Towne Square Mall: Lost Landmark in Owensboro, KY

The Inception and Early Years of Towne Square Mall

Nestled in Owensboro, KentuckyTowne Square Mall emerged as a significant commercial landmark, opening its doors to the public on March 1, 1978. This date marked the beginning of a new era in the retail landscape of Owensboro, introducing a modern shopping experience to the city.

The mall, strategically located at 5000 Frederica Street, quickly became a focal point for shopping and things to do in Owensboro, Kentucky.

The construction of Towne Square Mall was a major undertaking spearheaded by developers David Hocker and Alan Squitieri. With an investment of $20 million, a substantial sum for the time, the mall was designed to cater to the growing demand for a comprehensive shopping destination in the region.

The architecture and design of the mall reflected the contemporary trends of the late 1970s, offering a spacious and inviting environment for shoppers.

From its inception, Towne Square Mall attracted a significant number of visitors and established itself as one of the largest shopping centers in the area. A key event in the mall’s early history was the relocation of JCPenney from downtown Owensboro to the mall.

This move was not just a change of location for JCPenney but a strategic decision that underscored the mall’s importance as a new commercial hub.

JCPenney, a well-known and established department store, added to the mall’s appeal, drawing in customers and setting the stage for the mall’s success in the years to follow.

The early years of Towne Square Mall set a strong foundation for its role as a central shopping and social destination in Owensboro, Kentucky.

Ownership Changes and Financial Challenges

The Era of Heitman Advisory Corporation

In 1987, a pivotal change occurred in the ownership of Towne Square Mall. Heitman Advisory Corporation, also known as Heitman Financial, acquired a significant mall share.

This acquisition began a new chapter in the mall’s history, introducing a different strategic approach to its management and operations. Despite the change in ownership, Hocker and Associates continued to play a crucial role in the mall’s management, ensuring continuity amidst the transition.

Transition to Aronov Realty Management and NationsBank of Texas

The mall’s journey through the corporate landscape took another turn in 1998 when it was sold for $29 million to a joint venture between Aronov Realty Management and NationsBank of Texas.

This sale was not just a transaction but a reflection of the evolving nature of the retail real estate market. The involvement of these entities brought new perspectives and strategies to the table, aiming to enhance the mall’s position in a competitive market.

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Financial Struggles Leading to Foreclosure

The early 2010s brought challenging times for Towne Square Mall. In July 2015, the mall faced a significant financial hurdle when U.S. Bank National Association foreclosed on the property.

At this point, the mall was grappling with a debt of $27.6 million, a substantial amount that underscored the financial difficulties it was experiencing. This period was marked by uncertainty and concern about the mall’s future as stakeholders and the community awaited the outcome of this economic crisis.

The Decline of Retail Giants

The Closure of Sears

December 2014 marked a turning point in the mall’s retail composition with the closure of Sears. This event was significant, as Sears had been a major anchor tenant and a draw for shoppers for many years.

The departure of Sears from Towne Square Mall indicated the broader challenges traditional department stores face in the era of evolving consumer preferences and online shopping.

Macy’s Bids Farewell

In the spring of 2020, another retail giant, Macy’s, closed its doors at Towne Square Mall. The closure of Macy’s, a key anchor tenant, had a ripple effect on the mall’s foot traffic and overall appeal. This event was not just a loss of a store but a symbol of the changing dynamics in the retail industry, where even established brands were struggling to maintain their foothold in traditional shopping malls.

JCPenney’s Departure

Later in 2020, JCPenney, another major anchor tenant and a long-standing presence in the mall since its early days, also closed its store. The exit of JCPenney further diminished the mall’s status as a retail hub and was a blow to the mall’s tenant mix.

This closure was part of a broader trend of department store closures across the country, reflecting the challenges these traditional retail formats face in adapting to new market realities.

New Ownership and Redevelopment Plans

Kohan Retail Investment Group’s Acquisition

In May 2018, a shift in ownership occurred when Kohan Retail Investment Group purchased Towne Square Mall for $2.9 million. This New York-based investment firm acquisition marked a new phase in the mall’s history.

Kohan Retail Investment Group, known for investing in distressed shopping malls, brought a fresh perspective and a potential for revitalization. The sale did not include Macy’s, as they owned their building.

Towne Square Mall Holdings LLC Takes Over

The ownership narrative took another turn in December 2019 when Towne Square Mall was acquired by Towne Square Mall Holdings LLC (TSM Holdings LLC) for $5.15 million. This transition to local ownership brought the management and developmental decisions closer to the mall’s community. Gulfstream Commercial Services LLC, one of the owners, took over the mall’s management.

Vision for Redevelopment

Under the new management, there were plans to breathe new life into the mall. The vision for redevelopment included transforming the mall into a mixed-use space that could consist of retail, offices, restaurants, and more.

