Discover the Best Things to Do in Coral Springs, FL

Introduction: Things to Do in Coral Springs, Florida

Coral Springs, Florida, is not just a city; it’s a vibrant community filled with opportunities for exploration and enjoyment.

The options are plentiful for those looking for things to do in Coral Springs, Florida. From outdoor adventures in natural parks to shopping experiences in bustling malls, the city offers something for everyone.

The city’s natural beauty is a highlight, with Tall Cypress Natural Area providing a serene escape for nature enthusiasts. Walking trails, interpretive signage, and an amphitheater offer ways to connect with nature and learn about the local ecosystem. It’s where cypress trees tower, and native plants create a lush tapestry of green.

Coral Square Mall is a must-visit destination for those who enjoy shopping and dining. With over 120 stores and services, it’s a hub for retail therapy and culinary delights. The mall’s history and evolution reflect broader trends in shopping and consumer behavior, making it a fascinating place to explore.

Art and culture thrive in Coral Springs, with the Coral Springs Museum of Art as a beacon of creativity. Dynamic exhibits, art education, and special events ignite cultural enrichment and provide a platform for artists and enthusiasts to unite.

Exploring Places to Visit in Coral Springs, Florida

Recreation and sports are integral to the Coral Springs lifestyle. With its athletic fields, recreational facilities, and particular areas like a skate park, Betti Stradling Park caters to various interests and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.

Sawgrass Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital offers a unique experience for those interested in wildlife and conservation. It’s a hub for wildlife care, conservation, education, and community involvement, reflecting a deep commitment to environmental stewardship.

When it comes to places to visit in Coral Springs, Florida, the city’s blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, recreational opportunities, and community initiatives creates a diverse and engaging landscape. Coral Springs offers a mix of experiences that resonate with residents and visitors, from towering cypress trees to bustling shopping corridors.

Coral Springs’ journey from a master-planned community to a thriving city is a story of vision, determination, and collaboration. Its unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, economic vitality, and community spirit makes it a welcoming and inspiring place.

The city’s array of things to do and places to visit paints a vibrant picture of a community that values its heritage embraces its future, and celebrates its unique identity.

Tall Cypress Natural Area

Tall Cypress Natural Area, a 66-acre urban forest, is a testament to nature’s beauty and resilience. Located at 3700 Turtle Run Blvd., Coral Springs, FL 33067, it’s where cypress trees tower and slash pines sway in the breeze. The understory is a lush tapestry of sword and leather ferns, saw palmetto, swamp lily, and other basin swamp plants.

The area offers an amphitheater, covered shelter, interpretive signage, a nature trail, a restroom, and seating. It is open daily from 8 am to 7:30 pm and welcomes visitors to explore and connect with nature. However, the thickness of the plants makes it a challenging terrain to traverse, and no dogs are allowed, preserving the tranquility of the space.

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Conservation efforts are evident in every corner of the Tall Cypress Natural Area. Educational programs and guided tours educate visitors about the importance of urban forests and native plants. The area’s role in enhancing the quality of life in Coral Springs cannot be overstated, as it provides a serene escape for nature enthusiasts.

Coral Square Mall

Coral Square Mall, a regional enclosed shopping mall, has been a prominent retail destination in Coral Springs, Florida, since it opened on October 3, 1984. Spanning 945,000 square feet, it houses 120 stores and services, with anchors like Macy’s, JCPenney, and Kohl’s. The mall’s history is rich, with renovations in 1995 and 2008 that have kept it fresh and appealing.

The mall’s contribution to the local economy and community is substantial. It’s more than just a place for shopping; it’s a hub for socializing, dining, and entertainment. The mall’s evolution over the years tells a story of adaptation, growth, and enduring relevance. It has become a symbol of the city’s commercial vibrancy, reflecting broader trends in shopping and consumer behavior.

Coral Square Mall offers a diverse shopping experience catering to various tastes and preferences. From high-end fashion stores to cozy cafes, the mall blends retail and culinary delights. Seasonal events, family-friendly activities, and community gatherings add to the mall’s appeal, making it a favorite destination for residents and visitors alike.

The mall’s design and layout create a welcoming atmosphere, encouraging strolls through its corridors. Its commitment to providing a comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience resonates with the values of Coral Springs. Coral Square Mall stands as a testament to the city’s thriving retail landscape and its role in shaping the community’s social life.

Coral Springs Museum of Art

The Coral Springs Museum of Art, with its mission to engage and connect diverse communities, has become a beacon of art and culture. Dynamic exhibits, exceptional art education, stimulating specialty programs, and inspired events ignite cultural enrichment.

The museum hosts various exhibitions and emphasizes art education, offering learning and artistic development programs. Regular events, such as the “Consumption” exhibition by Luke Jenkins (June 27 – August 12, 2023), bring art to life and foster creativity.

The museum’s role in promoting arts, culture, and creativity within Coral Springs is profound. Its mission and programming reflect the needs and interests of the diverse community, making art accessible and inspiring for all.

Betti Stradling Park

Betti Stradling Park, a 21-acre recreational haven, offers many amenities for residents and visitors. The park is a hub for sports and outdoor activities, from softball/baseball fields to basketball courts, tennis courts, and sand volleyball courts.

Unique features like a skate park, skateboard area, youth activity area, and the newly opened Splash-N-Play add to the park’s appeal. Lit and paved walking trails invite those looking for a stroll or a more vigorous walk.

Betti Stradling Park’s role in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle is evident. Its wide range of facilities caters to various interests, and its design and maintenance reflect sustainability and environmental stewardship. The park is a testament to Coral Springs’ commitment to enhancing the quality of life for its residents.

Sawgrass Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital

Sawgrass Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital, located at 3000 Sportsplex Dr., Coral Springs, FL, is more than just a nature center. It’s a hub for wildlife care, conservation, education, and community involvement.

The center cares for injured animals and offers various volunteer roles, including content editing, animal care, and visitor’s center assistance. Programs and events like the Orchid & Plant Festival engage the community and promote wildlife conservation.

Sawgrass Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital’s multifaceted approach to engaging with nature and wildlife reflects a deep commitment to environmental stewardship and community enrichment. Its work in wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and education resonates with the values of Coral Springs and adds to the city’s rich tapestry of community initiatives.


Coral Springs, Florida, is a city that thrives on diversity, creativity, community, and nature. From the towering cypress trees of Tall Cypress Natural Area to the bustling corridors of Coral Square Mall, the city offers a blend of experiences that resonate with residents and visitors.

The cultural richness of the Coral Springs Museum of Art, the recreational opportunities at Betti Stradling Park, and the conservation efforts at Sawgrass Nature Center & Wildlife Hospital paint a vibrant picture of a city that values its heritage, embraces its future, and celebrates its unique identity.

Coral Springs is a destination filled with exploration, enjoyment, and learning opportunities. Its growth, community spirit, and place in Florida’s landscape testify to a city with possibility and promise.

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