Regency Mall in Augusta, GA: A Symbol of Lost Potential or a Beacon of Hope?

The Glory Days of Regency Mall

Regency Mall opened its doors in 1978, quickly establishing itself as a retail powerhouse in Augusta, Georgia.

With anchor stores like Montgomery Ward, Belk, J.B. White, and Cullum’s, the mall attracted diverse shoppers, from families to tourists.

During the holiday season, the mall was a spectacle of lights and decorations, hosting events that drew crowds from all over the region.

The mall was more than just a shopping destination; it was a cornerstone of the community.

The food court offered many options, from fast food to international cuisine, making it a popular spot for social gatherings.

The mall also featured a movie theater, one of the few in the area, making it a go-to place for weekend entertainment.

In terms of economic impact, Regency Mall was a significant contributor to Augusta’s economy.

It provided employment opportunities for hundreds of people and became a vital retail center that boosted the sales of nearby businesses.

The mall’s success also increased property values in the surrounding areas, benefiting local homeowners.

However, the early ’90s marked the beginning of challenges that eventually led to the mall’s decline. The emergence of new shopping centers and changing consumer habits diverted foot traffic away from Regency Mall, signaling the end of an era.

The Downfall – Two Decades of Decay

The middle 1990s were a turning point for Regency Mall. The mall started losing its anchor stores, with Belk and General Cinema closing its doors in 1996, followed by JB White in 1998.

This led to a significant decrease in foot traffic, making it difficult for smaller stores to sustain their businesses.

The mall officially closed in March 2002, after Montgomery Ward’s closure in 2001, leaving a void in the community that had relied on it for shopping and social activities.

The closure had a domino effect on the local economy. Surrounding businesses that depended on the mall’s foot traffic also started to struggle, leading to a decline in property values in the area.

The mall site became a topic of numerous city council meetings, as it turned into an eyesore with its vacant parking lots and deteriorating structure.

Over the years, several redevelopment plans were proposed, including turning the site into a mixed-use development or a community college campus. However, none of these plans came to fruition. The mall became a symbol of failed opportunities and unfulfilled potential as it sat unused and decaying for nearly two decades.

The 50-acre property became a subject of local debates and discussions, often cited as a hindrance to the growth and development of South Augusta. For 20 years, the mall remained a derelict structure until new plans for its redevelopment were announced in 2022, offering a glimmer of hope for its revival.

The Cardinal Town Square Vision

On a sunny morning in May 2022, a significant announcement breathed new life into the Regency Mall site. The redevelopment plans, dubbed “Cardinal Town Square,” were unveiled, promising a transformative project including housing for up to 2,000 residents, a grocery store, several restaurants, a fitness center, a performing arts center, and more.

A former tax commissioner of Richmond County, who also serves on the Augusta Economic Development Authority board, led the announcement. He emphasized the critical role of housing in the new development’s success. Future residents, he noted, will likely drive the area’s commercial success, injecting new life into the community.

The redevelopment plans for Cardinal Town Square aim to integrate parts of the existing mall structure. This approach honors the mall’s rich history and offers a sustainable way to use the current infrastructure.

During the announcement, the speaker mentioned that the community has been discussing this property for 25 years. However, this time, optimism fills the air. The Augusta Development Authority has been actively involved, and the plans have been in development for over a year, signaling a strong commitment to successful redevelopment.

The Economic Rejuvenation of South Augusta

The Cardinal Town Square project is more than just a redevelopment plan; it catalyzes economic rejuvenation in South Augusta. For decades, the presence of the abandoned 50-acre property had stunned growth in the area. The new proposal aims to change that narrative.

The developer has not requested any incentives, making it a private investment. This is a positive sign, indicating the project’s viability and the stakeholders’ confidence. It’s a win-win situation for both the community and the investors.

The project is hailed as one of Augusta’s most significant mixed-use developments. It’s not just about reviving a defunct mall; it’s about creating a vibrant community space that offers residents a range of amenities and opportunities.

Community Response and Skepticism

Given the mall’s history of decay and failed redevelopment attempts, it’s natural for the community to approach the new plans skeptically. However, local authorities’ detailed planning and involvement have instilled a sense of cautious optimism among residents.

The plans have been submitted to Augusta Planning and Development for approval, making it more than a conceptual idea. It’s a concrete proposal that has the potential to transform South Augusta. The project promises to bring life back to an area that has long been ignored, offering new opportunities and a brighter future.

The project has garnered attention and sparked discussions on social media and local forums. While some residents reminisce about the mall’s glory days, others look forward to the new development, seeing it as a hope for the community’s future.

The Road Ahead – Timelines and Challenges

While the Cardinal Town Square project has generated a lot of excitement, it’s important to note that there is no specific timetable for its completion. This leaves room for speculation and raises questions about potential hurdles that may arise during the redevelopment process.

One of the challenges could be securing the necessary permits and approvals from various governmental bodies. Given the scale of the project, it’s likely to undergo rigorous scrutiny, potentially delaying its progress.

Another challenge is the actual construction phase. The project aims to utilize part of the remaining mall structure, which means that the condition of the existing infrastructure will play a significant role in determining the project’s success.

The Bigger Picture – Regency Mall in the Context of Augusta’s Development

The redevelopment of Regency Mall is not an isolated event; it’s part of a larger narrative of Augusta’s growth and development. The project is expected to catalyze the corridor between Fort Gordon and downtown Augusta, enhancing connectivity and fostering economic activity.

The Cardinal Town Square project could set a precedent for other redevelopment initiatives in the city. By successfully transforming a long-neglected property into a thriving community space, it can serve as a model for similar projects in the future. The project has the potential to redefine the city’s landscape, making it more attractive for residents, businesses, and investors alike.

In the grand scheme of things, the redevelopment of Regency Mall is a significant step towards realizing Augusta’s full potential. It’s a testament to the city’s resilience and commitment to progress, promising a brighter future for all its residents.


The story of Regency Mall is a tale of rise, fall, and revival. From its glory days as a bustling shopping center to its years of decay, the mall has been a subject of community interest for decades. The Cardinal Town Square project offers a new chapter, promising to transform the site into a vibrant community space.

The project has garnered widespread attention and sparked discussions among Augusta residents. While challenges may be ahead, the community remains hopeful, looking forward to a future filled with new opportunities and growth.

The redevelopment of Regency Mall is not just about reviving a defunct property; it’s about rejuvenating a community and contributing to Augusta’s overall development. As the plans for Cardinal Town Square take shape, the citizens of Augusta stand to be the real winners, witnessing the transformation of a long-neglected area into a beacon of hope and prosperity.

In the end, the redevelopment of Regency Mall serves as a poignant reminder that even in decay, there lies the potential for renewal. It’s a story that resonates with the community, offering a glimpse of what the future holds for Augusta and its residents.

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      I love your optimism and design ideas. It’s great to hear from someone who has a dream and wants to improve the area.

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