Things to Do in Bath, Maine

Places to visit in Bath, ME.

Bath, Maine, is a town that is rich in culture. The maritime culture permeates most of the town’s attractions and arts scene. If you’re looking for a unique getaway, you can’t go wrong with a visit to this coastal city.

When looking to visit Bath, Maine, there are a variety of activities you can enjoy. Whether you prefer to see the museums, explore the outdoors, or take in the city’s beauty, you can find plenty of things to do in Bath, Maine.

Things to Do in Bath, Maine

Maine Maritime Museum

The Maine Maritime Museum celebrates maritime heritage, history, and culture. The museum is located in Bath, Maine, and offers tours, exhibitions, and educational programs. With its unique collection of artifacts, the museum provides visitors with an up-close look at coastal life.

The museum was formerly known as Bath Marine Museum. It is located on 20 acres of waterfront on the Kennebec River and offers a variety of exhibits and events.

Sherman Zwicker, Maine Maritime Museum, Bath, Maine
Sherman Zwicker, Maine Maritime Museum, Bath, Maine

The museum’s permanent and rotating exhibits provide an overview of Maine’s rich maritime history. Visitors can learn about the lives of shipbuilding families, see an extensive collection of boats, and enjoy hands-on activities.

Aside from its extensive museum, the Maine Maritime Museum offers daily lighthouse cruises. Guests can see historic lighthouses, lobster traps, and buoys.

Maine’s First Ship

The first ship to sail the waters of the United States is being reconstructed by volunteers in Bath, Maine. For several years, the reconstruction of pinnace Virginia has been underway in the city’s Freight Shed. This historic project is aided by solid support from local officials and state agencies.

Maine’s First Ship (MFS) is a volunteer-based group dedicated to bringing the early history of Bath and the surrounding area to life. The group has been working on a 51-foot replica of the pinnace Virginia, built by the colony of Popham in 1608 and was the first English ocean-going ship in the Americas.
Places to go in Bath, Maine

The group’s mission is to create an educational resource about the history of maritime trade and the early relationships between people.

While most of the vessels built in Bath were small craft, several large ships were also built here. Most were for non-local shippers. Unfortunately, many of these were never seen again in Maine.

Volunteers are using white pine from New England to build the hull of the traditional vessel. The schooner features a fore-and-aft rig, a vast rudder, a square stern, high sides, and a stepped deck. In addition, a bowsprit is expected to be installed.

Thorne Head Preserve Trail

Thorne Head Preserve Trailhead is located in the southern southernmost of Bath, Maine. The 96-acre preserve protects 0.5 miles of shoreline along Whiskeag Creek. It also features a loop hike incorporating the Narrows Trail and Whiskeag Trail.

In addition to protecting the shoreline of the Kennebec River, Thorne Head Preserve is home to wildlife. These include bald eagles, owls, and ducks. Bald eagles often hang out at tall trees along the water’s edge.

Lookout, Thorne Head Preserve, Bath, Kennebec Area Land Trust
Lookout, Thorne Head Preserve, Bath, Kennebec Area Land Trust

Thorne Head Preserve is open to the public free of charge. Parking is provided for about 12 vehicles. In addition, the preserve has educational materials available for visitors.

Thorne Head Trail Head is one of the most scenic spots in the Midcoast region. It offers panoramic views of the Kennebec River and the surrounding areas.

Chocolate Church Arts Center

Chocolate Church Arts Center is a cultural venue and visual arts center in Bath, Maine. It is a 501(c)(3) organization. The organization was founded in 1977 and had a dual mission of preserving and presenting the arts to mid-coast residents. In addition to live concerts, Chocolate Church Arts Center also produces theatrical productions and exhibits.

Places to visit in Bath, Maine

While there are no official admission fees, patrons are encouraged to donate to the organization. Tickets are sold at the door thirty minutes before each show. In addition, a small black box theatre is available for use for smaller performances.

Other amenities include comfortable dressing rooms and restrooms. In addition, parking is available in several municipal parking lots nearby.

Bath Regional Information Center & Train Station

Bath Regional Information Center & Train Station is located on Route 1. The center provides a brochure box by the front door. It offers ample parking and has accessible restrooms. Also, EV chargers are available.

Best tourist attractions in Bath, Maine

Bath, Maine, is known for its 19th-century architecture. In addition, Bath is home to several parks. As a result, the city has a lot to offer to tourists. In addition, you can find several hiking trails as well as a nature preserve. The Kennebec Estuary Land Trust protects these.

While you are in Bath, you can visit the Bath Iron Works. Several ships have been built in the shipyard, including clipper ships. This shipyard was acquired by the Maine Maritime Museum in 1971. At the time, it was the last commercial shipyard in the city.

Best Things to Do in Bath, Maine

Places to visit in Bath, ME:

  1. Maine Maritime Museum
  2. Maine’s First Ship
  3. Thorne Head Preserve Trail
  4. Chocolate Church Arts Center
  5. Bath Regional Information Center Train Station
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