The Hidden Treasures of Willow Grove Park Mall in Willow Grove, PA

The Historical Canvas of Willow Grove Park Mall

The Willow Grove Park Mall symbolizes community resilience and adaptability in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. Currently owned by the Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (PREIT), the mall has carved out a niche as the third most profitable in the Philadelphia area, a testament to its popularity and significance.

The mall’s story is deeply rooted in the history of Willow Grove. The site was originally home to the Willow Grove Amusement Park, a cherished local attraction from 1896 to 1975.

The amusement park was a hub of joy and laughter, where families and friends gathered for a fun day. However, as times changed, so did the needs and wants of the community.

The amusement park was transformed into a shopping mall, opening its doors to the public in 1982. The original developers, Federated Department Stores, and A. Alfred Taubman, envisioned creating a shopping destination catering to the community’s evolving needs.

The transformation from an amusement park to a shopping mall was significant. It involved extensive planning and construction, preserving the original site’s charm while introducing modern amenities.

The mall was designed to be spacious and comfortable, with wide corridors and ample natural light. The developers also ensured that the mall was easily accessible, with multiple entrances and ample parking.

The Architectural Elegance of Willow Grove Park Mall

The Willow Grove Park Mall‘s design is a tribute to its past. The Victorian theme, a nod to the former amusement park, is evident in the mall’s architecture. The mall’s layout is thoughtfully designed, with two floors of retail space and various features that add to the shopping experience.

One such feature is the carousel, a delightful reminder of the mall’s amusement park days. Another is the scenic elevator, which offers a unique perspective of the mall’s interior.

The mall’s design is not just about aesthetics; it’s also about functionality. The layout facilitates easy navigation, with clear signage and well-placed stores.

The mall also offers ample parking, making it convenient for shoppers. The mall’s design has evolved, with renovations and upgrades to enhance the shopping experience.

The Retail Tapestry of Willow Grove Park Mall

The mall’s retail selection has evolved, reflecting shoppers’ changing tastes and preferences. The anchor stores, which include Macy’s, Primark, Nordstrom Rack, Bloomingdale’s, and Tilted 10, offer a wide range of products catering to different demographics.

The mall also houses a variety of smaller stores and restaurants, providing shoppers with a diverse selection of goods and dining options.

The mall has seen changes in its anchor stores over the years. Once a mall staple, Sears closed its doors in 2018. However, the mall has shown resilience, filling the vacant space with new and exciting retailers. The most recent addition is Tilted 10, an entertainment center that opened in 2023 in the former JCPenney spot.

The mall’s retail landscape is dynamic, with stores opening and closing in response to market trends and consumer preferences. The mall management proactively attracts new retailers, ensuring the mall remains a vibrant and relevant shopping destination.

The Economic Footprint of Willow Grove Park Mall

Willow Grove Park Mall plays a significant role in the local economy. As one of the most profitable malls in Philadelphia, it contributes to the region’s economic health. The mall is a major regional attraction, drawing shoppers from the surrounding areas and beyond.

The mall’s influence extends beyond its walls. It has impacted retail trends in the surrounding area, particularly along Old York Road. The growth and success of the mall have led to a decline in retail along this road, as shoppers prefer the convenience and variety offered by the mall.

The mall’s economic impact is also felt in the form of jobs. The mall is a significant employer in the area, employing hundreds of people. The mall also contributes to the local economy through its taxes, which help fund public services and infrastructure.

The Future of Willow Grove Park Mall

The future of Willow Grove Park Mall is set to be an exciting one, with significant changes on the horizon. The mall’s owner, PREIT, has announced plans to maximize its remaining properties by adding multifamily buildings.

This shift in company strategy comes after the Philadelphia-based company sold off over 20 malls in as many years. The aim is to maximize the properties it still owns by converting their use and selling any land adjacent to them that it considers underused.

PREIT plans to build 1,400 apartments on the land in the Philadelphia region at four of its properties, including the Willow Grove Park Mall. Construction is underway at Moorestown Mall for a project with 375 apartments. Meanwhile, the company is securing approvals for the other three properties.

For Willow Grove Park Mall, this means a potential transformation into a mixed-use property, with retail and residential spaces co-existing. This is part of PREIT’s effort to rebuild its value following financial struggles that led it to file for bankruptcy in November 2020.

Willow Grove Park Mall view from third floor
Willow Grove Park Mall view from third floor Dough4872, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Mall in Recent News

In recent news, the mall has been the site of several significant events. A recent attempted abduction at the mall led to the arrest of a suspect man. The incident has led to increased security measures at the mall.

In other news, Tilted 10, the new two-story entertainment and dining complex in the mall is expected to open a Tilted Taco BYOB restaurant soon.

These events highlight the mall’s role as a community hub, where people gather for shopping, dining, and entertainment. They also underscore the mall’s commitment to safety and security, ensuring shoppers enjoy their visit without worry.


Willow Grove Park Mall in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, is more than just a shopping center. It’s a piece of local history, a symbol of economic growth, and a community hub. Its ability to adapt and evolve over the years is a testament to its resilience and commitment to serving the community.

As we look to the future, we expect Willow Grove Park Mall to continue to be a beacon of retail innovation and a cherished local landmark.

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