Eastridge Mall in San Jose, CA: The Ultimate Family Destination

The Birth and Evolution of Eastridge Mall

Eastridge Mall, known as Eastridge Center, is a landmark in San Jose, California. Bayshore Properties and Homart Development Company unveiled the mall on May 17, 1971. It quickly became the largest enclosed shopping mall on the West Coast.

The original anchor stores included Sears, J. C. Penney, Macy’s, Joseph Magnin Co., and Liberty House, which have drawn significant consumer traffic from the outset.

Over the years, Eastridge Mall has undergone several transformations. The most notable renovation occurred in 2017, modernizing the mall’s aesthetics and enhancing shopper experiences. This redesign aimed to adapt to evolving consumer preferences and retail trends.

The mall’s anchor stores have seen changes reflecting the retail industry’s shifts. Liberty House departed and was replaced by Emporium-Capwell, only for Macy’s to absorb it later. Sears closed its doors in February 2020 as part of a nationwide reduction.

Despite these changes, JCPenney and Macy’s remain, supplemented by modern entertainment options like AMC Theatres and Round 1 Entertainment.

Eastridge has adapted physically and in its role within the community. It has become a hub for things to do in San Jose, California, hosting farmer’s markets and holiday events. These efforts have solidified its place as a shopping destination and a community center.

Architectural Marvels and the Eastridge Murals

Eastridge Mall showcases unique architectural features that distinguish it from typical shopping centers.

Its design incorporates open spaces and natural lighting, enhancing the shopping experience. The mall’s structure supports a variety of retail spaces, accommodating over 100 stores and services.

The highlight of Eastridge’s architectural innovation is the Eastridge Murals. Unveiled in 2017, these artworks represent the world’s largest murals on a shopping center.

Artists Aaron de la Cruz, Brendan Monroe, CYRCLE, and Lila Gemellos contributed to this project, covering 20,000 square feet with their creativity.

Each mural reflects different themes, from abstract patterns to local landscapes, adding a cultural dimension to the mall.

These murals have transformed the mall into an art destination, attracting visitors beyond the local shopping population.

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They serve as a backdrop for community events and social gatherings, integrating art into everyday life. The Eastridge Murals project has set a new standard for combining retail with cultural expression.

Eastridge Mall as a Community Hub

Eastridge Mall extends beyond retail as a vital Evergreen and East San Jose community hub. It hosts various events, from seasonal farmers’ markets to festive holiday celebrations.

These events foster a sense of community, drawing locals together and providing a venue for public gatherings.

Eastridge Mall San Jose, California
Eastridge Mall San Jose, California Cristiano Tomás, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The mall’s role in the community is significant. It offers a safe and welcoming space for residents to meet, shop, and participate in local events.

Eastridge has become synonymous with community engagement, supporting local businesses and artists through its events.

Safety at the mall has been a priority, especially following incidents like the 2012 stabbing. Eastridge has implemented security measures to ensure a safe environment for shoppers and visitors.

These efforts have helped maintain the mall’s status as a family-friendly destination, which is crucial for its role as a community hub.

Current Anchors and Their Stories Inside Eastridge Mall


JCPenney has been a staple at Eastridge Mall since its opening in 1971. As one of the original anchor stores, it has weathered the retail storm through decades of change.

JCPenney caters to a diverse customer base because of its wide range of clothing, home goods, and beauty products.

Despite the ups and downs in the retail sector, JCPenney at Eastridge continues to draw customers with its affordable prices and seasonal sales, maintaining its status as a family favorite.


Macy’s, another original anchor, has a rich history at Eastridge Mall. Over the years, it has evolved from a traditional department store to a modern shopping destination.

Macy’s offers a variety of high-quality brands, fashion-forward apparel, and luxury beauty products. It also hosts annual events that have become community traditions.

Despite the closure of other locations nationwide, Macy’s at Eastridge remains a central shopping destination, reflecting the brand’s adaptability and enduring appeal.

