Perimeter Mall in Atlanta, GA: A Symphony of Shopping and Style

The Origins of Perimeter Mall

Perimeter Mall, a prominent retail destination in Dunwoody, a northern suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, marked its inception in 1971, introducing a new era in the suburban retail landscape.

This establishment was not just another addition to the city’s commercial scene; it was the fourth mall to grace DeKalb County, following the Avondale Mall in 1964, North DeKalb Mall in 1965, and the Gallery at South DeKalb in 1968.

Its strategic location outside the I-285 made it a pioneer in metro Atlanta’s mall culture, setting a precedent for future developments.

The mall’s original anchor stores, Rich’s and JCPenney were pivotal in defining its initial character. These stores didn’t just offer retail services; they symbolized the mall’s commitment to providing a comprehensive shopping experience.

The design and layout of Perimeter Mall bore a resemblance to the Greenbriar Mall, another retail giant of the time, indicating a design philosophy that prioritized spaciousness and customer comfort.

1982 marked a significant expansion for Perimeter Mall, adding a new wing, which introduced Davison’s to its retail family.

This expansion was not merely about adding square footage but diversifying the shopping experience, catering to a broader demographic.

The transformation of Davison’s into Macy’s in 1986 was a testament to the mall’s adaptability and alignment with the evolving retail trends.

Perimeter Mall’s journey from its inception to becoming a cornerstone of Atlanta’s retail sector is a narrative of strategic expansion, customer-centric design, and adaptability to market trends.

As we explore things to do in Atlanta, Georgia, a visit to Perimeter Mall, with its rich history and diverse offerings, is invariably on the list.

The mall’s evolution from its humble beginnings to a bustling hub reflects the dynamic nature of the retail industry and its role in shaping the shopping habits of the region.

Architectural Evolution and Expansion

Perimeter Mall’s architectural narrative is a testament to its enduring commitment to growth and adaptation, mirroring the evolving landscape of retail and consumer preferences.

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The late 1990s marked a significant phase in the mall’s expansion when a state-of-the-art, 5-level parking garage was introduced in 1997. This addition was a strategic move to enhance accessibility and convenience, catering to the increasing influx of shoppers.

1998 was a landmark year for Perimeter Mall as it welcomed Nordstrom, a name synonymous with high-end retail.

The grand opening of Nordstrom marked the brand’s first foray into the Southeast, signifying the mall’s status as a premier shopping destination. This expansion was a statement of luxury and quality, further solidifying the mall’s position in the retail hierarchy.

Sign for Perimeter Wall in Dunwoody, Georgia
Sign for Perimeter Wall in Dunwoody, Georgia JJonahJackalope, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The turn of the millennium brought about transformative changes, with JCPenney closing its doors in 2000. This departure made room for Dillard’s in 2005, introducing a new dimension to the mall’s retail offerings.

The transition from JCPenney to Dillard’s reflected the mall’s responsiveness to changing market dynamics and consumer trends.

Between 2015 and 2016, Perimeter Mall underwent a series of renovations, breathing new life into its structure.

These renovations were meticulously planned to balance modernity and tradition, introducing contemporary amenities and sleek design elements while preserving the mall’s unique 1970s decor.

This careful preservation of the mall’s original aesthetic, coupled with the infusion of modern design principles, underscored a respect for its history and a vision for its future.

In essence, the architectural evolution and expansion of Perimeter Mall are narratives of strategic growth, adaptability, and a deep understanding of consumer behavior.

Each phase of development, each structural enhancement, has been a step towards creating an environment that resonates with shoppers, making Perimeter Mall a landmark not just in Dunwoody, Georgia, but in the retail industry at large.

The Anchors of Perimeter Mall

The anchor stores at Perimeter Mall are not just retail spaces but foundational pillars defining the mall’s identity and drawing in many shoppers. Each anchor store’s distinct history and brand ethos contribute significantly to the mall’s allure and success.

Macy’s, a name that resonates with tradition and quality, has been a stalwart presence since 1986. Its evolution from Davison’s and later Rich’s showcases a legacy of retail excellence and adaptability, making it a trusted destination for generations of shoppers.

Nordstrom, which made its grand entrance in 1998, brought a new dimension of luxury retail to the Southeast.

Its reputation for high-quality merchandise and exceptional customer service elevated the shopping experience at Perimeter Mall, setting a benchmark for elegance and sophistication.

Nordstrom’s presence underscores the mall’s commitment to providing an upscale retail environment that caters to discerning shoppers.

Perimeter Mall
Rich’s/Macy’s – Perimeter Mall Atlanta, GA” by MikeKalasnik is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Dillard’s, stepping into the space vacated by JCPenney in 2005, continued the legacy of providing a wide array of merchandise, from fashion to home furnishings.

Dillard’s is known for its commitment to customer satisfaction and its ability to blend tradition with contemporary trends, making it a favorite among shoppers seeking quality and variety.

Von Maur, which debuted in 2012, introduced a touch of Midwestern charm and an extensive selection of brands to the mall’s retail mix.

Taking over from Bloomingdale’s, Von Maur brought its unique shopping experience with an open and inviting atmosphere, an emphasis on customer service, and an attractive interest-free credit policy.