This plan aimed to adapt to the changing retail landscape and consumer preferences, focusing on creating a dynamic and multifunctional space that could serve various community needs.

The Pandemic’s Impact and the Mall’s Closure

COVID-19 Pandemic Effects

The COVID-19 pandemic, which swept the globe in 2020, profoundly impacted retail establishments worldwide, and Towne Square Mall was no exception.

The pandemic led to reduced foot traffic and temporary closures of stores, exacerbating the already challenging situation for the mall. This period was marked by uncertainty and adaptation as the mall navigated the complexities of operating during a global health crisis.

Announcement of Permanent Closure

In a significant development, it was announced on August 8, 2023, that Towne Square Mall would close permanently by September 5, 2023. After nearly half a century of serving the Owensboro community, this closure marked the end of an era.

The decision for closure was tied to future redevelopment plans, indicating a shift in focus from traditional retail to new possibilities for using the space.

Community Reaction and End of an Era

The announcement of the mall’s closure was met with a mix of nostalgia and acceptance by the community. For many, Towne Square Mall had been a staple of Owensboro’s social and commercial life, and its closure symbolized the end of a familiar landmark.

However, there was also an understanding of the changing retail environment and the need for spaces like the mall to evolve to remain relevant in the modern context.

The Future of the Towne Square Mall Site

Conversion of the Former Macy’s Building

In a notable development, the former Macy’s building, which was not part of the mall’s sale due to its separate ownership, found a new purpose. In July 2020, Owensboro Indoor Sports LLC purchased the property for $1.25 million.

The plan was to convert this space into a sports facility, which signaled a shift from traditional retail to recreational use. This transition represented a broader trend in repurposing large retail spaces to meet community needs.

Ongoing Development on Frederica Street

While the mall’s closure marked an end, the ongoing development on the Frederica Street side brought a ray of hope. This area, hosting Planet Fitness and a Halloween store, continued to operate, providing stability during change.

The decision to keep these establishments running was a deliberate strategy to sustain a commercial footprint in the vicinity.

In addition, the site where Sears once stood was rezoned for light industrial use, with similar plans in place for the old Macy’s location. This initiative was a key part of a larger scheme to reinvent the mall’s space into a versatile center for various activities, ranging from retail and office spaces to potential light industrial uses.

The aim was to forge a vibrant and flexible area responsive to Owensboro’s changing needs and opening doors to new business and community interactions.

Previously, Ellis Entertainment had pledged a $30 million investment to create an entertainment center at the mall. However, in June 2023, this project was shelved due to the city’s decision against modifying a smoking ordinance.

Despite this challenge, the owner kept a positive outlook, seeing the Towne Square Mall site as a promising center for a mix of retail, office spaces, restaurants, and more, signaling a future filled with possibilities.

Reflections on Towne Square Mall’s Legacy

The Mall’s Role in the Community

Over the years, Towne Square Mall has become more than just a shopping center; it is a community landmark and a social gathering place for the people of Owensboro.

Its presence in the city contributed to the local culture, offering a space for people to shop, meet, and engage in various activities. The mall’s closure marked the end of this communal space, but its legacy remained in the memories of those who frequented it.

Personal Stories and Memories

The mall held a special place in the hearts of many Owensboro residents. Personal stories and anecdotes about time spent at the mall, from shopping trips to social gatherings, were shared by locals.

These memories reflected the mall’s significance beyond its commercial purpose, highlighting its role as a backdrop for various life events and everyday moments.

The story of Towne Square Mall was emblematic of the broader shifts in the retail industry. The closure of major anchor stores like Sears, Macy’s, and JCPenney, and the eventual shutdown of the mall itself, mirrored the challenges faced by traditional retail in the face of changing consumer behaviors and the rise of online shopping.

The mall’s history and eventual closure served as a case study in the evolution of retail spaces and consumer preferences, offering insights into the future of shopping centers in America.

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  1. Avatar of Debbie

    I married the year it was built and my sons grew up and spent much time in the game room and other areas that were once there. It was the place to go for many years but seen it gradually decline and never an upgrade on the building or grounds there of. Stores started to leave but no new ones filling their place. I see now a planet fitness has remodeled and took over the end where Penney’s once was. What do you feel the remainder of the mall will become or what is the futures for new stores and filling the remainder of it up. Have you heard or been given any ideas of what might possibly take place. Thank you in advance for a response.


    1. Avatar of Spencer Walsh
      Spencer Walsh (author)

      Thank you for sharing your heartfelt memories of Towne Square Mall. Seeing such a community decline is sad, but there’s a silver lining. The mall is undergoing a transformation and will soon offer a mix of retail, warehouse, and office spaces. So, it’s not the end but a new beginning.

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