Turning a New Leaf: The Reimagining of Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights, CA

Sunrise Mall: A Story of Change and Resilience

Sunrise Mall, nestled in the heart of Citrus Heights, California, stands as a symbol of the ever-evolving nature of retail spaces in America.

Since its opening in the early 1970s, the mall has been more than just a shopping destination; it has been a social hub, a place of community gatherings, and a significant contributor to the local economy.

Its journey from a bustling center of commerce to a property facing modern challenges and on the cusp of transformative redevelopment mirrors the wider story of traditional malls in the digital age.

The Mall’s Place in Citrus Heights

For decades, Sunrise Mall has held a pivotal role in shaping the commercial and social fabric of Citrus Heights.

It has seen the city grow and evolve, reflecting the community’s changing needs and tastes.

The mall’s story is intertwined with that of Citrus Heights, marking milestones of growth, challenges, and aspirations of the community it serves.

The Evolving Narrative

As we delve into the narrative of Sunrise Mall, we explore its vibrant past, current challenges, and the prospects of its future.

This story is not just about a shopping mall; it’s about the shifts in consumer behavior, the impact of economic changes, and the adaptability of community spaces in a rapidly evolving world.

The Rise and Fall of Sunrise Mall

The Early Years and Initial Success

Sunrise Mall, a once bustling retail heart of Citrus Heights, California, began its story in the early 1970s.

It emerged as a gleaming symbol of modern shopping convenience and style, quickly becoming a central shopping hub in the region.

This period marked the golden era for the mall, with its corridors bustling with shoppers and its stores thriving.

Decline and Challenges

However, as the years rolled by, the bright lights of Sunrise Mall began to dim. The retail landscape started to shift dramatically with the advent of online shopping and the rise of alternative shopping destinations.

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This evolution in consumer behavior and preferences led to a gradual decline in foot traffic at Sunrise Mall.

Stores began to shutter, one after the other, leaving behind empty spaces and a sense of nostalgia for the days gone by.

This decline was common to Sunrise Mall, as many traditional malls across the country faced similar fates, struggling to keep up with the changing times.

Recent Developments

Fast forward to December 2023, and Sunrise Mall paints a different picture from its heydays. The once lively mall now confronts some vacancy rates and a drop in foot traffic.

Despite these challenges, the mall still holds a place in the hearts of many Citrus Heights residents. It is a testament to the evolving nature of retail and consumer habits.

As we look around, we find echoes of the past mingled with the hopes for a future revival, perhaps a metamorphosis that could breathe new life into this once-thriving mall.

“There is something both sad and poetic about walking through the nearly empty halls of Sunrise Mall, a place that once buzzed with energy and life”

Current Tenants of Sunrise Mall

Remaining Stores and Services

As of December 2023, Sunrise Mall, once a bustling hub of commerce and social interaction in Citrus Heights, holds many tenants, though fewer than in its prime.

Notable among these are JJ’s Kids Fun Center, a local arcade entertaining families; Sam’s Jewelers and Kay Jewelers, catering to those seeking fine jewelry; and essential services like La Estetica Hair Salon and T-Mobile.

Each of these businesses, in their unique way, contributes to the lingering vibrancy of the mall.

Changes in Tenancy

The mall’s tenant roster reflects the evolving retail environment, with several stores having closed doors while new ones have tried to fill the void.

This fluidity in tenancy indicates the broader challenges traditional malls face in adapting to modern retail dynamics.

The presence of nationally recognized brands like Macy’s and JCPenney, long-standing mall anchors, provides stability amidst these changes.

However, the closure of some stores and the arrival of new ones highlight the ongoing struggle to maintain relevance in an increasingly digital shopping era.

The Impact of Tenancy on the Mall’s Future

Shops like Breakout and Masterboy Streetstyle cater to the fashion-forward, offering trendy apparel that keeps pace with the latest styles.

Beauty and personal care are well-represented with La Estetica Hair Salon and MAC Cosmetics, providing top-notch services and products.

Regarding footwear, Famous Footwear and Shoe Palace are the go-to spots for a wide range of shoes for all occasions.

The mall isn’t just about shopping; it’s also a place for unique experiences. Naija Cuisine offers exotic flavors, while the Espresso Bar at Sunrise is a cozy spot for coffee enthusiasts.

For entertainment, Royal Stage Christian Performing Arts presents engaging performances, and T&Z Toys keeps the younger visitors delighted.

Practical needs are not forgotten either, with the Goodyear Auto Service Center providing car maintenance services and LensCrafters catering to eye care needs. And for those looking for a quick bite, the food court features popular options like Taco Bell.

Sunrise Mall’s Architectural and Design Evolution

Original Design and Layout

Sunrise Mall’s inception in the early 1970s was a marvel of contemporary architecture, embodying the spirit of modernity and convenience.

Its original design featured spacious walkways, inviting storefronts, and a layout that facilitated easy navigation and a pleasant shopping experience.

The mall was more than a collection of stores; it was an architectural statement, a place where the community could gather, shop, and socialize in a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Renovations and Redesigns

As times changed, so did Sunrise Mall. The need to stay relevant and appealing in an evolving retail landscape led to several renovations and redesigns.