Eastridge Mall San Jose, California
Eastridge Mall San Jose, California Cristiano Tomás, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

AMC Theatres 

AMC Theatres brought a new dimension of entertainment to Eastridge Mall. With multiple screens featuring the latest movies, AMC offers a premier cinema experience with comfortable seating and advanced audio-visual systems.

It has become a go-to spot for families, couples, and film enthusiasts looking for an enjoyable outing. AMC’s presence at Eastridge underscores the mall’s shift towards becoming an entertainment hub in addition to a shopping center.

Round1 Bowling and Amusement 

Round1 Bowling and Amusement is a relatively new addition to Eastridge Mall. Still, it quickly became a popular entertainment venue.

Offering bowling, arcade games, karaoke, and billiards, Round1 provides a variety of activities for all ages. Its arrival at Eastridge marked the mall’s further expansion into non-retail entertainment, catering to the growing demand for experiential outings.

Round1’s success at Eastridge highlights the mall’s commitment to diversifying its attractions and providing visitors with unique experiences.

24 Hour Fitness 24

Hour Fitness complements the retail and entertainment offerings at Eastridge Mall by providing a health and wellness destination. This gym attracts individuals looking to maintain their fitness routine close to where they shop and relax.

Equipped with state-of-the-art fitness equipment, various classes, and personal training services, 24 Hour Fitness meets the needs of health-conscious consumers.

Its presence in the mall underscores the trend towards incorporating lifestyle services within retail environments, promoting a holistic approach to consumer well-being.

Aloha Fun Center at Eastridge Mall

Aloha Fun Center, located within Eastridge Mall in San Jose, CA, offers various activities for all ages.

As the premier roller rink in the South Bay, it provides a unique blend of entertainment options, including roller skating, indoor mini-golf, arcade games, and a snack bar. This makes it a perfect destination for family outings, birthday parties, or a fun day out.

Eastridge Mall San Jose, California
Eastridge Mall San Jose, California Cristiano Tomás, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The center is open six days a week. It features special hours during the holiday season, ensuring fun is always within reach.

Regular prices are affordable, with skate admission at $15 and various packages available for multiple activities, making it accessible for everyone. The center also offers skate lessons for all ages and abilities, promoting a fun and educational experience.

Party packages at Aloha Fun Center are a hit, with options like skating, mini-golf, and laser tag. These packages cater to different group sizes and preferences, ensuring that every celebration is memorable. The Cabana Area provides a reserved space for parties, adding an exclusive touch to the special day.

Whether you want to learn a new skill, enjoy classic fun, or celebrate a special occasion, the Aloha Fun Center at Eastridge Mall has something for everyone.

Famous Stores at Eastridge Mall by Type

Fashion and Apparel

H&M is a global fashion giant offering trendy and affordable clothing for men, women, and children. Its presence at Eastridge Mall makes it a go-to destination for fashion-forward shoppers looking for the latest styles without breaking the bank.

Hollister captures the essence of the laid-back California lifestyle. Known for its casual wear and surf-inspired apparel, Hollister appeals to young adults seeking a blend of comfort and style.

G by Guess brings a youthful, glamorous edge to the mall’s fashion offerings. This brand is synonymous with bold, trendsetting looks inspired by the Guess heritage of innovation and style.

Windsor is the place for women’s dresses and fashion accessories, perfect for special occasions or a stylish wardrobe update. From prom dresses to everyday chic, Windsor offers a range of styles to suit various tastes.

Jewelry and Accessories

Claire’s is a global brand famous for its fashionable jewelry and accessories for young women and girls. It’s the go-to spot for fun, trendy pieces or ear-piercing services.

Daniel’s Jewelers provides a wide selection of jewelry, from engagement rings to personalized pieces, catering to those looking for something special and timeless.

Valliani Jewelers offers exquisite jewelry pieces, showcasing a range of classic and contemporary designs that appeal to discerning customers.

