Things to Do in Athens, Georgia

Places to visit in Athens, GA.

If you’re planning a trip to Athens, Georgia, you’ll want to consider some of the many attractions and things to do that the town has to offer. Whether you’re visiting for a few days or a week, there’s a lot to do and see. Below, you’ll find a brief list of the most popular and fun-filled things to do in Athens.

Best tourist attractions in Athens, Georgia

Athens, Georgia, has some of the best attractions and activities in the South. Athens has something for everyone, from historic museums to quirky monuments to fun bike trails. It is also an excellent destination for families. One of the best places to visit in Athens, Georgia, is the Georgia Museum of Art. The museum is located on the campus of the University of Georgia and is free to enter.

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia is located near the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. It is 313 acres of nature preserves and themed gardens. This facility is open seven days a week and is free for visitors.

State Botanical Garden Of Georgia
State Botanical Garden Of Georgia

Visitors can take advantage of the conservatory, tropical conservatory, and nature trails. These natural features offer a peaceful retreat for both tourists and locals alike.

Visitors can also see a variety of plants, including orchids, azaleas, and native species. In addition, the Gardens are known for their wildlife spotting opportunities. Many birds visit these sites during the spring and summer.

State Botanical Garden Of Georgia
State Botanical Garden Of Georgia

One of the most popular areas of the garden is the Annual and Perennial Garden. During the spring, these areas are most colorful.

Georgia Museum of Art in Athens, Georgia

Georgia Museum of Art is a fine arts museum that offers a broad selection of artwork. Visitors will find works of European, American, and Asian art. In addition to its collections, the museum hosts traveling exhibitions. The museum also makes resources available to visiting scholars. Its extensive interpretive programs enhance intellectual inquiry and provide free inspiration for all.

Things to Do in Athens, Georgia

While the permanent collection is the main attraction, the Georgia Museum of Art also offers 20 to 25 temporary exhibits per year. These include American paintings, European prints, and Asian art. In addition, the Jane and Harry Willson Sculpture Garden also offers rotating exhibitions of women sculptors.

For a comprehensive tour, visitors may opt to take a self-guided tour. The museum also offers guided tours and educational tour groups.

Sandy Creek Nature Center in Athens, Georgia

The Sandy Creek Nature Center is a large recreational and educational facility. It is located near US Highway 441 in Athens, Georgia. This facility is a perfect family destination, as it features a range of activities and attractions.

Sandy Creek Nature Center Athens
Sandy Creek Nature Center Athens

The nature center features several fun and exciting exhibits, including a 1,500-gallon tank replica of Gray’s Reef. There is also a beaver lodge and an agriculture exhibit. Also on display are some microscopes and other educational tools.

Other facilities include a planetarium, aquariums, and other marine life exhibits. In addition, various indoor and outdoor classrooms are available for group meetings. For those interested in nature trails, the Sandy Creek Greenway connects the nature center to nearby Sandy Creek Park.

Bear Hollow Zoo in Athens, Georgia

The Bear Hollow Zoo in Athens, Georgia, is a small, local zoo inside Memorial Park in Five Points. It is a great family destination featuring cute native animals and wildlife exhibits. You can visit the Bear Hollow Zoo for free. However, consider booking your tickets online to reserve a picnic shelter.

Bear Hollow Zoo Black Bear
Bear Hollow Zoo Black Bear

The zoo has many adorable, playful opossums. In addition, it also has curious bobcats, bearded dragons, and river otters.

Each of the animals has a unique story to tell. Some animals were raised in the wild, while others were injured or orphaned. They all faced a challenge they couldn’t overcome, and their stories helped you learn about their species.

Ben Burton Park in Athens, Georgia

One of the top spots to visit is Ben Burton Park. Located off Mitchell Bridge Road, this enclave allows visitors to enjoy various recreational activities.

Ben Burton Park is the site of a former hydroelectric generating station, which was built in 1896 and dismantled in 1964. It was donated by the Georgia Power Company in 1967 and officially dedicated in October of that year. Although the park is small, it provides plenty of opportunities to get your fix of greenspace.

Ben Burton Park
Ben Burton Park

In addition to the main attraction, the park also features several picnic areas, a boat launch, and a 1.4-mile pedestrian trail that traverses the middle of the Oconee River. All of these amenities are located near the north Oconee River Greenway.

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