These changes were not just cosmetic but aimed to enhance the shopper experience and adapt to new retail trends.

For instance, the 20th-anniversary renovations brought the mall a refreshed look and feel, attempting to recapture the allure that once made it a retail hotspot.

These redesigns reflected a constant effort to keep the mall in step with the times, even as the challenges of maintaining a traditional shopping mall in a digital age became increasingly apparent.

Interior Renovations and Food Court Addition

In 1999, Sunrise Mall experienced its first comprehensive interior makeover, breathing new life into the shopping center. These changes aimed to modernize the shopping center and attract new visitors.

The mall’s ambiance significantly improved with the 2007 addition of a cozy 500-seat food court, complete with a fireplace.

Positioned between J. C. Penney and Macy’s Men’s & Home, the food court offered shoppers a comfortable place to relax, dine, and recharge before resuming shopping.

Impact on Customer Experience

The architectural evolution of Sunrise Mall significantly impacted the customer experience. Each redesign brought a new vibe, a fresh attempt to rekindle the mall’s appeal.

However, as the retail world shifted towards online shopping, the impact of these physical changes was met with mixed success.

While they succeeded in temporarily boosting interest and foot traffic, they needed help fully counter the broader trends affecting shopping malls nationwide.

Sunrise Mall’s design evolution is a tale of adaptation and resilience in changing consumer preferences and a shifting retail landscape.

World TeamTennis

Sunrise Mall has had a notable history with World TeamTennis (WTT), contributing to the area’s sports culture.

Between 2011 and 2014, the mall hosted the Sacramento Capitals of World TeamTennis, a significant event that attracted world-class tennis players and enthusiastic fans to the area.

The team was composed of impressive players such as Mardy Fish, Mark Knowles, Vania King, and others, who added prestige and excitement to the matches held at the Sunrise Marketplace tennis stadium within the mall premises.

Sacramento’s team, the Sacramento Capitals, was renowned as the winningest franchise in WTT history, having won six Billie Jean King trophies.

Their games were characterized by high-energy and thrilling performances, attracting many spectators and creating an electrifying atmosphere at the Sunrise Mall.

These events were important for sports enthusiasts and significantly enhanced the community spirit in Citrus Heights.

They brought the community together, creating moments of excitement and shared experiences that were cherished by many.

The Sunrise Tomorrow Specific Plan

Plan Overview

The Sunrise Tomorrow Specific Plan represents a visionary roadmap for transforming Sunrise Mall into a dynamic, multi-use space.

The City Council approved this plan on November 10, 2021, and envisions a complete overhaul of the nearly 100-acre property.

The aim is to convert the mall into a vibrant, mixed-use development featuring retail, residential, office, and entertainment spaces.

This ambitious plan envisions adding up to 2,200 multi-family residential units, 480 hotel rooms, 320,000 square feet of retail space, 960,000 square feet of office space, and 450,000 square feet of community or institutional space.

Community Involvement and Response

An integral part of the Sunrise Tomorrow plan was the extensive input from the public and stakeholders.

Community engagement played a crucial role in shaping the vision for the mall’s redevelopment. The project was crafted with an understanding of the community’s needs and aspirations, which was essential for its acceptance and future success.

The response from Citrus Heights residents and business owners has been a mix of optimism and concern, reflecting the diverse perspectives on how this redevelopment will reshape the area’s social and economic fabric.

Prospects and Challenges

While ambitious, the Sunrise Tomorrow Specific Plan faces several challenges and prospects.

Implementing such a comprehensive redevelopment project requires significant investment, coordination among various stakeholders, and a willingness to navigate the complexities of urban planning and market dynamics.

The plan’s success hinges on attracting developers and businesses to invest in this vision.

There’s also the challenge of ensuring that the redevelopment enhances the community’s quality of life without losing the essence of what made Sunrise Mall a beloved part of Citrus Heights.

As this plan unfolds, it will be a key indicator of the future of mixed-use developments in suburban settings.


Reflecting on Sunrise Mall’s Journey

The story of Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights vividly illustrates the evolution of American shopping malls.

Sunrise Mall embodies the changing tides of commerce and community needs from its inception as a bustling retail center in the 1970s to its current state.

It faces challenges and stands on the brink of transformative redevelopment. Its journey is a microcosm of the broader shifts in the retail landscape, shaped by evolving consumer preferences and the advent of digital commerce.

The Significance of Sunrise Mall

Sunrise Mall holds a special place in the hearts of Citrus Heights residents. It has been a landmark, a place of memories, and a reflection of the community’s growth and changes over the decades.

As the mall stands today, it is a poignant symbol of the past and a beacon of potential for the future.

Its story is not just about retail and commerce but about community, culture, and the adaptability of public spaces in a rapidly changing world.

Looking Ahead

As we look towards the future, the Sunrise Mall stands as a testament to the resilience and potential for rebirth in changing economic landscapes.

The plans for its redevelopment into a mixed-use space could serve as a blueprint for revitalizing similar areas across the nation.

The ongoing transformation of Sunrise Mall is a narrative of hope, innovation, and the enduring significance of communal spaces in our lives.

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