Things to Do in Dodge City, Kansas

Dodge City is a fun western destination. The city of Dodge City, Kansas, is the site of several fun and unique things to do. If you’re visiting the area, you may visit Boot Hill Museum, which celebrates the city’s frontier past. Located at the Kansas Teachers Hall of Fame, the museum features historic buildings, a recreated Old West street, and gunfight reenactments. It also features original 1881 furnishings.

Things to Do in Dodge City, Kansas

Boot Hill Museum

The Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City, Kansas, is an excellent attraction for families. It features interactive exhibits and is a tribute to the early history of Dodge City. Thousands of original documents and photographs are on display. There are also performances to enjoy, such as a saloon show.

In the 1860s, Dodge City was a frontier town. Cattle drives made it famous. Eventually, it became the center of commerce in the prairie. However, this was not without its problems. Many deeds of violence took place in this early era of the town.

Boot Hill Museum
Boot Hill Museum

The “People of the Plains” display was one of the more exciting exhibits. It is a small building next to the cemetery. Visitors can learn about the native peoples of this region and even see some of the artifacts they left behind.

Wright Park

Wright Park in Dodge City, Kansas, is one of the largest parks in the state. It’s a great place to relax, play and explore. There are picnic shelters, volleyball courts, playgrounds, and an aviary. In addition, there are memorial fountains for World War I and II veterans.

The park is located just south of Wyatt Earp Blvd. and Second Street. You can enjoy the longhorn cattle, black bears, emus, and more. Wright Park is an architectural gem, and it is home to a small zoo. The zoo has black bears, Siberian tigers, and bison.

Wright Park Memorial
Wright Park Memorial

Visitors can also learn about the history of Dodge City. Exhibits describe the city’s early economy and its people. The museum has over 60,000 artifacts from the past. If you enjoy historical sites, you should visit the Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City, Kansas.

Stauth Memorial Museum

When Donalda Stauth married Claude, she came to Dodge City for the opportunity. First, she bought a studio, and later, Claude purchased a house. They both traveled the world and collect souvenirs along the way. They shared the souvenirs with community groups.

The Stauths’ travel adventures lasted almost forty years. During that time, they traveled to over 95 countries on six continents. From 1940 to 1980, they went on 23 international trips.

In addition to collecting artifacts, they took many photographs. They also brought back thousands of slides. These are displayed in the Stauth Memorial Museum.

Moose on Display at Stauth Memorial Museum
Moose on Display at Stauth Memorial Museum

The museum has a special exhibit called Around the World. This exhibit highlights the travel experiences of Claude and Donalda Stauth. Their travel adventures include visits to the United States, Europe, Africa, and China.

The Stauth Memorial Collection features miniature wooden animals from Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania. It also includes rugs and musical instruments. Some of the items are created especially for the museum by international visitors.

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Long Branch Lagoon

The Long Branch Lagoon in Dodge City, Kansas, is an outdoor aquatic oasis. It was designed to celebrate the region’s rich western heritage. With a 720-foot lazy river and four pools, it’s fun to cool off during hot summer days.

Best places to visit in Dodge City, Kansas

The waterpark opened in the summer of 2016 and is already attracting visitors from the Midwest. The facility boasts a 50-meter competition pool, a shallow leisure pool, an Olympic-sized lap pool, a diving tower, and a lone Boomerango slide. A lazy river with an integrated wave pool rounds out the amenities.

Long Branch Lagoon is also home to the Long Branch Saloon, an authentic two-piece bar built in 1881 by the Brunswick Corporation. This saloon has a fascinating history. During the Wild West Days, Long Branch served alcoholic beverages.

Home of Stone

The Mueller-Schmidt Home of Stone is the oldest and only stone house in Dodge City. It is a historical landmark that Ford County Historical Society curates.

In the late 1800s, this was one of two homes built on the site. The first building was John Mueller’s boot shop. Another was the Meuller-Schmidt home.

Home Of Stone
Home Of Stone

The home has been renovated in the past few years. However, the original furnishings are still in place. There are two bedrooms tucked under the eaves of the top floor. The parlor and the central hallway are on the main level.

This is one of the only buildings in Dodge City made of limestone. A German craftsman named William Hessman and his sons performed the stonework. They matched color-selected limestone from the Sawlog Creek area.

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