The Enchanting Ashland Springs Hotel: Gem in Ashland, OR

Ashland Springs Hotel: Echoes of Past Years

Like a grand dame that is gracefully aging, the Ashland Springs Hotel stands tall in Ashland, Oregon, a testament to the town’s history and vibrant present.

Born in 1925, this distinguished landmark, known initially as the Lithia Springs Hotel, was not just another addition to the cityscape but a beacon of grandeur and elegance.

Every brick, every arch, and every window in the building has a story to tell.

The hotel became a first-class lodging destination, designed by Tourtellotte & Hummel, the renowned architectural firm.

The architects borrowed elements from Romanesque, Gothic, and Neo-Classical Revival styles, creating a unique fusion that still catches the eye of every passerby.

As you walk through the lobby and look up at the ceilings, you can’t help but appreciate the old-world charm imbued in every corner.

The hotel was renamed Mark Antony Motor Hotel in 1961 to leverage the economic revival spurred by the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

The property encountered a significant change after facing a failed renovation in 1978 and ongoing financial issues.

In 1998, a new owner purchased it and initiated an extensive restoration under the National Parks Service’s Certified Rehabilitation program.

This resulted in a successful restoration that blends its historic charm with modern amenities, now known as the Ashland Springs Hotel.

An Oasis of Comfort and Luxury

The Ashland Springs Hotel has always been more than just a place to rest your head. It’s an experience, a journey filled with modern conveniences.

As you step through the grand entrance, you’re greeted with a warm welcome and an array of amenities designed to pamper and please.

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From the complimentary continental breakfast to start your day right to the high-speed wireless internet that keeps you connected, every service is designed with the guests’ comfort.

Fitness enthusiasts can take advantage of the hotel’s partnership with SNAP Fitness, just a few blocks away.

And after a long day of exploration, there’s nothing like returning to an air-conditioned room outfitted with Frette linens and feather/down pillows.

The hotel’s dining options are a gastronomic delight. The on-property Larks Restaurant features a historic bar, and room service ensures that a delicious meal is just a phone call away.

And for those who wish to indulge in some self-care, the Waterstone Spa offers a range of rejuvenating treatments.

A Story Told Through the Experiences of Its Guests

Over the years, the Ashland Springs Hotel has hosted countless guests, each adding a new chapter to its story.

They laud the comfortable beds, the clean and well-maintained facilities, the exceptional breakfast, and the stunning views.

With their warmth and professionalism, the hotel staff creates a welcoming atmosphere that makes every guest feel at home.

Guests often highlight the hotel’s prime location, with easy access to local attractions and events.

This classic hotel marries the charm of a bygone era with modern amenities, creating a unique experience that keeps guests coming back.

Guests often rave about the complimentary breakfast, noting that it’s “better than most hotels.”

The eating area is exceptional, with plenty of space to enjoy your meal in the breakfast room, on the balcony tables, or even in the comfort of your room.

While I found no specific challenges the hotel faced, one review highlighted a concern.

It mentioned an instance where the breakfast area was understaffed, making it difficult for the single staff member present to keep up with cooking items.

However, this seems to be an isolated case rather than a recurring one.

The Heart of Community Life and Events

The Ashland Springs Hotel doesn’t just stand in the heart of Ashland—it is the heart of Ashland.

It serves as a hub for various community activities and events, offering a central location and a sense of history that adds depth to any gathering.

Notable events in Ashland and nearby areas offer a rich cultural experience.

These include the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland Independent Film Festival, Pear Blossom Festival, A Taste of Ashland, Oregon Wine Month, Britt Music & Arts Festival, Ashland Culinary Festival, Festival of Lights, and others.

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, a significant event from March to October every year, is one of the most anticipated events in Ashland.

This festival celebrates the works of William Shakespeare and other classic playwrights and is a must-visit for theater enthusiasts.

The festival’s productions range from the traditional to the contemporary, bringing the magic of theater to life in an intimate setting.

It’s not just about the plays; the festival offers unique experiences like the Green Show, a free outdoor performance before the evening shows, and various educational programs and workshops.

But that’s not all there is to see and do in Ashland. The city is a hotbed of activity, with a calendar packed with events and festivals.

In April, you can indulge your taste buds at the Ashland Independent Film Festival or enjoy the blossoming beauty at the Pear Blossom Festival.

Ashland Springs Hotel
Ashland Springs Hotel lobby” by clydesan is licensed under CC BY 2.0

May brings the celebration of Oregon Wine Month, while in June, you can enjoy the sounds of the Britt Music & Arts Festival.

From parades and fireworks on the 4th of July to the Ashland Culinary Festival in November, there’s always something happening in Ashland​​.

You’ll find the Varsity Theatre just a stone’s throw away from the Ashland Springs Hotel.

This historic theater is another hub of activity, showing a mix of blockbuster hits, independent films, and foreign cinema.

The Varsity Theatre has a unique atmosphere with an old-school charm that sets it apart from your standard cinema.

You can grab some artisanal popcorn with real butter or enjoy their fruit smoothies made from organic strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, and bananas.

It’s the perfect place to unwind after a day of exploring Ashland​.

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