Its presence enriches the mall’s retail diversity and offers shoppers an alternative combining traditional and modern retailing principles.

These anchor stores form the cornerstone of Perimeter Mall, each adding its unique flavor to the mall’s retail landscape.

They are more than just stores; they are destinations that offer diverse shopping experiences, drawing shoppers from near and far and solidifying the mall’s status as a premier shopping destination in Atlanta.

A Melting Pot of Fashion and Lifestyle Brands

Perimeter Mall is a vibrant mosaic of fashion and lifestyle brands, each contributing to the rich tapestry of shopping experiences available to visitors.

The mall is a haven for those seeking the latest in fashion, technology, and beauty, offering diverse options to suit every style and need.

Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters stand out with their chic and contemporary collections, attracting fashion-forward individuals who appreciate a blend of modern trends and classic styles.

These stores are not just about clothing but about creating a lifestyle, offering unique and eclectic pieces that resonate with individuality and flair.

Lululemon and H&M offer a range of athletic and casual wear that combines functionality with fashion for those who prioritize fitness and comfort without compromising style.

Lululemon, known for its high-quality yoga and workout attire, appeals to those who lead an active lifestyle. At the same time, H&M provides affordable and fashionable options for everyday wear, ensuring that style is accessible to all.

Tech enthusiasts have a special place at Perimeter Mall, with the Apple store serving as a hub of innovation and cutting-edge technology. Visitors can explore the latest gadgets, seek expert advice, and immerse themselves in the world of Apple.

On the other hand, beauty lovers find their sanctuary in Sephora and Lush, where an extensive selection of cosmetics, skincare, and fragrances await. These stores offer various products to pamper and beautify, catering to those who cherish self-care and grooming.

Culinary Delights at Perimeter Mall

Perimeter Mall’s culinary landscape reflects its commitment to offering a diverse and enriching retail and gastronomy experience. The mall’s dining options are a feast for the senses, catering to various tastes and preferences.

At 26 Thai Kitchen & Bar, patrons can embark on a culinary journey to Thailand, savoring the rich and exotic flavors that define Thai cuisine. The restaurant’s ambiance and authentic dishes provide an immersive experience transcending the ordinary mall dining scene.

Buffalo Wild Wings and The Cheesecake Factory are perennial favorites for those craving the comfort and familiarity of American cuisine.

Buffalo Wild Wings is the go-to spot for sports enthusiasts and wing lovers, offering a lively atmosphere perfect for watching the game or enjoying a casual meal with friends.

The Cheesecake Factory’s extensive menu and legendary cheesecakes promise a dining experience combining quality, variety, and indulgence, making it a must-visit destination for foodies and dessert lovers.

When time is of the essence, Auntie Anne’s and Great Wraps offer quick and delicious options that don’t compromise taste.

Auntie Anne’s is renowned for its freshly baked pretzels, perfect for a snack on the go. At the same time, Great Wraps delivers a variety of wraps, bowls, and smoothies, catering to those seeking a healthier, fast-casual dining option.

The Capital Grille and Seasons 52 present sophisticated choices for patrons with a penchant for fine dining. The Capital Grille is synonymous with elegance and exceptional cuisine, offering a refined atmosphere where guests can enjoy expertly prepared steaks and an impressive selection of wines.

Seasons 52, with its seasonally inspired menu and fresh ingredients, provides a dining experience that’s both health-conscious and flavorful, set in a warm and inviting ambiance.

Perimeter Mall’s dining scene is a testament to its premier status as a shopping and dining destination. Each restaurant and eatery contributes to the mall’s vibrant and eclectic atmosphere, ensuring that every visit is not just a shopping trip but a culinary adventure.

Whether it’s a quick bite, a casual meal, or a fine dining experience, Perimeter Mall offers a world of flavors waiting to be discovered.

Recent Developments and Future Prospects

Perimeter Mall stands at the forefront of retail evolution, continuously adapting and expanding its offerings to meet the ever-changing demands of consumers.

The recent influx of trendsetting brands like Psycho Bunny, Mango, Fabletics, Lovisa, and Warby Parker is a testament to the mall’s commitment to diversity and innovation in retail.

Psycho Bunny brings a unique blend of vibrant, high-quality apparel, while Mango offers contemporary and stylish fashion choices.

Fabletics introduces a fresh perspective on athletic wear, Lovisa dazzles with its fashionable accessories, and Warby Parker redefines eyewear with its blend of style and social consciousness.

These additions signify more than just an expansion of the mall’s retail portfolio; they represent a strategic response to the evolving market trends and consumer preferences.

By embracing these brands, Perimeter Mall enhances its appeal to a broader demographic and reinforces its position as a trendsetter in the retail industry.

Looking ahead, Perimeter Mall’s future appears promising. Its ability to adapt and innovate positions it well to navigate the dynamic retail landscape.

The mall’s commitment to offering a diverse and vibrant shopping experience is a pledge to its customers to provide an environment that’s not just about shopping but about creating memorable experiences.

As consumer preferences shift and new retail trends emerge, Perimeter Mall is poised to meet these challenges head-on.

With its finger on the pulse of the retail sector and a clear vision for the future, Perimeter Mall is set to remain a key player in Atlanta’s retail scene, continuing to offer an unmatched shopping experience and setting the standard for malls everywhere.

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