What is Cape San Blas known for?

Cape San Blas is a picturesque, narrow strip of land that stretches into the Gulf of Mexico. It’s located on the Florida panhandle and is known for its dune system and warm waters. The beaches in this area are dog-friendly, and plenty of attractions keep you busy while visiting Cape San Blas.

Cape San Blas has the second largest dune system in America.

Cape San Blas is the second largest dune system in America. You know what a dune is, right? It’s that big hill made of sand that you can see from space. The Dunes at Cape San Blas Preserve State Park are one of three major dune systems found on Florida’s Gulf Coast and are part of America’s largest coastal dune system.

Cape San Blas
Cape San Blas

The southeastern side of Florida has been called “the land between the beaches,” and it’s easy to see why when you look at these beautiful rolling hills. The park itself has over 3,000 acres (1,214 ha) of protected areas, including coastal marshes and uplands with oaks and pine flatwoods—all within easy access for visitors who want to enjoy nature without getting too dirty!

It’s a dog-friendly beach.

Cape San Blas is a dog-friendly beach. Dogs will be allowed on the beach, but they must be leashed at all times and remain under control. They must also be cleaned up after, so bring bags to pick up after your dog.

  1. What to do in Cape San Blas, Florida

In addition to being friendly and vaccinated, your dog should be well behaved and able to interact positively with other people and animals. Also keep in mind that many visitors come to Cape San Blas for their vacation homes or cottages where they may not want pets around because they have allergies or just don’t like dogs.

It’s a short drive from Tallahassee, Panama City, and Pensacola.

Cape San Blas is an easy drive from Tallahassee, Panama City, and Pensacola. A two-hour drive from the capital city and a one-hour trip to Panama City will get you there, but if you’re coming from Pensacola—the other side of the state—you’ll have to add another three-and-a-half hour to your drive.

It’s a narrow sandy strip of land.

Cape San Blas is a long way from the mainland. It’s also a narrow sandy strip of land that stretches for about 20 miles along the Gulf of Mexico, making it a great place to go if you want to get away from it all.

If you’re looking for an escape from crowds, traffic and other urban problems, then Cape San Blas might be your new favorite vacation spot!

The Gulf County Chamber of Commerce is located near the Cape San Blas Lighthouse.

The Gulf County Chamber of Commerce is located near the Cape San Blas Lighthouse. It’s open every day and the staff are happy to answer questions, provide information about things to do in the area, or help you find a place to stay. They also sell souvenirs and tickets that allow you to climb up into the lighthouse tower.

It’s a great place for people who want to learn more about what there is available in Cape San Blas as well as for those who want an excuse to buy some mementos from their vacation!

The area offers many family-friendly attractions.

Located in Southwest Florida, Cape San Blas offers many family-friendly attractions. The area’s natural beauty makes it stand out from other beaches in the region, with a wide range of activities offered.

It is also home to four lighthouses: Cape St. George Lighthouse Museum, Cape San Blas Lighthouse Nature Trail, Cape San Blas Lighthouse Beach Boardwalk and St. Joseph Peninsula State Park. Visitors can climb the lighthouse for panoramic views of the Gulf of Mexico or attend one of their many festivals throughout the year including Easter Egg Hunt and Fish Fry Festival (April), Fourth of July Celebration (July 4), Halloween Party (Oct 31) or even Christmas Open House & Tree Lighting Ceremony!

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There are several reasons why you might love visiting Cape San Blas.

Cape San Blas is a beautiful place, and there’s no doubt that you will love it. There are three main reasons why:

  • The beaches are gorgeous. They are white sand and they never get too crowded. There are plenty of activities to do on the beach, including swimming, surfing, boating, fishing and more!
  • Cape San Blas is great for families with children because there are so many things to do in the area (like visiting Caladesi Island State Park). If your family has pets or children who have special needs (for example), then this location may not be right for you; however if not then come enjoy everything that Cape San Blas has to offer!


You should now have a good idea of what Cape San Blas is known for. If you’re planning a trip to this area of Florida, be sure to check out the site we linked below which has even more information on things like events, history and culture.

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