What is the cheapest time to go to Florida?

Florida, known for its picturesque beaches, diverse wildlife, and theme parks, is a popular tourist destination that attracts visitors year-round. However, the cost of visiting Florida can add up quickly if you are unaware of the best time to plan your visit.

Therefore, planning your trip strategically based on your budget is crucial to saving money while having an unforgettable experience.

Knowing the cheapest time to visit Florida based on your interests and financial situation is essential to achieve this. A well-planned vacation can lead to significant savings, and this guide aims to provide insight into the best time to visit Florida each season, with cost implications.

Cheapest time to visit Florida

What are the cheapest months to go to Florida?

It’s cheaper to travel to Florida in the spring. However, the most reasonable time to go is generally during May (except for Memorial Day weekend), September, and early June.

Why? As you can imagine, these months have fewer tourists and lower rates. So if you’re looking for good deals, plan your trip for one of these three months!

What is the best month to go to Florida?

If you want to visit Florida during the off-season and enjoy the most excellent weather, January and February are the best months to go. These months come with an average temperature of 70 degrees, low crowds, and 8 inches of rainfall.

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The average humidity for these two months is 75%, which is comfortable for most people but sometimes a bit hot or sticky. The average rainfall is also 8 inches—not too much rain, but enough to keep everything green!

cheapest time to go to Florida
cheapest time to go to Florida

What is the off-season in Florida?

The off-season in Florida is not the same as hurricane season. This cannot be very clear since they are often lumped together. During hurricane season (June 1 through November 30), many storms enter the area and create dangerous weather conditions.

The off-season is primarily in December, January, and February when the weather isn’t as good, but it costs less to travel there. As for why this happens? It’s simple: fewer people vacation during these months because it’s cold outside!

Winter is a great time to visit Florida if you want to escape crowds and bring your kids somewhere warm while saving some cash on your trip expenses.

Where is the cheapest place to vacation in Florida?

Jacksonville is the least expensive Florida city, but it still ranks as one of the country’s most expensive cities. For example, a meal for two at an inexpensive restaurant will cost you $55 on average in Jacksonville compared to $25 in other parts of the United States.

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The second-least expensive city is Tampa, with a night out at an inexpensive restaurant costing you $52 on average compared to $44 elsewhere in the country. Those who want to save even more money should consider Fort Lauderdale or Orlando as their destination if they aren’t opposed to traveling by plane.

When should you not visit Florida?

When you should not visit Florida:

  • Hurricane season. Tropical storms and hurricanes are common in the summer and fall months, so if you’re seeking a sunny vacation in an ocean-adjacent paradise, plan your trip for another time of year. While most storms pass without causing severe damage or disruption to local communities, many can lead to power outages and travel delays—not exactly the best conditions for relaxing on the beach with a cold drink.
  • Flooding from heavy rains (especially after hurricanes). In addition to being dangerous for people outside during severe downpours, flooding can cause damage to property (such as flooding basements).

What months is hurricane season in Florida?

hurricane season in Florida
Hurricane season in Florida

Hurricane season is June 1 – November 30. Hurricanes are the main reason for high prices during this time of year. In addition, hurricanes can cause significant damage to the infrastructure of Florida, which means fewer places to shop and eat and more expensive flights.


This is a question that many people ask, and the answer depends on what you’re looking for in your travel experience.

For example, going during the off-season could be worth it if you want to save on airfare. With lower flight demand, airlines often offer discounts that make flying during winter or summer cheaper than flying during peak season.

If you want to plan your visit around specific events like spring break or football season, go when they happen! But if you want the best value for your trip (and we mean this from an expense and enjoyment standpoint), book a hotel room with the following:

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