Important Things to Do in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Places to visit in Scranton, PA.

Whether you’re visiting Scranton, Pennsylvania, for business or pleasure, you’ll find various things to do in this city. Some top attractions include the Lackawanna County Coal Mine, the Electric City Trolley Museum, and the Steamtown National Historic Site.

Things to Do in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Montage Mountain Resorts

Montage Mountain Resorts is a ski resort located in the Pocono Mountains near Scranton, PA. The mountain features 100% snowmaking and 26 fully groomed ski slopes. The ski resort is open Monday through Sunday. It is a family-owned resort. It offers terrain for skiers of all levels.

Montage Mountain Resorts offers skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing. The resort also has a terrain park, a waterpark, and a full-service lodge. The lodge is located on the slopes and includes a restaurant and bar.

Things to do in Scranton Pennsylvania Montage Mountain Resorts
Things to do in Scranton, Pennsylvania Montage Mountain Resorts

Montage Mountain Resorts has two terrain parks and seven chairlifts. The ski resort has 26 trails and a 1,000-foot vertical drop. It is the steepest ski resort in the Pocono Mountains.

Montage Mountain Resorts is located in the Scranton area, about 13 kilometers from downtown Scranton. The ski resort is located on 140 acres. There are 26 ski trails, including beginner, intermediate, and expert. There are also ten lanes of tubing. The snow tubing lanes are the longest in Pennsylvania.

Montage Mountain Resorts also includes terrain parks, snow tubing lanes, and night skiing. In addition, montage Mountain Resorts offers a Ski-For-All Lift Ticket Special on non-holidays. The resort also hosts music festivals, wine festivals, and seasonal events. In addition, the resort offers lessons, air boarding, and snow tubing.

It's always a snow day at @skibluemountain
It’s always a snow day at @skibluemountain.

Montage Mountain Resorts is open Monday through Sunday. The resort also offers student rates on Sunday nights. The ski resort also offers a Winter Season Membership. This membership allows access to the ski slopes from the beginning of the season to the end. This membership also includes the first tracks on the weekends.

Electric City Trolley Museum

The Electric City Trolley Museum is interactive in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It features a variety of electric railway locomotives and trains, including sleek aerodynamically-inspired interurbans. They also have several vintage trolleys and passenger vehicles.

The museum has a large interactive exhibit with a wooden model trolley car. In addition, a map of the area is painted on a giant train table and a little electric trolley that kids can ride.

Electric City Trolley Station & Museum Signage
Electric City Trolley Station & Museum Signage

Another interactive exhibit is the Trolley Restoration Shop, which offers an opportunity to view the ongoing restoration of the museum collection.

Also, the museum has a trolley excursion, which runs along the former Lackawanna and Wyoming Valley Railroad right-of-way. It is a 10-mile round trip. During the ride, visitors pass Roaring Brook and other historical landmarks.

The museum also has a 50-seat theater that shows the history of trolleys in northeastern Pennsylvania. But the real highlight is the Crown Avenue Tunnel, the longest interurban tunnel in the world.

Electric City Trolley Museum, Scranton, Pennsylvania
Electric City Trolley Museum, Scranton, Pennsylvania

Aside from the main exhibit, there are more exciting displays. For example, interactive displays allow children to generate electricity.

There are also several trolley rides, which are offered on select dates during November and December. These are available in addition to regular excursions. Visitors are advised to purchase tickets in advance. There is also a special-themed trolley ride, which includes a trip to PNC Field and a ride with Santa.

Archbald Pothole State Park

Located in northeastern Pennsylvania, Archbald Pothole State Park is a 150-acre park that blends natural beauty with the industrial past. It is open from mid-April to mid-November. The park’s most impressive feature is its enormous pothole. The hole is 38 feet deep and 42 feet wide at its widest point. It’s thought to have been created by receding glacier meltwater.

Archbald Pothole State Park - Pennsylvania
Archbald Pothole State Park – Pennsylvania

The pothole is located next to a concrete viewing platform and is enclosed by a chain link fence. The state park website claims that the pothole can hold 140,000 gallons of water, seven times the amount in a typical backyard swimming pool.

Located at 236 Penn Avenue in the heart of Scranton, ArtWorks Gallery and Studio is a fine art gallery, studio, and artisan retail shop rolled into one. Previously housed in the former Delta Medix Breast Care Center, the new facility is more than three times the size of the old space, providing ample gallery space, classrooms, and a kiln for firing clay works. In addition, this move allows the studio to expand its class offerings and community involvement.

First Lady Frances Wolf Announces 2018 Governor's Awards for the Arts to be Held in Scranton
First Lady Frances Wolf Announces 2018 Governor’s Awards for the Arts to be Held in Scranton

The ArtWorks program is designed to help adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities become more active community members. The program provides instruction in art and photography and business training to promote and sell art.

David Wenzel Tree House

Known for its uniqueness and scenic views, the David Wenzel Tree House in Scranton, Pennsylvania, is a tourist attraction often booked for wedding ceremonies and photographs. It is located 150 feet above the ground in the trees overlooking Nay Aug Gorge. It is entirely handicap accessible.

The David Wenzel Tree House opened in 2007 and was designed by Eyrich Stauffer. It is the first treehouse of its kind in Pennsylvania. The structure cost $650,000 to build. It was designed for safety and is handicapped-accessible.

Nay Aug Park Gorge and Waterfall
Nay Aug Park Gorge and Waterfall

The treehouse was initially closed due to structural concerns. However, city officials said that some trees supporting the treehouse were dying. So they plan to replace the dead trees with new steel beams.

Lackawanna County Coal Mine

Located in McDade Park in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the Lackawanna County Coal Mine is a former coal mine that is now a museum. Visitors can get a taste of what it was like to work in a coal mine in the early 20th century.

Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour
Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour

The tour takes visitors through the coal mine, past three different veins of hard coal, and through a rock tunnel. The tour is led by a miner and lasts approximately one hour.

Best Things to Do in Scranton Pennsylvania

Places to visit in Scranton, PA:

  1. Montage Mountain Resorts
  2. Electric City Trolley Museum
  3. Archbald Pothole State Park
  4. Artworks Gallery Studio
  5. David Wenzel Tree House
  6. Lackawanna County Coal Mine
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