Can you swim from island to island in Hawaii?

If you think swimming in Hawaii is not possible, you may be surprised to learn that Meredith Novack and Linda Kaiser can swim 20 miles round trip in just 11 minutes! They’ve even done it twice! Kona, Hawaii is a bustling place filled with activity. Spencer’s Beach, on the other hand, is a peaceful haven of soft white sand. In addition to swimming between islands, you can also enjoy the sun and surf.

Meredith Novack swims 20 miles round-trip in 11:45

The world is a small place, but in the water, Meredith Novack is a force to be reckoned with. As an NCAA Division 1 swimmer, she also competed in the world’s top triathlons, capturing victories in sprint and Olympic distance races. But as she approached thirty, she lost her thirst for competition and decided to take on a more personal challenge: swimming a marathon. Novack decided to swim the Auau channel between the islands of Maui and Lanai in eleven hours and forty-five minutes.

Can you swim from island to island in Hawaii
Can you swim from island to island in Hawaii

Linda Kaiser swims 11 miles round-trip in 4:47

Known as Hawaii’s leading female long distance swimmer, Linda Kaiser is the first woman to swim all nine islands’ channels. She is the only person to accomplish this feat; the only other person to accomplish this feat is Mike Spalding.

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Born in Hilo, Kaiser has lived in Hawaii her whole life. She first completed the Pailolo Channel on 11/30/90. In addition, she completed the Kolohe Channel (from Maui to Molokai) and the Alalakeiki Channel, 7.5 miles from Maui to Oahu. The Kaiwi Channel took her 26 miles and 15 hours.

Kona is a bustling place of activity

The town of Kailua-Kona is a seaside city located in the heart of the Kona district. Once a sleepy fishing town, Kailua-Kona has transformed into a bustling place of activity on the Big Island. From beautiful beach towns to boutiques and trendy restaurants, Kailua-Kona is equipped to cater to tourists’ needs.

Spencer’s Beach is a beach with soft white sand

You can swim from island to islands in Hawaii without leaving Spencer’s Beach, which has been known for its smooth and soft white sand for generations. This island paradise is home to Pu’ukohola Heiau, a sacred temple built by King Kamehameha in 1790.

In exchange for the peace, the King sacrificed rivals, launching military assaults on other islands, including Kauai and Lanai. In 1924, the beach was renamed in honor of Samuel Mahuka Spencer, a local politician who served as chairman of the Hawai’i County Board of Supervisors. He died in 1960.

Spencer’s Beach is off-limits to tourists

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While the public can enjoy the sandy shores at Punalu’u Beach Park, there are no lifeguards on the beach. Lifeguards are only on duty during weekends and holidays. You can also rent snorkel gear and enjoy a fishing expedition at Spencer’s Beach. If you’re looking for a relaxing, family fishing weekend, Spencer’s is a great choice. It’s close to the Mississippi River and is an ideal location for catching sailfish, bonita, and waho.

Hapuna Beach

Can you swim from island to island in Hawaii, without the use of a ferry? The answer is yes. If you can swim and don’t mind being a bit cold, there are many ways to do so. Whether you prefer a day at the beach or a night out on the town, you can find the perfect swim spot on the island of Hawaii. Here are some suggestions:

Spencer’s Bay

One Australian swimmer is about to try the seemingly impossible – swimming from island to islands in Hawaii! The 75-mile-long Kaieie Waho channel separates the islands of Kauai and Oahu. Palfrey hopes to start her swim on Tuesday and hopes to finish the journey in 30 to 40 hours. While long-distance swimming is an easy feat for Palfrey, the water around the Hawaiian Islands is known to have very harsh currents.

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