

  • Be aware of tide conditions.
  • Be aware of wind conditions.
  • Be aware of wildlife and other people.
  • Be aware of where you are riding and the trail ahead, especially if it is dark or you are riding alone.
  • Take care when locking your bicycle to a rack or post; they can be loose or fail without warning!

You will see baby sea turtles on this ride!

You may see baby sea turtles on this ride if you are lucky. They are born on the beach after their mothers come up from the ocean and lay their eggs in the sand. This is an essential part of their life cycle because it is how new generations are created and how species continue to exist. But there has been much concern about turtle populations recently due to several factors:

  • Predators (eagles, raccoons, coyotes) kill them as food sources
  • Fishing nets catch them and drown them accidentally
  • Cars hit them while driving along Cape San Blas roads during nesting season

A beautiful bike ride that everyone can do!

The bike ride is 18 miles, and it is on the beach. The bike trail is paved, so all ages can enjoy it! It is a loop, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost or going off course. The scenery is beautiful and fun for everyone!

The Cape San Blas bike ride starts at Cape San Blas State Park, where ample parking spots are available if you are driving in from another state or town. There are bathrooms near the beach entrance where visitors can stop before starting their journey for a bathroom break before riding away into Florida’s nature wonderland!

On top of being family-friendly because of its proximity to nature and restrooms nearby (just in case), this path also features scenic views of natural beauty around every turn without fail!


You can easily plan your bike ride along the Cape San Blas peninsula. The roads are well-paved, and there are plenty of places to stop for food and drinks. This is a great way to spend an afternoon with family or friends who have never been on a bike!

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