Transformation of Jasper Mall in Jasper, AL

Origins of Jasper Mall

The Jasper Mall emerged as a beacon of commerce and community interaction in Jasper, Alabama. Its inception on August 8, 1981, marked a significant milestone in the city’s retail history.

Developed by the local Simmons family in collaboration with Georgia developer George Ewing, the mall was a testament to visionary planning and a commitment to fostering a vibrant shopping environment.

Spanning 350,000 sq ft, Jasper Mall was not just a shopping center but a destination. From its early days, the mall attracted diverse tenants keen to capitalize on its strategic location and the promise of high foot traffic. The mall’s architecture and design reflected the era’s retail trends, offering shoppers a spacious and welcoming environment.

One of the most notable tenants to grace the mall was JCPenney, a retail giant that relocated from downtown Jasper. JCPenney’s presence not only elevated the mall’s status but also drew in a steady stream of shoppers eager to indulge in the quality and variety the store was known for.

The mall’s retail mix was further enriched by including Kmart, an anchor tenant whose presence was a rarity in malls of Jasper’s size. This unique tenant combination set Jasper Mall apart, offering a shopping experience that catered to a wide range of preferences and needs.

As the mall grew in stature, it became more than just a shopping destination; it evolved into a community hub, a place where people from Jasper and beyond would gather, not just for shopping but for social interaction and entertainment.

The mall’s impact on the local economy was palpable, driving growth and attracting further investment into the area.

For those seeking leisure and retail therapy in Jasper, the mall quickly became synonymous with things to do in Jasper, Alabama. Its corridors buzzed with activity, echoing the laughter of families, friends’ chatter, and shoppers’ hustle.

As the years progressed, the mall continued to adapt and evolve, mirroring the changing retail and consumer behavior trends.

Each store that opened its doors and each service that was offered added a new layer to the mall’s rich history, cementing its place as a cornerstone of retail and community life in Jasper.

Anchors and Additions: The Evolving Face of Jasper Mall

The landscape of Jasper Mall underwent a significant transformation with the introduction of major retail anchors, reshaping the mall’s identity and appeal to a broader consumer base.

The arrival of Belk in March 2002 marked a pivotal moment in the mall’s history. This expansion added an impressive 60,000 square feet of retail space, part of an 80,000-square-foot expansion project spearheaded by Sharp Realty.

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Belk, known for its wide array of merchandise ranging from clothing to home furnishings, became a central attraction, drawing shoppers with its reputation for quality and variety.

Including Belk was a strategic move, aligning with the mall’s vision to offer a comprehensive and diverse shopping experience. The new store expanded the mall’s retail offerings and contributed to its aesthetic and functional appeal.

The expansion project was not just about adding square footage; it was about creating an environment that resonated with shoppers’ evolving preferences, ensuring that Jasper Mall remained at the forefront of the retail sector.

The presence of Belk, alongside the existing anchors JCPenney and Kmart, created a robust retail trio that served as the backbone of the mall.

This combination of anchors was a testament to the mall’s ability to adapt and thrive amidst the changing dynamics of the retail industry.

The synergy between these anchors and the smaller specialty stores created a vibrant ecosystem where variety and quality met convenience and community.

Decline of Retail Giants: The Exit of Kmart and JCPenney

The retail industry’s volatile nature began to cast shadows over Jasper Mall with the departure of two of its major anchors.

The announcement on December 28, 2016, that Kmart would be closing its doors as part of a nationwide strategy to shutter 30 Sears and Kmart stores marked the beginning of a challenging period for the mall.

The store officially ceased operations in March 2017, leaving a void in the mall’s retail lineup and a palpable impact on foot traffic and overall ambiance.

The situation escalated when, on March 17, 2017, JCPenney announced it would also be exiting the mall as part of a broader plan to close 138 locations.

The store, a staple of Jasper Mall since its opening, eventually shut down on July 31, leaving behind a legacy and a space that spoke of better times.

The departure of Kmart and JCPenney was a significant blow to Jasper Mall, reflecting a national trend of challenges faced by traditional brick-and-mortar retail outlets.

The closures affected the mall’s retail diversity and social dynamics, as fewer shoppers decreased the vibrancy that had characterized the mall for years.

The remaining tenants, who now faced an uncertain future in a space that once buzzed with activity and promise, felt the ripple effect of these closures.

Jasper Mall on Screen: A Documentary Insight

“Jasper Mall,” a documentary released in 2020, cast a spotlight on the mall, offering a poignant narrative of its daily life and the broader implications of its decline.

Bradford Thomason and Brett Whitcomb directed the film, which premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival on January 24, 2020, before becoming available to a wider audience on Amazon Prime on June 23, 2020.

The documentary’s narrative revolves around Mike McClelland, the mall’s superintendent, and captures the essence of the mall’s operations, the dwindling foot traffic, and the community’s attachment to this fading icon.

The film meticulously documents the mall’s daily operations, the remaining 20 or so store owners, and the groups of loyal mall walkers and domino players who still frequented the space.

It also highlights the mall’s various events, such as carnivals and visits from Santa Claus, painting a picture of a space that once buzzed with life and community engagement.

The documentary does not shy away from the harsh realities, showcasing the closure of stores like Subway, Grady’s Sandwich Shop, Robin’s Nest Flowers & Gifts, and Jewelry Doctor, signaling the end of an era.

“Jasper Mall” serves as a time capsule, preserving the final act of a once-thriving community hub. The documentary’s critical reception was positive, with an approval rating of 88% on Rotten Tomatoes.

It reflected its impact and its poignant message about the changing face of American retail and community spaces.

