Honored Things to Do in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Places to visit in Hot Springs, AR.

If you’re looking for a city that’s friendly, fashionable, and exciting, Hot Springs is worth visiting! So the next time you travel to Arkansas, stop by this lovely city.

The springs have been attracting people from far and wide for more than a century, and their attraction is only growing.

However, with the opening of the bathhouses and all the attractions they offer, visitors won’t want to spend all their time just soaking in the mineral waters.

Things to Do in Hot Springs, Arkansas

If you want to learn more about Hot Springs’ history, tour the Fordyce Bathhouse. This historic site is now the National Park’s visitors center and is a great way to learn about the region.

There are artifacts from the area to view, and you can see antique workout equipment.

You can also hike through the Grand Promenade, a half-mile walkway behind Bathhouse Row. There are benches along the trail for you to relax on, and it is an excellent place to get a view of the architecture of the bathhouses. Afterward, you can follow paths that lead to natural hot springs.

Hot Springs National Park

If you’re taking a road trip to Arkansas, don’t miss Hot Springs, National Park. Unlike most national parks in the United States, this park is more about history than physical features. The area is also home to a variety of outdoor activities and accommodations.

Natural Hot Springs, Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas - Best places to visit in Hot Springs
Natural Hot Springs, Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas – Best places to visit in Hot Springs

Instead of hiking, you can take one of the 26 trails in the National Park. Some of these trails are interconnected, meaning you can hike to one of the hot springs from another.

A short distance from Hot Springs National Park is the Ouachita National Forest. This forest primarily comprises sandstone and Arkansas Novaculite, which are sharp gray outcroppings.

Garvan Woodland Gardens

Garvan Woodland Gardens is a beautiful botanical garden near Hot Springs, Arkansas. The 210-acre property, owned by the University of Arkansas, features an array of artificial attractions and natural landscapes.

One of the most notable areas of the garden is the Anthony Chapel Complex, a gorgeous blend of glass and native wood. It has 9,860 square feet of glass that reveal the woodland canopy.

Garvan's Woodland Gardens
Places to go in Hot Springs – Garvan’s Woodland Gardens

Another highlight is the Millsap Canopy Bridge, a curving bridge that hovers 20 feet above the Singing Springs Gorge. In 2018, a new addition, the Evans Tree House, was added to the garden. This structure was designed to provide interpretative learning spaces for visitors.

Visitors can take a short hike to the point of a small peninsula that overlooks Lake Hamilton. From there, they can sit and relax in a tranquil spot while enjoying the spectacular views of the lake.

Hot Springs Mountain Tower

Hot Springs Mountain Tower is located in Hot Springs National Park. The tower opened in 1983 and offered views of the city and the surrounding countryside. It is a 216-foot tall lattice steel observation structure. You can reach the top by climbing the stairs or riding the elevator.

While you’re at the top, make sure you check out the museum. A 15-minute video will introduce you to the history of Hot Springs. A few art pieces also tell the story of Hot Springs.

Hot Springs Mountain Tower - What to do in Hot Springs, Arkansas
Hot Springs Mountain Tower – What to do in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Besides the hot springs, there are other fun things to do in Hot Springs. One of them is the World Championship Running of the Tubs, a race that occurs once each year. Another is the Josephine Tussaud Wax Museum, located on Central Avenue.

Mid-America Science Museum

The Mid-America Science Museum in Hot Springs, Arkansas, is an educational center focusing on various subjects. Its goal is to stimulate interest in science for all ages.

To achieve this, the museum staff developed original exhibits. These include displays focusing on geology, architectural structures, nature, and energy.

The museum is divided into two wings. There are also several indoor activities to enjoy. For example, the Tesla Theater allows visitors to learn about the science behind Nikola Tesla.

Best tourist attractions in Hot Springs

Visitors will also experience the wonders of light and physics through the Light Bridge exhibition. You can also explore the state’s topography through the Arkansas Underfoot exhibit.

The Mid-America Science Museum offers a large selection of interactive exhibits. This includes the Bob Wheeler Science Skywalk, which extends 40 feet above the ground and offers 360-degree views of the museum.

Fordyce Bathhouse

The Fordyce Bathhouse is a historic bathhouse located in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It is one of the most elaborate and ornate bathhouses in the city. During its existence, the bathhouse served hundreds of people per day.

Visitors can enjoy a self-guided tour of the bathhouse. They can also participate in ranger programs. While visiting, they can learn about the history of the bathhouse and its surroundings.

Places to visit in Hot Springs - Assembly Room Fordyce Bathhouse
Places to visit in Hot Springs – Assembly Room Fordyce Bathhouse

The first floor of the Fordyce Bathhouse contains men’s and women’s facilities. On the other hand, the second floor features cooling and massage rooms. Also, the third floor has a gymnasium.

During the bathhouse’s operation, it provided bathing services for the wealthy and prominent. Some of these guests even stayed in staterooms. This meant that the rates were kept low.

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