Arbor Place Mall: Douglasville, GA’s Gateway to Retail Bliss

Introduction to Arbor Place Mall

Arbor Place Mall, nestled in Douglasville, Georgia, has established itself as a pivotal shopping and social hub since its inception.

Opened on October 13, 1999, this mall has served as a retail sanctuary and a vibrant community gathering place.

Spanning over 1.1 million square feet, Arbor Place is a testament to Douglasville’s modern retail architecture and consumer culture.

Development and Opening

The journey of Arbor Place began with its development by CBL & Associates Properties, now known as CBL Properties.

This marked a significant milestone as it was the first major retail development in Douglas County.

The mall’s grand opening was a much-anticipated event, introducing a new era of shopping experiences to the local community.

Initially, the mall boasted an impressive lineup of over 140 stores and services, including notable anchor tenants like Bed Bath & Beyond, Old Navy, Parisian, Sears, and Borders Books & Music.

The mall’s expansive retail offerings and strategic location quickly made it a go-to destination for shoppers.

Early Changes and Additions

Dynamic changes and expansions marked the early years of Arbor Place. Unfortunately, one of the planned anchor stores, Uptons, went out of business before the mall’s opening.

This space was later transformed into a home furnishings store named Dekor in 2001, but it, too, faced a short-lived tenure, closing within a few months.

In a significant development in 2002, Rich’s joined the mall, enhancing the retail diversity. Following this, in 2003, JCPenney became a part of Arbor Place, occupying the space left by Dekor.

These additions and changes reflected the mall’s adaptability and responsiveness to the evolving retail landscape.

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Arbor Place is a beacon of retail and entertainment, offering many shopping, dining, and leisure activities as we explore things to do near Atlanta, GA.

Its journey from a groundbreaking development to a cherished local landmark highlights its significant role in shaping Douglasville’s retail and social fabric.

Evolution of Retail and Services at Arbor Place

Diverse Retail Mix

Arbor Place Mall’s retail landscape has evolved significantly since its opening, boasting a diverse mix of 130 stores catering to various tastes and needs.

Fashion enthusiasts find a haven in stores like American Eagle Outfitters, Aeropostale, and Forever 21. Build-A-Bear Workshop and Bath & Body Works offer unique products for those seeking specialty items.

The mall has continuously adapted its retail offerings, keeping pace with changing consumer trends and preferences.

Arbor Place Mall Douglasville
Arbor Place Mall Douglasville” by MikeKalasnik is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Dining and Entertainment Options

The dining experience at Arbor Place is as varied as its retail. Food lovers can indulge in various cuisines, from the quick bites at Auntie Anne’s Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels to more substantial offerings at Olive Garden.

The mall is not just about shopping; it’s a place for entertainment, too. Regal Cinemas, a key anchor tenant, provides movie enthusiasts with the latest blockbusters in a state-of-the-art setting.

Unique Services and Attractions

Arbor Place goes beyond traditional shopping and dining. It houses unique services like Armed Services Recruiting centers for the Air Force, Army, and Marines, reflecting its community-oriented approach.

For families, the Children’s Play Area offers a safe and fun environment for kids, while the mall’s seasonal events create a festive and engaging atmosphere for all visitors.

Architectural Design and Layout of Arbor Place

Design Aesthetics

Arbor Place Mall’s architectural design blends functionality with aesthetic appeal. The modern design features and thoughtful spatial planning create an inviting atmosphere.

The mall’s interior is characterized by wide, well-lit corridors, comfortable seating areas, and an overall ambiance that enhances the shopping experience.

Spatial Arrangement

The mall’s layout is strategically designed for ease of navigation and optimal flow of foot traffic.

Stores are arranged to provide a seamless shopping experience, with anchor stores like Macy’s and Dillard’s positioned at key points to draw visitors through the mall.

The two-floor structure is efficiently laid out, ensuring that each store is easily accessible.

Accessibility and Convenience

Accessibility and convenience are paramount at Arbor Place. The mall boasts over 6,000 parking spaces, catering to a high volume of visitors.

Elevators and escalators are strategically placed for easy movement between floors. The mall’s design also considers the needs of differently-abled visitors, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their time at Arbor Place.

Anchor Stores and Their Impact at Arbor Place

Macy’s, JCPenney, and Dillard’s

Macy’s, JCPenney, and Dillard’s are the cornerstone anchors of Arbor Place. Macy’s, known for its wide range of merchandise from fashion to home goods, has been a staple since the mall’s early years.

JCPenney, joining in 2003, brought a diverse selection of clothing, accessories, and home decor. Dillard’s complements these offerings with its unique apparel and home furnishings blend.

These anchors have drawn consistent foot traffic and have been pivotal in defining the mall’s retail character.

Belk’s Presence and Evolution

Belk, another key anchor, has played a significant role in the mall’s retail landscape. Known for its southern-style clothing and accessories, Belk has catered to a wide demographic of shoppers.

The introduction of the Belk Outlet within the mall further diversified the shopping options available, offering discounted merchandise and attracting value-conscious shoppers.

