Freedly Quarry: Dorset, VT, Attraction That’s Set in Stone

A Glimpse into the Mining Boom Era

Nestled high above the small town of Dorset, Vermont, the Freedly Quarry stands as a resounding testament to the town’s vibrant history.

In the late 1700s, Dorset was at the center of a massive mining boom. The surrounding mountains, rich in uniquely colored, high-quality marble, breathed life into this thriving industry.

From 1785, the first time a marble quarry broke ground in Dorset, up until the 1920s, this was the marble that graced the architecture of prominent cities like New York and Washington, D.C.

Each building featuring this marble was a proud monument to Dorset’s mining prowess.

However, the invention of Portland cement, a cheaper and more versatile material than marble, led to a decline in marble demand, forcing many quarries to close.

The Freedly Quarry: A Marvel of Nature and Industry

But even among these quarries, the Freedly Quarry was special. It was not just a massive hole dug into the earth, as with many quarries.

Instead, it was an enormous, arch-shaped cavern skillfully carved into the eastern slope of Mount Aeolus. It was a true marvel, both of nature and industry.

The quarry also housed a labyrinth of offshoot passageways, adding to its charm. And at the heart of this massive cavern was a large pond that froze solid every winter.

This natural ice rink provided a unique opportunity for ice skating, attracting locals and visitors alike.

A Conscious Effort to Preserve Freedly Quarry

In recent years, the Freedly Quarry has benefitted from concerted efforts to preserve this historical landmark. One such initiative was the Freedly Quarry Signage Project.

Funded by the Bronco Wild Fund, this project sought to promote responsible access to and preservation of public lands.

As part of the project, 14 volunteers joined Dorset to install 15 educational signs in the town’s class 4 public road system.

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These signs were designed to keep drivers safe and to remove 50 lbs of trash from the area.

This was a much-needed step towards maintaining the beauty and integrity of the quarry, and it demonstrated the community’s commitment to protecting its natural and historical assets.

Overcoming Challenges and Looking to the Future

However, the journey hasn’t been without challenges. The increased popularity of the Freedly Quarry, particularly among the off-road vehicle community, brought with it many problems.

Littering, environmental damage, and unsafe behaviors like drinking and drug use became commonplace.

To make matters worse, the number of vehicles accessing the quarry skyrocketed, thanks to the exposure from social media.

In response to these concerning developments, the town of Dorset decided to indefinitely close the Class 4 Road leading to the quarry in 2021.

But rather than deter the community, this sparked a positive response from ethical users who suggested partnering with Tread Lightly!, a non-profit dedicated to promoting responsible and ethical 4WD Recreation.

This collaboration resulted in a comprehensive plan to manage the use of the road to Freedly Quarry and the quarry itself in an environmentally sustainable way.

As part of this plan, Tread Lightly! volunteers helped clean up trash along the roads and installed signs curbing illegal access.

This marked the first stage of a long-term plan to install surveillance, schedule volunteers for site supervision on weekends, and carry out further trash clean-up operations.

Conclusion: Preserving Freedly Quarry for Future Generations

The Freedly Quarry is more than just a quarry; it symbolizes Dorset’s rich history, a testament to the town’s mining past, and a unique recreational spot.

It represents the intertwining of Dorset’s industrial heritage with the natural beauty of Vermont’s landscape.

The quarry’s unique structure, its labyrinth of passageways, and the freezing pond that serves as a popular ice skating spot all contribute to its charm.

Yet, it’s not just about preserving a beautiful location. It’s about protecting a piece of history, a slice of Dorset’s colorful past.

It’s about making sure that the marble that once graced the architecture of cities like New York and Washington, D.C., isn’t forgotten.

The Freedly Quarry is an excellent example of a community coming together to protect and preserve a shared resource.

The commitment of the local community and organizations like Tread Lightly! to safeguard and protect the quarry is inspiring.

It shows how collective action can make a difference in preserving our historical and natural heritage for future generations.

The efforts made by the community to ensure the quarry’s survival are a reminder of the importance of sustainability and responsible use of natural resources.

The Freedly Quarry story isn’t just about a quarry; it’s about a community’s love for its history and its dedication to preserving it for future generations.

As we look to the future, we must remember the importance of preserving places like the Freedly Quarry. They are not just locations but tangible links to our past and windows into our heritage.

As we move forward, we must strive to balance our enjoyment of these beautiful locations with the need to preserve them for future generations.

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