Eastridge Mall San Jose, California
Eastridge Mall San Jose, California Cristiano Tomás, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Health and Beauty

Bath & Body Works is a household name known for its fragrant selection of bath and body products and home fragrances. Shoppers flock here for their favorite scents and seasonal specials.

Sephora inside JCPenney offers a vast array of beauty products, from makeup to skincare and fragrances, catering to beauty enthusiasts looking for high-quality cosmetics.

Specialty Stores

Daiso is a popular Japanese discount store that offers an array of items at budget-friendly prices. Its Diverse Product Range, from household goods to stationery, provides a unique shopping experience.

Lids is the destination for sports enthusiasts and hat collectors. Offering a wide selection of caps featuring various sports teams and brands, Lids caters to fans looking to show their team spirit.

Legends Comics & Games offers a haven for comic book and gaming fans. With a wide selection of comics, games, and collectibles, it’s a prime spot for enthusiasts looking to find their next favorite story or game.


Vans is synonymous with skate culture and casual footwear. Their durable and stylish shoes have become a staple for individuals seeking comfort and flair.

Shoe Palace stands out for its extensive collection of branded footwear and apparel, catering to sneakerheads and casual shoppers looking for the latest shoe fashion.

Transportation and Accessibility

Eastridge Mall prioritizes accessibility, ensuring visitors can easily reach the shopping center. In East San Jose’s Evergreen district, the mall offers easy access via car, public transit, or bicycle.

Ample parking accommodates those who drive, with dedicated spots for electric vehicles and handicapped access.

Public transportation is a key component of Eastridge’s accessibility. The Eastridge Transit Center, managed by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), is conveniently positioned at the mall’s northeast corner.

Eastridge Mall San Jose, California
Eastridge Mall San Jose, California Cristiano Tomás, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This hub connects shoppers to bus and light rail services, facilitating easy access from various parts of San Jose and the surrounding areas.

Infrastructure improvements around Eastridge Mall, including road upgrades and signage, enhance the overall accessibility.

These efforts ensure visitors can arrive at the mall safely and conveniently, making Eastridge a preferred shopping and entertainment destination in the region.

Fancon 2023 at Eastridge Mall

Fancon 2023, hosted by Eastridge Center, was a vibrant celebration of San Jose’s local anime and gaming communities.

Held on September 30, 2023, this event brought together fans, artists, and gamers for a day filled with excitement and creativity.

Curated by MAGWest, Fancon featured artist markets, musical performances, and live panels, showcasing the best of the local scene.

The event was a unique opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves in the world of anime and gaming right in the heart of San Jose.

The artist markets offered various handmade and original items, allowing fans to support local creators while finding unique treasures.

Musical performances added to the festive atmosphere, with local bands and musicians bringing their talents to the Fancon stage.

Live panels provided insights and discussions on various topics related to anime, gaming, and pop culture, offering attendees a chance to learn more about their favorite hobbies and meet like-minded individuals.

The collaboration with MAGWest ensured a well-curated lineup of activities and guests, making Fancon 2023 a memorable event for all who attended.

Recent News and Developments

In March 2022, a smash-and-grab robbery at a jewelry store raised security concerns. This incident followed a series of challenges, including the 2021 assault and the 2020 reports of an active shooter, which turned out to be unfounded.

These events have prompted mall management to increase security measures and community outreach.

Ownership changes have also marked a new chapter for Eastridge. In January 2024, a Texas-based real estate firm acquired the mall for $135 million.

This sale reflects the ongoing evolution of retail spaces and investor interest in revitalizing shopping centers. The new owners have committed to enhancing the mall’s retail mix and community engagement.

The local community has reacted to these changes with concern and optimism. Residents and shoppers are keen to see improvements in safety and retail offerings.

The mall’s ability to adapt and respond to these concerns will be crucial for its future success and reputation.

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