Things to Do in Weston, Missouri

Places to visit in Weston, MO.

Weston, Missouri, is a beautiful town with a lot to offer visitors. Whether you’re looking for a small-town experience or an urban one, Weston offers it all. The city was once a thriving port. Its population grew to over 2000 in the mid-1800s.

Now, it’s a small, historic city with many local businesses, museums, and attractions. With a population of over 1,500, it’s an excellent destination for a day trip from Kansas City. If you plan a trip to Weston, Missouri, you can do a few things while you are there. These include the National Silk Art Museum and the Green Dirt Farm Creamery.

Things to Do in Weston, Missouri

Weston Bend State Park

Weston Bend State Park is a popular destination for both people and animals. It is home to various animals, including deer, turkeys, squirrels, opossums, and raccoons. In addition, the park has over ten miles of hiking and biking trails.

Visitors to Weston Bend State Park can find camping, a campground, picnic facilities, a playground, and an overlook. In addition, visitors can enjoy a three-mile paved bicycle trail. The park offers scenic views of the Missouri River in Platte County, Missouri.

Weston Bend State Park
Weston Bend State Park

There are five historical tobacco barns within the park. One of them has been converted into a reservable enclosed shelter.

Other park features include a handicap-accessible scenic overlook, scattered picnic sites, and a modern restroom facility. You can also enjoy an epic hiking trail that scales the Missouri River bluffs.

Weston Bend State Park
Weston Bend State Park

Snow Creek Ski Area in Weston, Missouri

Snow Creek Ski Area is a ski and snowboard resort in Weston, Missouri. Its location a bit north of Kansas City makes it a short drive away. The ski area opened in 1986. This is a fun place to spend a winter weekend. They offer skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing. There are plenty of restaurants and lodging options to choose from.

Places to go in Weston, Missouri

The Snow Creek resort has a few cool features, including a tube park and a ski jump. They also have a lovely base lodge with a cafeteria and lounge. A little more information can be found on their website.

The tallest vertical drop in the valley is the Six Shooter, but this is not the only thing worthy of mention. Other things to do at the Snow Creek Resort include ski and snowboard lessons and renting gear.

Green Dirt Farm Creamery in Weston, Missouri

If you are looking for a cheese connoisseur’s paradise, you might want to check out Green Dirt Farm Creamery in Weston, Missouri. The farm is known for its award-winning dairy products and has won many accolades for its cheese.

Best places to visit in Weston, Missouri

Green Dirt Farm produces a wide array of cheeses, some of which are grown on-site. For instance, the Geotrichum-rind is a favorite among customers. They also have a cafe serving sandwiches and ice cream made on-site. Of course, you can take a tour of the facility, too.

Although the Green Dirt Farm has been around for a while, it is still on the cutting edge. They have pioneered mixed milk cheeses which provide a solution when sheep aren’t producing milk.

Green Dirt Farm
Green Dirt Farm

Historic Weston Orchard & Vineyard in Weston, Missouri

Historic Weston Orchard & Vineyard is a 50-acre farm that offers visitors a taste of seasonal produce all year. Visitors will find strawberries, u-pick fruit, apples, peaches, and blackberries. This is a great day trip for the entire family. It’s located about 30 miles outside of Kansas City, Missouri.

Aside from dining, the restaurant features a wine-tasting room. Visitors can taste 17 different wines. So whether you stroll through the vine-covered garden or sit down to a meal, you’ll surely enjoy the delicious, locally sourced food and wine.

Places to visit in Weston, Missouri

For fun, food-filled, and family-friendly way to spend your next vacation, consider visiting the historic town of Weston. This quaint town offers many beautiful things to do, including a pumpkin patch, a low ropes course, hayrack rides, and more.

The National Silk Art Museum in Weston, Missouri

The National Silk Art Museum is a small museum with an impressive collection of woven art. It’s located in Weston, Missouri, and is open Friday & Saturday, 10 am – 4 pm. In addition, they have a unique display of World War I embroidered postcards.

Aside from the art itself, the museum has an extensive library. The library includes an impressive array of books from over a hundred years ago. These include the Propyläen Kunstgeschichte and the Grove Art Dictionary.

Best tourist attractions in Weston, Missouri

In addition, the museum boasts a display of a Falcon Loom from the 1728-1748 period. This technology was used to make tapestries and other textiles.

The museum has a vast collection of silk pictures, as well. Many of these are reproductions of oil paintings, but the museum also has examples of tapestries that are not a copy of a painting.

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