What is a famous food in Miami?

Miami is known for many things: beautiful beaches, sunsets over the ocean, and great nightlife. But there’s one thing that Miami has more of than any other city in the world: food. Eating out is a way of life here, and every day brings new culinary wonders from around the globe and from local chefs crafting their unique takes on traditional dishes. Whether you’re looking for something authentic or experimental, you can find it here!

famous Miami food

Here are some famous Miami foods:

Cuban food

The most common type of Cuban food is called “criollo.” This word means “native” or “born in Cuba,” and it’s used to describe dishes that have been influenced by Spanish, African, and Caribbean cuisines. Criollo foods include rice and beans (arroz y frijoles), black beans (frijoles negros), and slow-cooked tender chunks of pork cooked in a sweet tomato sauce (ropa vieja) or chunks of beef with onions and bell peppers (picadillo).

Cuban cuisine is influenced by Spanish, African, and Caribbean cultures. Most Cuban dishes are seasoned with garlic powder or marinated for long periods before being cooked. The most popular spices include oregano, cumin, and cinnamon, giving Cuban food its distinctive flavor.

What is a famous food in Miami
What is a famous food in Miami?


Seafood is a big part of Miami’s culinary scene.

The best seafood restaurants in Miami are Joe’s Stone Crab, Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab Restaurant, and Red Lobster.

If you’re looking to order seafood in Miami, try ordering a lobster tail or shrimp cocktail appetizer and some stone crab claws or shrimp as your main course. If there are multiple people at the table (or if it’s just one person who can’t stop eating), order two appetizers instead of one so everyone gets an equal amount of food to share.

For drinks, try drinking a mojito—it’s traditionally made with rum and mint leaves but also includes lime juice and sugar cane syrup for sweetness. You could also drink sangria because it’s delicious!

Chinese food

You can find Chinese food anywhere in Miami, but some restaurants stand out for their popularity and quality. One of these is the Golden Dragon, which has been serving up dishes for over 30 years. If you’re looking for something more upscale, check out any of the restaurants in the South Beach area.

Many different kinds of Chinese cuisine have become popular in Miami over time. Some are more traditional, while others come from other regions around China or Southeast Asia. Some examples include:

  • General Tsao’s chicken
  • Egg rolls (or spring rolls)
  • Mapo tofu
What is traditional Miami food
What is traditional Miami food?

Peruvian food

Peruvian food is delicious, healthy, and diverse. Influenced by Chinese, Spanish, and native cultures in Peru, it’s not spicy at all. It’s eaten with white rice (and sometimes black) accompanied by beans.

Peruvian cuisine has a lot of different dishes to offer: empanadas (meat pies), lomo saltado (beef stir fry), ceviche Pescado con camote (fish soup with sweet potatoes), papa rellena de pollo al horno con salsa de aji amarillo y queso feta (potato stuffed with chicken baked in yellow pepper sauce served with feta cheese). This last one is my favorite!

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Colombian food

Colombian food is a significant part of Miami’s culinary culture. Colombians are known for their love of empanadas, arepas (a type of cornbread), bandeja paisa and bandeja montañera (platters consisting of rice, beans, meat, cheese and plantains). You’ll find these dishes at Colombian-owned restaurants all over Miami.

Sancocho, or chicken soup with root vegetables like yuca or sweet potato; arepas de maiz (corn patties); arepas de choclo (corn cakes), and arepas de queso (cheese patties) are just some examples of Colombian foods you’ll recognize if you visit Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood. There’s nothing better than an almojabana cake from Cafe Versailles for dessert!

Best ethnic food in Miami
Best ethnic food in Miami

Miami is a great place to go for delicious, diverse cuisine.

Miami is a great place to go for delicious, diverse cuisine. There are so many different restaurants with all types of food to choose from and many different types of people who can be found in Miami. You’re sure to meet someone you like and want to spend time with, doing anything from sharing your favorite coffee shop with them or going out on the town at night. The possibilities are endless!


In the world of food, Miami is one of the most diverse cities in the US. You can find any cuisine here: Cuban, French, Indian, Japanese, and more! When visiting this beautiful city for yourself (or if you live there), try some of these famous foods that have been around since before Miami existed.

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