Connecticut to Long Island Ferry Services

Whether you are looking to take a trip from Connecticut to Long Island or want to find out about the various ways that you can get there, there are many factors that you will need to consider. For instance, how do you find out which ferry services are available? What type of ticket will you be able to buy? What are the fares for this type of ferry?

Connecticut to Long Island Ferry

Cross Sound Ferry Services

Across Long Island Sound, Cross Sound Ferry Services provides efficient transportation between New London, Connecticut, and Orient, New York. The service offers both vehicular and passenger ferry services. Vehicle ferries can carry 35 to 120 vehicles, while passenger ferries are designed for up to 400 passengers.

The New London-Orient line was initially run by New London Freight Lines, which operated a few daily sailings. The company was later purchased by Cross Sound Ferry Services, Inc. and expanded its fleet to include eleven ferries.

MV Mary Ellen, Cross Sound Ferry
MV Mary Ellen, Cross Sound Ferry

The company operates a ferry rewards program, which gives members a discount when they use the service. These rewards can include free trips, or trips at reduced prices. The company also offers lighthouse cruises. These cruises are available on a spacious outdoor deck.

Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Steamboat Co.

Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Steamboat Co. is a public ferry company that provides public transportation between Bridgeport, Connecticut, and Port Jefferson, New York. It transports buses, cars, motorcycles, and trailers. The company has been operating for over two decades. It has a capacity of 120 vehicles and can transport up to 1,000 passengers.

On the Bridgeport/Port Jefferson Ferry
On the Bridgeport/Port Jefferson Ferry

The company operates from its office in Port Jefferson. Its dock is located at Water Street Dock. It is owned by the Ferry Company, a Connecticut corporation that provides public ferry service. The company also has a wholly-owned subsidiary called Steamboat Concessions, Inc. That company operates a restaurant at the Ferry Terminal. It pays the Port Authority an annual base rent of $1,000 and an additional rent of 1% of its gross annual receipts over $100,000.

Twilight Live Music Cruises

During the warmer months of the year, Connecticut offers a variety of sailing and sightseeing options. Whether it’s a sunset sail, a tour of the Thimble Islands, or a ferry ride to the Big Apple, there are plenty of opportunities for a little nautical fun. During your voyage, you can enjoy tasty beverages and a scenic view of the Long Island horizon. The Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Steamboat Company’s onboard lounge is well stocked with flat-screen TVs and jukeboxes. The aforementioned company also offers themed tours throughout the year.

The company’s flagship vessel, the CMAX, is the only ply the waters between Connecticut’s two big towns. The company also offers a variety of day and overnight trips. During the summer, you can take advantage of live seal viewing and the perfect photo opportunities.

Chester-Hadlyme Ferry

Founded in 1769, the Chester-Hadlyme Ferry is the second oldest ferry service in Connecticut. This ferry service has provided public transportation across the Connecticut River for over 200 years. This ferry service was used during the American Revolution to transport supplies across the river.

Chester Hadlyme Ferry Historic Marker
Chester Hadlyme Ferry Historic Marker

Today, this ferry service provides a fun, car-free way to see two beautiful areas in the Northeast. The lower Connecticut River Valley was designated a ‘last great place on earth by the Nature Conservancy.

The ferry was established as Jonathan Warner’s ‘Warner’s Ferry, and it was used for transporting supplies to the American Revolutionary War. Warner’s Ferry became a public utility in 1877 when the town of Chester took over the ferry.

Rocky Hill-Glastonbury Ferry

Across the Connecticut River, Rocky Hill and Glastonbury are linked by a historic ferry. The ferry, the nation’s oldest operating ferry service, dates back to 1655. Initially powered by a small raft pushed across the river with long poles. The ferry was then steam-driven in 1876.

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Today’s ferry is a three-car barge towed by a Cumberland diesel towboat. Naval architect Walter McInnis initially designed the ferry.

Rocky Hill - Glastonbury Ferry
Rocky Hill – Glastonbury Ferry

Glastonbury-Rocky Hill Ferry Historic District is a unique landscape in Connecticut. It encompasses significant historic vernacular landscapes along the Connecticut River. The district includes two ferry landings, a private cemetery, and a park. It meets National Register eligibility criteria for significant historic cultural landscapes.

The district reflects the evolution of riverine environments and the adaptive use of land. It contains 215 contributing resources. It is comprised of sites and objects dating from 1650-1955.

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