Things to Do in Mishawaka, Indiana

Places to visit in Mishawaka, IN.

If you’re planning a trip to Mishawaka, Indiana, you may want to consider what you can do while there. Whether you’re looking to spend some time exploring the city or taking in some local history, there are many exciting places to visit in Mishawaka.

The City of Mishawaka, Indiana, is a great place to visit, with plenty of fun things to do. In addition to the many attractions available, you will find a low crime rate, a relaxed lifestyle, and several restaurants.

Things to Do in Mishawaka, Indiana

Mishawaka Riverwalk

The Mishawaka Riverwalk is a 2.5-mile, aesthetically designed, scenic walkway. It connects Central Park and Beutter Riverfront Park. In addition, several bridges provide access to the riverside attractions.

Downtown Mishawaka has some great local restaurant options. You can also explore the city’s history at the Mishawaka Historical Museum. This tax-exempt museum preserves the culture and history of Mishawaka. A guided tour starts at the Eck Visitors Center.

St. Joseph River
St. Joseph River

The Riverwalk is also home to the Ball Band Biergarten, which hosts live music on summer nights. In addition, you can enjoy the Mishawaka Farmers Market throughout the spring, summer, and fall. There is also a sand volleyball court and a boat launch.

Central Park in Mishawaka, Indiana

Mishawaka’s revitalized Central Park is a destination. The park has a lot to offer: a redesigned splash pad, a programmable interactive fountain, a new tennis court, and a full-length basketball court.

The new park, adjacent to the Mishawaka RiverWalk, is a beautiful place for the whole family. Children can enjoy the new splash pad, a splash-worthy water fountain with 25 water jets, and a giant rope climbing structure. There are also three play areas, including the new splash pad and five rental pavilions.

Places to go in Mishawaka, Indiana

The programmable interactive fountain is the most fun part of the park. Water is filtered and monitored by the health department. In addition to the splash fountain, there are four water cannons and colored lights. Located on the east side of Main Street, the splash fountain is accessible via Cedar Street.

Shiojiri Garden in Mishawaka, Indiana

The Shiojiri Garden in Mishawaka, Indiana, has a lot to offer its visitors. Its one-third acre of land is a veritable garden paradise, with hundreds of large boulders arranged in groups of three or five. Not only is this a great place to take a stroll, but it is also an excellent spot for a photo op.

Best tourist attractions in Mishawaka, Indiana

There are many Japanese-style gardens to be found in the area. However, one of the more impressive features of the Mishawaka Japanese Garden is the teahouse pavilion, built in the era’s classic style.

The best part about this one is that it is free to explore. It is one of the few places in the state where you can see a Japanese strolling garden in action.

Battell Park in Mishawaka

Battell Park in Mishawaka, Indiana, is a favorite recreational area for the community. It is an excellent location for a picnic or family gathering. The park features a wading pool, a basketball court, and playground equipment. A rock garden is also included in the park’s design.

Civil War Monument Battell Park Mishawaka
Civil War Monument Battell Park Mishawaka

The Soldiers’ Memorial is another interesting structure in the park. This memorial, designed by the White Bronze Company of Detroit, Michigan, was dedicated in September 1884. The statue is eight feet tall and includes an ornamental shaft.

As part of the park, the WPA built a five-tiered rock garden. This garden featured small pools and a waterfall.

Mishawaka Historical Museum

Mishawaka Historical Museum is a unique glimpse into the history of the area. It is located in Mishawaka, Indiana, close to Ironwood and Lincoln Way East. The museum is open to the public. You will find seven separate categories in the museum.

The first category is “Famous Mishawakans.” This category will display items related to famous Mishawakans. Some of these include Joe Dawson, a Mishawaka native, who wrote Joe’s Jottings column for the Mishawaka Enterprise for over 40 years. He was also a founding member of the Mishawaka Historical Museum.

Catholic Church, Mishawaka, Ind.
Catholic Church, Mishawaka, Ind.

The next category is “Mishawaka Cavemen.” The museum has received over 2,000 photographs and artifacts from cave dwellers. A few of these artifacts have already been placed in the museum.

Another category is “Mishawaka-manufactured Items.” These were shipped all over the United States by wagon or keelboat.

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