Is Cape San Blas a good beach?

With so many beaches to choose from in the world, it’s hard to know which is the best. That’s why we’re here: to help you find your dream destination. Today, we’ll be talking about Cape San Blas. This beach in Florida has a lot of things going for it: family-friendly activities, gorgeous sunsets and more!


Cape San Blas is a great beach for families.

  • Kids can play in the water and collect shells, but they also have plenty of space to run around without being in anyone’s way.
  • Dogs are welcome to come on your vacation with you, whether they’re allowed on the beach or not. In fact, Cape San Blas has an entire area designated just for dogs! It’s called “Dog Beach.”
  • Fishing is permitted here too (and if you’ve got a fishing license, you can catch all the fish you want). The best part? There are no crowds here at this beach—it’s easy to find yourself alone with nothing but a fishing rod and some bait!
Cape San Blas Vacation rentals in Florida
Cape San Blas Vacation rentals in Florida

Gorgeous sunsets

The Cape San Blas beach is a great place for watching sunsets. During the summer, when the sun sets in the west, you can sit on your blanket and watch it sink behind the dunes. In winter, when the sun sets in the east after three months of darkness, you’ll want to keep an eye out for whales and dolphins as they swim past at sunset.

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No crowds

As a general rule, the more crowded a beach is, the higher its popularity. You know it. I know it. And thankfully, Cape San Blas is not a popular beach for tourists (and therefore has very few crowds). So if you’re looking for an uncrowded beach experience, this may be your place!

Quiet, not sleepy

Cape San Blas is not a sleepy beach. Cape San Blas is a quiet beach. Cape San Blas isn’t a crowded beach. The town of Port St Joe has plenty to offer and while there are plenty of places to eat, shop and play – it never feels like there are too many people around you. This is what makes it perfect for families who want to spend time together without feeling as if they’re on top of one another all day long!


With all the sand, water and sunshine at Cape San Blas, it’s a great place to bring your dog. Just remember that dogs must be leashed and under control at all times. It is against county law to let your dog run freely on this beach or any other public beach in Bay County. Dog owners are required to clean up after their pets and make sure they are vaccinated for rabies. Please also make sure that you have a friendly pet as some people might not like dogs in their face or hair when playing in the ocean or swimming pools!


Cape San Blas is a great place for privacy. There are lots of places to get away from people, which makes it a good place for those who want to be alone. The beach is long and wide, so there are many places where you won’t come across another person or group.

If you’re looking for a quiet beach vacation that doesn’t have crowds and crowds of people around, Cape San Blas will be perfect for your needs.

Great fishing spot

Fishing is a popular pastime in this area, and you’ll find it’s easy to get hooked on the sport here. Check out the local bait, tackle and fishing guide shops for where you can go and what time of year you should visit to have the best chance at landing a big one.

You’ll want to pack your fishing license as well as some sunscreen if you’re going during the warmer months—and don’t forget your hat! You’ll be standing outside for quite some time, so it’s important that your skin doesn’t burn.

Lots of beach to spread out on

  • A lot of beach space to spread out on!
  • Lots of room to walk, run and play.
  • Plenty of space for tents.
  • Room enough for a shade canopy.
  • Plentiful space in which to set up beach chairs or other seating arrangements

Cape San Blas has a lot to offer beachgoers.

If you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation where you can enjoy the best of both worlds, Cape San Blas is the place to go. The beaches on the Gulf Coast are different than those along the Atlantic Coast, but they’re just as beautiful and fun to explore. When people think about Florida’s beaches, they often imagine white sand and swaying palm trees—and while those things are certainly part of what makes a great beach experience memorable, there’s so much more!

Cape San Blas is an excellent example of this because it has plenty to offer visitors who want to relax and unwind while still having access to activities like fishing or surfing (which are only available at certain times throughout the year). Even when these activities aren’t available at their fullest potential due to weather conditions or other factors outside our control (like tides), there are still plenty of ways for you and your friends/family members—or even solo adventurers like yourself!

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We’ve got plenty more where those came from too; click here if interested in reading more about why choosing Cape San Blas over other nearby destinations like Panama City Beach may be right up your alley!


In conclusion, Cape San Blas is definitely a great beach to visit. The view is amazing and there are plenty of activities for the entire family. You can go swimming, fishing or just relax in the sun on this beautiful island!

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