Things to do in New Hampshire

Top Tourist Attractions in New Hampshire, the USA

New Hampshire has many things to do for visitors worldwide to explore its history, mountains, lakes, and cities.

New Hampshire is a beautiful state with many great tourist attractions that you can visit throughout the year. In addition, there are parks, state and national forests, waterfalls, and mountains to explore here.

Whether you’re seeking a specific landmark like the Old Man of the Mountain or taking in all that nature offers, New Hampshire is undoubtedly something you won’t miss out on.

If you love the outdoors, New Hampshire is a destination that is hard to beat. Whether hiking or sailing, sightseeing, or snowshoeing, this state has plenty to choose from regarding outdoor activities.

In our article, we’ll take a look at some of the top attractions in New Hampshire, as well as those worth checking out if you have more time to explore. You’ll also find fascinating historic sites and beautiful towns and cities across this state.

10 best places to visit in New Hampshire for your next vacation

  1. Canobie Lake Park
  2. Franconia Notch State Park
  3. Conway Scenic Railroad
  4. Flume Gorge
  5. Funspot
  6. The Mount Washington Cog Railway
  7. Omni Mount Washington Resort
  8. Loon Mountain Resort
  9. Story Land
  10. Clark’s Bears

What are your favorite things from New Hampshire?

Here are five favorite things from New Hampshire: the Old Man of the Mountain, White Mountain National Forest, Mount Washington, and Keene State College.

How do I spend a day in New Hampshire?

You could spend time in Mount Washington Valley, a scenic little part of New Hampshire, where you can enjoy the spaciousness that makes New England unique. There’s no reason to rush your time in New Hampshire, so take it slow and savor the beautiful views.

Best things to do in New Hampshire
Best things to do in New Hampshire

Is there anything to do in NH?

You can hike to 99 Steps and take many photos at Franconia Notch State Park. On the other hand, if you want a more urban vibe, explore Manchester’s shopping and food markets or watch an IMAX movie at Jordan’s Furniture. Whatever you decide to do, have fun!

Is New Hampshire worth visiting?

In summary, New Hampshire is a state that has changed considerably over the years. However, it’s a state full of old, charming traditions and a place that can still return to its roots at any time if it wants to. It has a rich cultural history and many small towns with their unique flair. In my opinion, this makes it well worth visiting.

What food is NH known for?

NH is known for its maple syrup and lobsters. The state is also well-known for clam chowder, a local staple of the New England diet. Like many countries (California and Arizona, to name two), seafood is integral to the local cuisine.

Top places to visit in New Hampshire
Top Places to visit in New Hampshire

What are 5 interesting facts about New Hampshire?

  1. New Hampshire was one of the original thirteen colonies.
  2. The state bird of New Hampshire is the Eastern Goldfinch.
  3. New Hampshire is home to the Old Man of the Mountain, a 5,000-year-old rock formation near Cannon Mountain.
  4. During Colonial times, a well-known secret society known as The Free Masons in New Hampshire founded many Masonic Lodges throughout the state.
  5. New Hampshire was the first state to allow women to vote and still has some of the best laws for women’s rights.

How do I spend a weekend in New Hampshire?

  • Visit the local art, culture, music, and history of New Hampshire;
  • Explore the arts and crafts scene;
  • Spend a day hiking in the White Mountains;
  • Go antique shopping on a Friday afternoon;
  • Visit a local fine-dining restaurant for a romantic night with friends or family.
Places to see in New Hampshire
Places to see in New Hampshire

Why do people want to live in NH?

New Hampshire offers its residents a high quality of life at an affordable price. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery, take advantage of the low cost of living, and access all that NH offers.

Is Portsmouth, New Hampshire, worth visiting?

Situated near the ocean, Portsmouth offers plenty of great amenities for tourists. Camping on the beach, for example, is popular among tourists as it provides access to a picturesque coastline mixed with that great outdoors feel. Horseback riding is another activity that many tourists enjoy when camping.

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For those that like history, there are numerous museums located throughout Portsmouth. Many attractions can be found in Downtown Portsmouth, where plenty of stores to browse through and restaurants and clubs to stop at before heading to your hotel. Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is worth visiting.

Tourist attractions in New Hampshire, USA
Tourist attractions in New Hampshire, USA

What is Walpole, NH, known for?

According to the Walpole NH Economic Development Center, “Walpole has been called the ‘Gateway to the White Mountains and the ‘Little Switzerland of New Hampshire.’ The town is filled with old-fashioned charm and a friendly ambiance.

What is the New Hampshire state flower?

New Hampshire’s state flower is the purple lilac. This is one of three official flowers in New Hampshire, along with the goldenrod and red clover. New Hampshire’s state flower symbolizes the fragrant, beautiful past that the Granite State shares with other northeastern states.


New Hampshire has several excellent tourist attractions, from historical colonial sites to famous landmarks. It is truly a state with something for everyone. Visitors can spend days sightseeing without having to repeat a location.

New Hampshire’s many fascinating places are always worth checking out, including the museums, walking trails, and agricultural production sites that dot its itinerary.

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