Big Island Helicopter Tours: Soaring Above Hawaii County, HI

Exploring Big Island’s Unique Landscapes

Volcanoes from Above

The Big Island of Hawaii is home to some of the world’s most active volcanoes. Helicopter tours offer an unparalleled view of these fiery giants. From the sky, one can witness Kilauea’s lava flows, which have erupted continuously since 1983.

The Mauna Loa volcano, considered the largest active volcano on Earth, also presents a majestic sight from above. These aerial views provide a perspective that ground tours cannot match, allowing locals to reconnect with the land’s primal forces.

Waterfalls and Valleys

Big Island’s waterfalls are a sight, and helicopter tours provide a unique vantage point. The cascading Akaka Falls, plunging 442 feet into a lush gorge, is a spectacle that evokes memories of the island’s untouched beauty.

Big Island Helicopter Tours

The Waipio Valley, often called the “Valley of the Kings,” is another highlight, with its cliffs and verdant landscape. For those who have lived on the island, these sights may stir nostalgia for when these natural wonders were less explored.

Coastal Beauty

The coastline of the Big Island is a diverse tapestry of natural beauty. From the helicopter, the black sand beaches of Punalu’u, created by volcanic activity, offer a stark contrast to the azure waters.

The coral reefs, teeming with marine life, are visible from the sky, reminding locals of the island’s rich biodiversity. The coastal views also provide a glimpse of historical sites, such as the ancient Hawaiian fishponds, some of which have sadly been lost to time and development.

Selecting a Big Island Helicopter Tours Operator

Reputation and Reviews

Choosing the right operator for a Big Island helicopter tour is crucial. Locals often rely on word-of-mouth recommendations, but online reviews can be valuable.

Trustworthy operators are known for their commitment to safety, customer satisfaction, and respect for the island’s cultural heritage. Selecting an operator that resonates with the community’s values and has a proven track record on the Big Island is essential.

Safety and Certifications

Safety is paramount when it comes to helicopter tours. Operators on the Big Island must adhere to stringent safety regulations and maintain certifications.

Locals should look for operators that conduct regular safety drills, maintain their helicopters to the highest standards, and employ experienced pilots familiar with the island’s unique weather patterns and terrain. These factors contribute to a safe and enjoyable experience.

Environmental Stewardship

The Big Island’s unique ecosystem requires careful consideration. Responsible operators recognize the importance of minimizing their impact on the environment.

This includes following designated flight paths to avoid disturbing wildlife and implementing sustainable practices in their operations. The community’s connection to the land calls for a shared responsibility in preserving the island’s natural beauty for future generations.

Safety Considerations for Big Island Helicopter Tours

Pre-flight Safety

Before embarking on a Big Island helicopter tour, passengers receive a comprehensive safety briefing. This includes instructions on boarding and exiting the helicopter, the use of safety belts, and emergency procedures.

The briefing is tailored to the specific tour and considers the unique aspects of flying over the Big Island’s varied landscapes. It’s vital to ensure that everyone on board feels comfortable and informed.

Local Regulations

Local and federal regulations govern helicopter tours on the Big Island. These rules cover flight paths, altitude limits, noise restrictions, and interactions with protected areas. Compliance with these regulations ensures that tours are conducted responsibly, respecting both the natural environment and the local communities. It’s a delicate balance that reflects the island’s values and traditions.

Equipment and Gear

Safety equipment is an essential component of Big Island helicopter tours. This includes helmets, safety belts, and communication headsets. The gear is regularly inspected and maintained to meet stringent safety standards.

Passengers are also provided specific guidelines on personal items that can be brought on board. These measures contribute to a safe and enjoyable flight experience, allowing passengers to focus on the breathtaking views.

Planning Your Big Island Helicopter Tour

Seasonal Considerations

The Big Island’s weather can vary significantly, and choosing the right time for a helicopter tour is essential. The dry season, typically from April to October, offers clear skies and calm winds, ideal for aerial exploration.

However, the wet season has charm, with lush landscapes and flowing waterfalls. Locals understand the island’s microclimates and can choose a time that aligns with their preferences and the sights they wish to see.

Cost Breakdown

Big Island helicopter tours offer various options to suit different budgets. While prices can vary, it’s essential to understand what’s included in the cost. This may cover the flight duration, specific sights, in-flight commentary, and transportation to and from the heliport. Transparency in pricing allows locals to choose a tour that meets their expectations without surprises.

Booking Advice

Booking a Big Island helicopter tour requires some planning. It’s advisable to book in advance, especially during peak seasons, to secure a preferred time and date. Cancellation policies should also be considered, as weather conditions on the Big Island can be unpredictable. Flexibility in scheduling can enhance the experience, allowing for the best possible conditions on the tour day.

Experiencing Big Island Helicopter Tours

Day-of Preparations

Preparation for a Big Island helicopter tour includes wearing appropriate attire, such as closed-toe shoes and comfortable clothing. Personal items should be kept to a minimum, following the operator’s guidelines. Arriving early allows time for check-in, safety briefings, and any last-minute questions. It’s a moment filled with anticipation as locals prepare to see their island from a new perspective.

In-Flight Experience

Once in the air, the Big Island reveals its splendor. The flight is smooth, guided by experienced pilots who comment on the sights below. The views are mesmerizing, from the fiery lava flows to the serene waterfalls.

The coastline unfolds with its rich history and natural beauty. It’s a journey that resonates with those who call the Big Island home, offering a fresh appreciation for its wonders.

Pilot and Crew Interaction

Interaction with the pilot and crew adds to the Big Island helicopter tour experience. Knowledgeable pilots share stories, facts, and anecdotes that connect passengers with the land below.

Their local insights bring the sights to life, weaving a narrative that reflects the island’s culture and heritage. Respectful engagement with the crew enhances the experience, creating a shared journey that lingers in memory.

Specialized Big Island Helicopter Tours

Volcano Tours

Volcano tours are a highlight of Big Island helicopter experiences. These specialized tours focus on the island’s volcanic activity, providing an up-close view of craters, lava flows, and geological formations.

For locals, it’s a reminder of the island’s ever-changing nature, a dance of creation and destruction that has shaped their home. These tours profoundly connect to the primal forces that continue to mold the Big Island.

Private and Custom Tours

Private and custom Big Island helicopter tours offer a personalized experience. These tours can be tailored to specific interests, such as historical sites, family landmarks, or favorite natural wonders.

For those who have lived on the island, a custom tour can be a sentimental journey, revisiting places of personal significance. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with the land and memories that define the Big Island experience.

Accessibility on the Big Island

Accessibility is an essential consideration for Big Island helicopter tours. Operators offer options to accommodate special needs and accessibility requirements. This includes assistance with boarding, adaptive equipment, and personalized support. Ensuring everyone can experience the Big Island from the sky reflects the community’s spirit of inclusivity and aloha.


Summary of Big Island Helicopter Tours

Big Island helicopter tours offer a unique and enriching experience. From the majestic volcanoes to the tranquil waterfalls, the views from the sky provide a fresh perspective on the island’s diverse landscapes. Safety, environmental stewardship, and community values are integral to the experience, resonating with locals who cherish their island homes.

Final Encouragement

The invitation to explore the Big Island through helicopter tours is an open call to rediscover the land’s beauty and complexity. It’s a journey that evokes memories, inspires appreciation, and strengthens the connection to a place many call home. Without promotion or pretense, Big Island helicopter tours stand as a testament to the island’s enduring allure.

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