A Glimmer of Hope: The Arrival of Dunham’s Sports and Rural King

Despite the challenges and the departure of key tenants, Jasper Mall showed signs of resilience and potential for revival.

In a significant development, November 2021 marked the opening of Dunham’s Sports in the space formerly occupied by JCPenney. This move brought a new wave of energy and optimism.

Dunham’s Sports is known for its wide range of sporting goods, apparel, and equipment. It caters to the local community’s needs and attracts sports enthusiasts from the surrounding areas.

The positive momentum continued into 2023 when the Jasper City Council, on January 17, approved an incentive package that paved the way for Rural King to set up shop in the space left vacant by Kmart.

Rural King, known as “America’s Farm and Home Store,” is anticipated to bring a diverse range of products and services, from farming supplies to home goods, further diversifying the mall’s retail offerings.

The arrival of Dunham’s Sports and Rural King represents a significant turning point for Jasper Mall.

These developments fill the void left by the previous anchors and introduce new opportunities for growth and community engagement.

The mall’s ability to attract these well-known brands is a testament to its enduring appeal and potential as a commercial and social hub in Jasper, Alabama.

Rural King: A New Dawn for Jasper Mall

The year 2024 ushered in a wave of revitalization for Jasper Mall, marked by the significant entry of Rural King, America’s well-regarded Farm and Home Store.

The journey towards this transformation began with the finalization of the purchase of the former Kmart property at the mall, a strategic move that set the stage for the mall’s resurgence.

The initial economic incentive had been paid to Rural King following the completion of the property purchase.

This development was part of a well-structured contract between Rural King and the City of Jasper, outlining the store’s operational timeline and the city’s commitment to supporting its successful establishment.

The agreement stipulates that Rural King is expected to be fully functional by the third quarter of 2024, setting a clear and promising timeline for the store’s opening.

Jasper Mayor David O’Mary played a crucial role in this development, announcing the near completion of the property purchase and expressing the city’s support for Rural King’s venture.

This collaborative effort between the city and Rural King is a testament to their shared vision of revitalizing Jasper Mall and turning it into a hub of activity, commerce, and community engagement.

As the third quarter of 2024 approaches, anticipation builds for the grand opening of Rural King. The store is poised to offer diverse products and services, catering to the local community’s needs and beyond.

With this significant addition, Jasper Mall is set to reclaim its status as a premier shopping and social destination, promising a brighter and more vibrant future.

The Future of Jasper Mall: Uncertainty and Possibilities

As the retail landscape continues to evolve, the future of Jasper Mall remains a blend of uncertainty and potential.

The challenges traditional brick-and-mortar retail faces are evident, yet the mall’s recent developments, including the arrival of Dunham’s Sports and Rural King, signal a potential resurgence. These new tenants bring diverse products and services and renewed hope for the mall’s future.

The mall’s ability to adapt to the changing retail environment will be crucial in determining its path forward.

The integration of new stores and the potential for more diverse services offer a glimpse into a revitalized mall that can cater to the community’s evolving needs and preferences.

The mall’s role as a community hub and its commercial offerings position it as a unique space with the potential to blend retail, culture, and community engagement.

The future of Jasper Mall may hinge on innovative strategies that embrace the changing retail landscape, technology integration, and a renewed focus on community-centric events and services.

As the mall navigates these changes, its journey will continue to reflect the broader narrative of retail evolution, community resilience, and the enduring significance of shared spaces in the fabric of local life.

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  1. Avatar of

    I live in Jasper and have seen this mall go from a glorious place to shop, as you stated, to a dead mall. It is so sad that Jasper has been unable to replace the stores with those we once had that would entice people to shop there. We go to Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, or Cullman, AL, to shop. It is so sad that our community has no place for teenagers to go to. Even the excellent food places have vacated. It would be nice if they could open a movie theater for entertainment since Jasper has no movie theater at all. I hate to see this mall close its doors. I know Jasper has been trying to vitalize their downtown area, and they have done a fantastic job, but still, nothing to do except eat! We need investors badly.

    1. Avatar of Spencer Walsh
      Spencer Walsh (author)

      Thank you for sharing your perspective on Jasper Mall. It’s a reminder of the important role these places play in our communities and why their revitalization is so important.

  2. Avatar of Larry Chancy
    Larry Chancy

    I use to love goìng to the mall especially around Christmas time. I still go, Lin Garden, Dunham’s and Bed and bath. I visited Garfields ONCE but their choice in music leaves a lot to be desired….

    1. Avatar of Spencer Walsh
      Spencer Walsh (author)

      Thank you for sharing your experiences at Jasper Mall, especially during the festive season. It’s heartening to hear you find reasons to visit despite the changes. Your feedback is valuable in understanding the mall’s evolving atmosphere.

  3. Avatar of Candace Bennett
    Candace Bennett

    I grew up with all of us kids hanging out at the Jasper Mall on weekends and doing every kind of shopping right there. it was the place we all loved going to and was full of shops and a vibrant part of our community. no matter if you went to school at Cordova, curry, Jasper, oakman, parish or wherever it was a place where we could go and meet other kids and make new friends outside of school that was safe and we didn’t have to worry about getting into any trouble or have to hang out in dangerous parking lots. we could shop, eat, hit the music store whatever. I miss it and wish it was the way it was when we was growing up for our kids.

    1. Avatar of Spencer Walsh
      Spencer Walsh (author)

      Thank you for sharing your fond memories of Jasper Mall! It’s heartwarming to hear about the role it played in your childhood. Though the mall has evolved, it remains a community hub, and perhaps it can become a new favorite spot for the current generation, just in different ways​​​.

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