Westfield Valencia Town Center Mall: 30 Years in Santa Clarita, CA

History and Development

Nestled in the heart of Santa Clarita, California, Westfield Valencia Town Center Mall has been a beacon of community gathering and commerce since its grand opening in 1992. Developed by JMB Realty, the mall quickly became a central hub for shopping and socializing.

Westfield Group saw the potential in this bustling location and acquired a quarter-interest in the property in 2002, followed by another quarter-interest in 2005, subsequently taking over management control. The mall was then aptly renamed Westfield Valencia Town Center.

The transformation of anchor stores over the years tells a story of change and adaptation. Macy’s, which opened as May Company, later became Robinsons-May in 1993 until finally transitioning to Macy’s in 2006. Other anchors like JCPenney, Gold’s Gym, and Forever 21 have added to the mall’s appeal, while the closure of Sears on March 18, 2018, marked an end of an era.

Architectural Features and Amenities

Walking through the main entrance, visitors are greeted by an elegant indoor fountain, surrounded by various shops that beckon with their unique offerings.

The two-floor layout, encompassing a total retail floor area of 1,099,200 square feet, is designed to facilitate easy navigation. For those who appreciate the outdoors, the peaceful outdoor pond offers a welcome respite, a place to unwind and take a breather from shopping.

Parking has never been a hassle at Westfield Valencia Town Center, with space for 4,300 vehicles. With its diverse flavors and cuisines, the food court has long been a place for families and friends to come together and enjoy a meal.

The mall’s architectural design skillfully combines beauty and practicality, making it a favored destination for residents and tourists.

Westfield Valencia Town Center: Current Stores and Dining Options

The mall’s vibrant retail landscape is home to over 140 stores and services. From fashion to electronics, beauty to home décor, the array of options caters to diverse tastes and needs.

Remember the joy of finding that perfect outfit at H&M or the thrill of discovering a new favorite dish at The Cheesecake Factory? Those memories are part of the fabric that makes Westfield Valencia Town Center unique.

Dining at the mall is an experience in itself. With 38 restaurants offering everything from fast food to fine dining, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

The aroma of freshly baked pretzels at Auntie Anne’s, the sizzle of steaks at Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que, or the exotic flavors at Panda Express – each restaurant adds to the culinary mosaic that makes dining at the mall a delightful experience.

The Patios Connection Project and Cancellation

In 2019, the mall proposed an ambitious new project called “The Patios Connection” at the former Sears site. It promised a luxury cinema, gym, Costco with a 275-space rooftop parking lot, and even a gas station. The community buzzed with anticipation, envisioning a new era of entertainment and convenience.

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However, in April 2021, the project was abruptly canceled. The disappointment was palpable, not just for the loss of what could have been but also for the nostalgia attached to the Sears site.

The cancellation symbolized a missed opportunity, a dream unfulfilled, and left many wondering about the reasons behind the decision and the mall’s future.

Current Challenges and Future Prospects

The national struggling retail market has not spared Westfield Valencia Town Center. Local officials have recognized that the mall’s days may be numbered, mirroring the fate of shopping centers throughout the country. Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield’s decision to sell or walk away from all of their United States properties has added to the uncertainty.

The city has proactively initiated public meetings to collect input on the mall’s future. The voices and opinions of the community are actively being gathered to shape a forward-looking vision for a revitalized and reimagined Town Center.

The mall’s potential sale and transformation are probably on the horizon, and the next chapter is being written with careful consideration and community involvement.

Impact on the Community

Westfield Valencia Town Center is not just a shopping mall; it’s part of the community’s identity. Its economic contributions have been significant, but its role as a social gathering place is immeasurable.

The memories created within its walls, the friendships forged, and the celebrations shared make the mall a cherished part of Santa Clarita, California.

The potential changes to the mall, be it closure or transformation, will undoubtedly have implications. The community’s vision for a reimagined Town Center reflects a collective desire to preserve what’s loved and embrace what’s new. The area’s zoning for mixed-use, which could include residential and commercial plans, offers exciting possibilities for the future.


Westfield Valencia Town Center stands as a symbol of community, change, and resilience. Its history is rich with memories, its present filled with challenges, and its future ripe with possibilities.

The mall’s story reflects the people who have walked its corridors, shopped in its stores, dined in its restaurants, and dreamed of its potential.

As the next chapter unfolds, the legacy of Westfield Valencia Town Center will continue to resonate with those who have called it their own. It’s a story of a place that has touched lives, shaped experiences and continues to inspire hope and nostalgia.

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