Do People Like the Big Island?

The question is, “Do people like the Big Island?” The Big Islands’ weather, terrain, and natural hazards are extreme. Every year, millions of people visit the Big Island to see the live volcanoes. However, these natural wonders can be deadly. Lava tubes lie underneath seemingly solid lava fields. Sharp lava flows down through the lava tubes, and most people don’t survive the fall. Here are some reasons why:


Explore Kailua-Kona on the western coast of Hawaii Island and see what this seaside town has to offer. There is the Hulihee Palace, the former royal vacation home, and Mokuaikaua Church, Hawaii’s oldest Christian church. The reconstructed thatched houses at Kamakahonu National Historic Landmark mark King Kamehameha I’s former residence. Alternatively, moor your boat at the Kailua Pier.

Do people like Big Island
Do people like Big Island?


If you’re looking for the best activities on the Big Island, consider visiting Hilo, Hawaii. Hilo is a town in the south of the island, and its colorful mist effects are sure to make your vacation memorable. In addition to waterfalls, Hilo is also home to the Boiling Pots, bubbling basalt lava rock pools. Further south, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park features rainforests and active Mauna Lo and Kilauea volcanoes.

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The town of Phoa is a census-designated place in the District of Puna in Hawai’i County, Hawaii. It has a population of approximately 924 at the 2020 census, a decrease from the 945 at the 2010 census. The town has a large military presence and a small airport. However, it has very little else to offer its residents. Here are some things you should know about Pahoa.

Kailua-Kona beach

For an exclusive Kona beach experience, head to King Kam Beach. This private beach is hidden between dense rocks and the Kailua Pier. The beach is right behind the Courtyard Marriott King Kamehameha Kona Beach Hotel. It is a great place to swim, play beach volleyball, and enjoy a variety of water activities. The waters are shallow and protected from large waves, making it an excellent spot for beginners.

Papakolea beach

If you’ve never seen a green sand beach before, you’ll want to visit Papaklea Beach in Hawaii, near the South Point area of Ka district. Only four other beaches in the world have green sand, the others being Talofofo Beach on Guam, Punta Cormorant on Floreana Island in the Galapagos Islands, and Hornindalsvatnet in Norway.

Kalapana beach

Once upon a time, Kalapana was a thriving fishing town on the Big Island. Its neighboring Kaimu Beach was a lava-rock spring-fed pool, and the infamous Queen’s Bath was nearby. Now it is a bleak, solidified ocean. Sadly, the area is no longer a beach, but a ghost town. Read on to learn about this place and its fascinating history.

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Waipio Valley

If you’re looking for a breathtaking natural setting, then you need to visit the Waipio Valley in Hawaii. This breathtaking valley lies in the Hamakua District of the Big Island and means “curved water” in Hawaiian. In fact, you should visit this place at least once in your lifetime, if not more. Here, you’ll find a beautiful waterfall, stunning views, and plenty of wildlife.

Waipio Valley luau

In addition to taro fields and tropical vegetation, the Waipio Valley is home to some of the island’s most beautiful black sand beaches. Visitors can walk along the valley’s taro fields and see wild horses and tame guide horses in their natural habitat. After a day of sightseeing, head down to the black sand beach for a luau.


The west coast of the island is home to Kailua-Kona, a town with a colorful history. Hulihee Palace, the former royal vacation home, and Mokuaikaua Church, Hawaii’s oldest Christian church, are worth seeing. Kamakahonu National Historic Landmark features reconstructed thatched houses, once the residence of King Kamehameha I. Kamakahonu Beach is surrounded by colorful coral. Kailua pier has boat moorings.

Pohoiki beach

The Big Island’s Isaac Hale Beach Park is one of the few places in the world that has such facilities as bathrooms and showers. It is located in the Puna district of the Big Island. It is one of the few places along the southeastern shoreline of the island with such amenities. For those who live on the Big Island, you can find it by driving to the Puna airport. The area surrounding Pohoiki beach is a surprisingly diverse one, so there are plenty of places to go to.

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