Regal Cinemas and Overstock Furniture & Mattress

As an entertainment anchor, Regal Cinemas has significantly contributed to the mall’s appeal as a family-friendly destination.

Offering the latest in movie entertainment, it has become a popular spot for moviegoers in Douglasville.

Overstock Furniture & Mattress, a less traditional anchor, has added to the mall’s diversity, providing shoppers various home furnishing options at competitive prices.

Arbor Place Mall: A Year of Transformations and Challenges

The Evolving Retail Landscape

2023 marked a notable year for Arbor Place Mall in Douglasville, GA, with significant shifts in its retail composition and customer experiences.

The year saw the transformation of the traditional Belk store into a new “Belk Outlet,” a strategic shift reflecting the changing retail dynamics and consumer preferences.

This development was part of a broader trend in the retail sector, where traditional department stores adapt to the evolving market demands by diversifying their offerings and formats.

Unrest at the Mall

However, the year also witnessed some unsettling events that raised concerns about safety and security at the mall.

A series of incidents involving youth disturbances brought the mall into the spotlight. In August 2023, approximately ten teenagers fought at the Regal Cinema Theater within the mall.

This altercation led to the temporary closure of the cinema and resulted in the arrest of two teenagers.

The fight escalated to a point where a sign fell, causing a loud noise that was mistakenly reported as gunshots, adding to the chaos and fear among the mall-goers.

In September 2022, another major incident occurred when a brawl involving a large group of teenagers broke out at the mall.

The Douglasville Police Department reported that this large-scale altercation involved around 200 teens and young adults, resulting in 20 arrests, including 19 juveniles and 1 adult.

The individuals faced charges ranging from disorderly conduct and simple battery to more serious allegations under Georgia’s Street Gang and Terrorism Act.

In a significant turn, ten individuals involved in the brawl faced gang-related charges, suggesting the incident was not just a random act of violence but potentially connected to wider issues of gang activity in the area.

The charges against these individuals highlight the complexity of the challenges facing the mall and the local law enforcement agencies​​.

These arrests were part of a larger response to ensure safety and order in the mall area, particularly following concerns over youth violence.

Safety Measures and Community Response

In response to these incidents, the Douglasville Police Department took proactive measures to enhance security and safety at the mall.

The police department coordinated with mall security and the cinema management to ensure a safer environment, particularly during high-traffic events like National Cinema Day.

These efforts were part of a larger strategy to prevent the recurrence of such disturbances and to maintain Arbor Place Mall as a safe and enjoyable destination for shoppers and moviegoers.

The 2023 events at Arbor Place Mall highlight retail centers’ ongoing challenges in ensuring security while adapting to changing retail trends.

Community Engagement and Events at Arbor Place

Hosting Community Events

Arbor Place has established itself as more than just a shopping center; it’s a community hub.

The mall regularly hosts events that resonate with the local culture and interests, from holiday celebrations to fashion shows.

These events not only entertain but also foster a sense of community among the residents of Douglasville.

Holiday Celebrations and Sales Events

The mall comes alive during the holiday season with events like Christmas tree lightings, meet-and-greets with Santa, and Black Friday sales.

These events are festive and crucial in driving seasonal retail traffic, benefiting shoppers and retailers.

Safety and Security Measures

Arbor Place has heightened its focus on safety and security in response to recent incidents.

Measures like increased surveillance, a visible security presence, and collaboration with local law enforcement ensure a safe environment for shoppers and staff.

These efforts demonstrate the mall’s commitment to providing a secure and enjoyable shopping experience.


Reflecting on Arbor Place Mall’s Journey

Arbor Place has come a long way since its opening in 1999. It has grown into a key retail and social destination in Douglasville, adapting to the changing tides of the retail world.

The mall’s blend of diverse stores, dining options, and entertainment facilities, coupled with its community engagement, has cemented its place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike.

The Mall’s Current Status and Role

Today, Arbor Place is a testament to physical retail spaces’ resilience and adaptability. It continues to attract a wide range of shoppers and remains a pivotal part of Douglasville’s economy and social fabric.

The mall’s commitment to safety, customer satisfaction, and innovative experiences keeps it relevant and appealing.

Arbor Place
Arbor Place Mall” by MikeKalasnik is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Looking Towards the Future

Arbor Place faces challenges and opportunities as it looks to the future. The mall’s ability to evolve, innovate, and connect with the community will be crucial to its success.

With plans for development and a focus on creating a holistic shopping experience, Arbor Place is well-positioned to continue thriving in the ever-changing retail landscape.

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    R Carter

    Arbor Place Mall is huge disappointment! Dillards merchandise is over priced! Macy’s merchandise looks cheap , lacks good quality. There’s nothing to attracts me to shop there. I either go to Perimeter or Town Center Malls. There’s not any stores I would shop at! The mall is always full of unruly teens, young people , a thugs. CBL needs to rethink their marketing strategy!

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      Thanks for expressing your concerns. Your feedback highlights the importance of having a diverse range of quality stores and a pleasant shopping atmosphere.

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