Comfortable Things to do in South Dakota

Top Tourist Attractions in South Dakota, USA

South Dakota is your place if you love beauty, adventure, peace, and quiet. Venture into the Black Hills, float down the Cheyenne River, or hike one of the Appalachian Trail’s most beautiful sections near Custer State Park.

You will see a remarkable variety of sights and places to visit in South Dakota, from legendary rock formations to wildlife to ancient Native American sites. Plus, every season has something different to offer.

I think South Dakota is one of the most underrated states, and I’m here to tell you why. Some of these may surprise you!

10 best places to visit in South Dakota for your next vacation

  1. Mount Rushmore National Memorial
  2. Badlands National Park
  3. Custer State Park
  4. Bear Country USA
  5. The World’s Only Corn Palace
  6. Reptile Gardens
  7. The Mammoth Site
  8. Crazy Horse Memorial
  9. 1880 Train – Hill City Depot
  10. Wind Cave National Park

Looking for things to do in South Dakota?

South Dakota has plenty of things to do, whether you’re looking to get out into nature or enjoy the city life. There are numerous museums, historical sites, and even a few amusement parks.

South Dakota has plenty of outdoor options if you’re looking for something more adventurous. It’s home to five state parks with trails that range from easy to complex. The hiking and biking trails are prevalent in Custer State Park, part of the Centennial Trail network.

Things to do in South Dakota
Things to do in South Dakota

South Dakota is also home to several wineries where you can try local wines produced from grapes cultivated in the Black Hills. These wineries also offer tours and wine tastings if you want to learn more about what goes into creating your favorite vino.

Discover the best places to go in South Dakota!

South Dakota is a state with a lot to offer. It’s home to the Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, and many other incredible attractions. If you’re planning a vacation in South Dakota, here are some of the best places to go:

Places to go in South Dakota
Places to go in South Dakota
  • The Badlands National Park is one of the most popular destinations in the state. The park contains some of the most striking rock formations in the world.
  • The Beartooth Mountains are located near Yellowstone National Park and provide a scenic hike for those looking for scenery without crowds!
  • The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is probably one of the most famous sites in South Dakota — if not all of America! Visitors can take an elevator up to see these presidents’ faces carved into stone.

Explore the vast array of tourist attractions in South Dakota

South Dakota is a great place to visit for all types of travelers. Whether you’re looking for a family vacation or an escape with friends, there’s something for everyone in South Dakota.

Tourist attractions in South Dakota
Tourist attractions in South Dakota

South Dakota is a state rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. Though it’s not as well known as other states in the Midwest, South Dakota has plenty to offer visitors. Hundreds of tourist attractions in South Dakota range from museums to historical sites to national parks.

For those who want to explore Native American culture, visit Custer State Park, which has a variety of attractions, including wildlife viewing opportunities and hiking trails through grasslands and forests.

Where to go in South Dakota – a destination for travelers in search of adventure

South Dakota is a state with so much to see and do. From hiking to fishing, biking, skiing, and snowboarding to kayaking and canoeing, there’s something for everyone.

You can enjoy some of the best scenery in the world right here in South Dakota. Parks and recreation areas offer opportunities to explore nature or relax by the water.

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Places to see in South Dakota
Places to see in South Dakota.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet getaway or an adventure that will make your heart race, South Dakota has something for everyone!

South Dakota has so many places to see and things to do

South Dakota is a state of many faces and stories. It’s where you can find yourself hiking through the Badlands, watching an American bison herd, or even seeing a mountain lion.

The state is also home to many great small towns that offer an authentic look at American history and culture. Here are just a few places you should visit when you’re in South Dakota:


This historic mining town is located on the northern edge of the Black Hills. Deadwood was founded in 1876 and became known as a wild town filled with gold miners and outlaws. Today, it’s filled with historic buildings, museums, and shops selling everything from antiques to Native American crafts.

Where to go in South Dakota
Where to go in South Dakota

Fort Meade

This former fort was established in 1878 after Sitting Bull led his people from Canada back onto U.S. soil following their defeat at Little Bighorn. The fort served as an army post until 1883, when it was decommissioned as part of a treaty between the United States and Great Britain. Today, Fort Meade offers visitors plenty of things to see, including museums, historical markers, and recreations of military encampments from each era since its founding.

South Dakota is a gorgeous state with a lot to see and do

If you have the time, South Dakota is an enjoyable state to explore, and it likely won’t cost you too much to see. You can fit in a lot on a limited budget, and that’s why most tourists to the area stick within close range of Mount Rushmore.

What to see in South Dakota
What to see in South Dakota

Ultimately, South Dakota will surprise you in ways you never expected—and that should be one of the first things to go into your travel plans if you’re looking for a vacation spot. There’s lots more to see and do here than just Mount Rushmore. And if you want to get a feel for what makes South Dakota so special, visit on vacation.

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