Is Pearl Harbor on the Big Island of Hawaii Still a Military Base?

You’ve probably wondered: Is Pearl Harbor on the Big Island of the Hawaiian Islands? If so, you’re not alone. Many do not know this historic site is still a functioning U.S. naval base.

Despite being a National Historic Landmark, this location is a popular day trip destination from Kona. In this article, we’ll explain why you should visit Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor is on the Big Island of Hawaii

Pearl Harbor is a military base and headquarters of the U.S. Pacific Fleet on the Big Island of Hawaii.

It recalls the December 7, 1941, Japanese air attack that temporarily crippled the U.S. Fleet and led to the U.S. entering World War II. The Pearl Harbor Entrance connects the bay with the Pacific Ocean.

Visitors can tour the Pearl Harbor Memorial and see a replica of the Japanese aircraft carrier, USS Arizona.

Visit the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center to learn about the history of this naval base. You can explore the Attack and Road to War galleries and see artifacts from the WWII era.

Don’t miss out on the bookstore, where you can buy WWII souvenirs and memorabilia. The Pearl Harbor Visitor Center is a free attraction, part of the US National Park Service.

The USS Arizona memorial is a poignant reminder of the sacrifices of young sailors.

It is still an active U.S. naval base.

Although no longer an active U.S. naval base, Pearl Harbor on the Big Island of Hawaii is still a major military site. It’s home to the Navy’s largest ships, ranging in length from 610 feet to 15,000 tons.

In addition, submarines are based here. Dry docks at Pearl Harbor are used for repairs and recovery, two vital services that help keep the US fleet prepared and ready to fight.

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After the US Navy began operating out of Pearl Harbor, the Hawaiian Kingdom granted the United States exclusive access to the harbor and the right to establish a coaling and repair station there.

The US Navy’s presence in the area grew steadily in the years following annexation. On November 17, 1899, a facility was completed and officially renamed Naval Station, Hawaii.

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In addition to the new facility, the harbor was dredged deeper, and the channel widened to accommodate larger vessels. On November 17, 1899, the battleship USS Wisconsin made its first-ever entry for water and coal.

It is a National Historic Landmark

In Honolulu, on the island of Oahu, lies Pearl Harbor, the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet headquarters.

On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, sank eight battleships, and destroyed more than twenty other ships.

The attack changed the course of the Pacific War and forever changed the world. Pearl Harbor is now the site of four unique attractions that tell the story of the Japanese attack and its impact on American history.

The USS Arizona Memorial was built in 1962. In 1989, it was designated a National Historic Landmark.

Today, it serves as a reminder of the attack, the sacrifices of the sailors, and the triumph of the human spirit.

Pearl Harbor on the Big Island of Hawaii is one of Hawaii’s most famous and important attractions. Visit this National Historic Landmark to learn more about the American War dead.

Is Pearl Harbor on the Big Island of Hawaii
Is Pearl Harbor on the Big Island of Hawaii

If you’re looking for a Hawaii day trip that’s affordable and worth your time, you can book a tour of Pearl Harbor on the Big Island of Hawaii.

This popular day trip from Kona includes airfare, admissions, transportation, and a narrated site tour.

This tour begins at the Kona Airport, located in Honolulu. Once you’ve landed, a tour guide will meet you and take you straight to Pearl Harbor.

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If you have time, visit Hawaii’s volcanoes and National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Located between Kona and Hilo, you can also see a real, steaming volcano and the famous Punaluu Black Sand Beach.

You’ll also want to visit the Kona Coast, where you can experience the historic fishing village of Kailua-Kona.

It is home to the USS Arizona Memorial.

The USS Arizona Memorial is located at Pearl Harbor on the Big Island of Hawaii and was built in 1962. It spans over Arizona’s wreckage and honors the 1,177 sailors who perished.

The memorial was designed by Alfred Preis, who was interned in the United States after the attack. It was dedicated on Memorial Day and has since become a tourist destination for people worldwide.

The USS Arizona Memorial is a popular tourist destination in Pearl Harbor on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The memorial’s audio tour is available in nine languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, Russian, and Italian.

Visitors may even opt for a bilingual tour to understand the meaning behind the memorial’s message in another language.

If you do not have a reservation, you can always purchase a ticket for a later date.

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