Lakeforest Mall in Gaithersburg, MD: A Voyage from Retail Giant to Modern Marvel

The Glory Days of Lakeforest Mall

Stepping back in time to September 12, 1978, the grand opening of Lakeforest Mall was a day marked with much anticipation and joy.

This wasn’t merely a shopping center opening its doors; it was Gaithersburg welcoming a new era of social and commercial interaction.

The mall became a hallmark of community gatherings, where people could shop, dine, and revel in the camaraderie of neighborly interactions.

The mall’s inception was a testimony to the economic vibrancy of the late 70s, reflecting the zeitgeist of an era filled with hope and prosperity.

The mall was bustling with daily activity, with its food court resonating with laughter and chatter and children frolicking around the large play area that stood at its heart till 2013. The many stores offered a little something for everyone, making it a family-friendly destination.

In the evening, the parking lot was always filled, the glow of the lamp posts casting a soft light on the cars as families returned home after a day of shopping and dining.

The mall was not merely a structure of brick and mortar; it was an emblem of Gaithersburg’s bustling social life.

Moving on, the mall also became synonymous with holidays and celebrations. The Christmas décor was something residents looked forward to.

The giant Christmas tree in the center, twinkling with lights, the soft melodies playing through the speakers, was a scene from a holiday card.

Anchors Away: The Decline of Lakeforest Mall

On August 22, 2017, a significant chapter unfolded in the narrative of Lakeforest Mall, as it found itself under the hammer, fetching a sum of $19.1 million, a sharp plunge from its lofty $100 million valuation in 2012.

This transaction didn’t merely represent a change in ownership; it was a glaring indicator of the mall’s dwindling fortunes, fuelling the whispers of a looming closure among the local populace. The scenario that led to the auction was not sudden.

Still, due to a disheartening financial mire, the mall’s owner, Five Mile Capital, was engulfed in the stormy waters of foreclosure.

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This event wasn’t just a standalone incident but a sign of the challenging times ahead for this once-bustling hub in Gaithersburg, MD.

In the face of rising e-commerce, the mall began losing its charm as the go-to place for shopping.

In 2019, a series of closures swept through Lakeforest Mall, marking a bleak chapter in its history. On February 28, JCPenney disclosed its plan to shut down as part of a broader strategy to close 27 stores across the U.S., eventually closing its doors on July 5.

Shortly after, on June 5, a tweet from Gaithersburg City Councilmember Ryan Spiegel revealed that Lord & Taylor, too, was on the brink of closure, which followed through on September 15.

The wave of departures continued with the announcement on August 31 that Sears would also be exiting the mall, a part of its nationwide plan to close 92 stores, culminating in its closure on December 1. This string of exits left Macy’s as the lone anchor in the once vibrant Lakeforest Mall.

The final blow came with announcing Macy’s closure in 2023, the last anchor store, marking the end of an era.

The mall that once buzzed with life and activity was now a whisper of its former self. The closure wasn’t just a local headline; it was a melancholy farewell to a community’s old friend.

The decline of Lakeforest Mall was not an isolated event but a reflection of the larger narrative of traditional retail spaces struggling to keep up with the fast-paced evolution of consumer preferences and technological advancements.

Milestone Date
Lakeforest Mall Opens September 1978
Ice-skating Rink Replaced 1984
Food Court Introduced November 2000
Macy’s Replaces Hecht’s May 2006
JCPenney Closes July 2019
Lord & Taylor Closes September 2019
Sears Closes December 2019
Macy’s Closes March 2023
Mall Closure March 31, 2023
Mall Demolition Scheduled for 2024

The Closing Curtain and The Community’s Response

As the news of Lakeforest Mall’s closure on March 31, 2023, spread through Gaithersburg, a mixed bag of emotions enveloped the community.

It wasn’t just about a shopping mall closing its doors; it was a place where memories were crafted, first jobs landed, and holiday shopping was a tradition.

The mall had woven itself into the community fabric, and its closure was akin to saying goodbye to an old friend.

The final day saw many residents coming down for one last stroll through the familiar corridors, reminiscing about the good old days.

Local news channels and social media were abuzz with residents sharing their stories and pictures of the mall.

The city also played its part in keeping the community informed, holding several town hall meetings to discuss the site’s future.

As the mall’s lights dimmed for the last time, a chapter in Gaithersburg’s history concluded, but with a promise of a new beginning.

The community’s response was not just reflective but also forward-looking. People were discussing what they envisioned for the mall’s space.

The discourse was not about the loss but the potential and the new opportunities the redevelopment promised.

The closure was a bittersweet adieu, with the sweet part being the exciting prospects of what was to come.

Moving on, the curiosity regarding the redevelopment plan was palpable. The residents of Gaithersburg were ready to embrace the new while cherishing the memories of the old.

Lakeforest Mall Redevelopment: A Glimpse into the Future

As the curtains fell on the old structure, the dawn of a new era was on the horizon. With demolition scheduled for 2024, the whispers of hammers and drills replacing the once-busy mall corridors are not far off.

The redevelopment plan spearheaded by WRS Inc. Real Estate Investments is not just about constructing buildings but crafting a community-centric space.

This redevelopment is envisaged as a phoenix rising from the ashes, heralding a new epoch of socio-economic engagement in Gaithersburg.

The blueprint sketches a mixed-use space, blending retail, residential, employment, and entertainment avenues. It’s about creating a hub where community interaction blossoms anew amidst modern amenities.

The anticipation is akin to waiting for a movie sequel; you’re excited about the new plot, but the old storyline holds a special place in your heart.

The phased redevelopment plan underlines a meticulous approach, ensuring the essence of Gaithersburg is entangled in the new design.

The city’s planning commission and WRS Inc. have thoroughly considered the community’s feedback, making it a collaborative venture.

The new face of Lakeforest Mall is set to be a testament to Gaithersburg’s resilience and adaptive spirit.

Moreover, introducing residential spaces employment opportunities alongside retail and entertainment venues is a holistic approach to urban development.

It’s not just about building structures but fostering environments where families thrive, businesses grow, and community bonds are nurtured.


Lakeforest Mall’s narrative is a resilient legacy that mirrors the ever-evolving ethos of Gaithersburg, Maryland.

The mall’s journey from a bustling social hub to a chapter of memories, and now towards a promising future, encapsulates the dynamic spirit of the community it nestles in.

This is not just a tale of bricks and mortar, but a narrative of community, adaptation, and forward vision.

As Lakeforest Mall transforms into a modern mixed-use development, it continues to be a significant part of Gaithersburg’s narrative, symbolizing the city’s adaptive stride towards a future filled with endless possibilities.

The mall’s story is a testimony that with change comes opportunity, and with a collaborative vision, the sky’s the limit.

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