Rediscovering Grand Traverse Mall: Traverse City, MI’s Retail Jewel

Unveiling the Grand Traverse Mall: A Retail Beacon in Traverse City

The Genesis of a Shopping Haven

Nestled in Garfield Township, the Grand Traverse Mall is a prominent retail destination for residents and visitors of Traverse City, Michigan residents, and visitors.

Since its grand opening in 1992, the mall has become more than just a shopping center; it’s a vibrant hub of commerce and social activity.

The mall’s strategic location and array of stores have made it a go-to place for those looking for things to do in Traverse City, Michigan.

Architectural Marvel and Retail Diversity

The mall’s architecture, designed to encapsulate the spirit of Traverse City, houses a diverse mix of retail outlets.

It featured five major anchor stores: Macy’s, JCPenney, Dunham’s Sports, Target, and TJ Maxx, each offering a unique shopping experience.

These anchors have drawn in crowds, ensuring the Grand Traverse Mall remains a bustling activity center. Its retail options span fashion, electronics, and home goods, catering to a wide demographic.

A Community Cornerstone

Over the years, the Grand Traverse Mall has become more than a shopping destination. It has become a community cornerstone, hosting events and activities that unite families and friends.

Its evolution reflects the changing retail and consumer preference trends, adapting to remain relevant and appealing.

The mall continues to attract a steady stream of visitors, a testament to its enduring appeal in the heart of Traverse City.

The Grand Traverse Mall’s Opening Chapters

The Staged Debut

The Grand Traverse Mall’s journey began in October 1991 with the opening of JCPenney and Target.

These initial stores set the stage for the mall’s launch in March 1992, marking a significant milestone in Traverse City’s retail scene.

The arrival of Hudson’s in July of the same year further elevated the mall’s status. It quickly became the largest mall north of Saginaw, Michigan, featuring 110 stores and a nine-screen Kerasotes Theatres complex, transforming it into a regional shopping powerhouse.

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Transition and Transformation

As with many retail entities, the Grand Traverse Mall witnessed a series of transitions. The Hudson’s store underwent a rebranding journey, first changing to Marshall Field’s in 2001 and then to Macy’s in 2006.

These transformations reflected broader trends in the retail industry and shaped the mall’s evolving identity.

Each change brought a new dimension to the shopping experience, keeping the mall dynamic and responsive to consumer trends.

A Growing Retail Landscape

The mall’s early years were marked by expansion and growth, quickly becoming the region’s central shopping and entertainment destination.

With its diverse range of stores and attractions, the Grand Traverse Mall cemented its position as a key player in Northern Michigan’s retail landscape.

Its growth offered various shopping options and created a lively atmosphere that continues to draw people from all walks of life.

Before the Grand Traverse Mall opened its doors, it faced legal hurdles. A significant lawsuit was initiated by Cherryland Mall, now Cherryland Center, voicing concerns about potential environmental impacts on a nearby creek and the addition of excessive retail space.

This lawsuit, which was settled out of court, underscored the complexities involved in expanding the retail landscape of Traverse City.

Conflict and Resolution

Another legal challenge arose regarding a conflict of interest among township officials who sold land to the mall developers.

This lawsuit, ruled in favor of the developers, highlighted the intricate relationship between local governance and commercial development.

Such legal battles played a crucial role in shaping the mall’s early trajectory and integration into the community.

Changing Hands

Ownership of the Grand Traverse Mall has been changed once. Initially developed by General Growth Properties, the mall’s management and ownership transitioned to Brookfield Properties in 2018.

This change in stewardship marked a new chapter in the mall’s history, bringing different strategies and visions for its future.

Anchoring Success: The Pillars of Grand Traverse Mall

JCPenney: A Retail Mainstay

JCPenney, as one of the original anchors, has been a cornerstone of the Grand Traverse Mall since its inception.

Known for its wide range of apparel, home furnishings, and beauty products, JCPenney has consistently drawn shoppers seeking quality and variety.

Its long-standing presence in the mall underscores its importance in the local retail landscape.

Target: The Trendsetter

Target, another inaugural anchor, is renowned for its trendy, affordable products spanning home goods and electronics.

Its appeal lies in blending style with practicality, making it a favorite for a diverse clientele.

Target’s ability to stay ahead of consumer trends has contributed significantly to the mall’s foot traffic and popularity.

Dunham’s Sports: The Active Lifestyle Choice

Dunham’s Sports has carved out a niche at the Grand Traverse Mall by catering to the active and sports-oriented community.

It offers various sporting goods, equipment, and apparel for athletic endeavors.

Whether for camping, fishing, or team sports, Dunham’s Sports has become a go-to destination for enthusiasts and professionals alike, reflecting the active lifestyle of many in the Traverse City area.

Grand Traverse Mall
Grand Traverse Mall” by Crispus MSP is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

TJ Maxx: Affordable Fashion and Home Goods

TJ Maxx stands out as a retailer offering designer brands at discounted prices. Its presence in the mall provides shoppers with affordable options for fashion, home decor, and lifestyle products.

TJ Maxx’s ever-changing inventory makes every visit a new experience, attracting bargain hunters and style-conscious shoppers who enjoy discovering high-quality products at lower prices.

Macy’s: A Blend of Tradition and Modern Retail

With its rich history, Macy’s brings traditional and modern retail experiences to the Grand Traverse Mall.

Known for its wide selection of apparel, beauty products, and home goods, Macy’s appeals to a broad demographic.

Its reputation for quality and customer service, combined with seasonal sales and events, makes Macy’s a key player in the mall’s retail mix, offering a shopping experience that combines tradition with contemporary trends.

Significant Milestones and Shifts at Grand Traverse Mall

A Tragic Discovery and Its Aftermath

In October 2014, the Grand Traverse Mall faced a sad moment when a night shift custodian’s body was discovered on the premises.

This incident led to the mall being closed for a day during the investigation.

Such an unexpected event brought attention to the safety and security measures within the mall, a crucial aspect of maintaining a welcoming environment for shoppers and staff alike.

Grand Traverse Mall
Grand Traverse Mall” by Crispus MSP is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Cinema’s Curtain Call and New Ventures

2015 marked the end of an era with the closure of the mall’s movie theater, a popular entertainment spot.

This closure resulted from a newer theater opening nearby, signaling a shift in the area’s entertainment offerings.

Following this plans for a Dick’s Sporting Goods store were announced but ultimately canceled, leading to Dunham’s Sports taking over the space in October 2017.

Store Closures and Openings: The Retail Lifecycle

The mall has seen various stores come and go, reflecting the ever-changing nature of retail.

Notable closures included H&M in 2021 and Gap in the same year, with their spaces repurposed for new ventures.

These changes demonstrate the mall’s ability to adapt and evolve, continuously refreshing its retail mix to meet shifting consumer preferences and market trends.

Year Event
1992 Grand Traverse Mall opens
2001 Hudson’s transitions to Marshall Field’s
2006 Marshall Field’s becomes Macy’s
2014 Night shift custodian found dead
2015 The movie theater complex closes
2017 H&M opens, Dunham’s Sports opens
2021 H&M closes, and Grand Traverse Bay Gymnastics opens

Grand Traverse Bay Gymnastics: A New Era of Fitness and Fun

Grand Traverse Bay Gymnastics, a dynamic addition to Grand Traverse Mall, has moved to a new location within the mall, occupying the former H&M space.

This relocation, now closer to the food court and near JCPenney, makes it accessible for visitors, symbolizing its growing importance within the mall’s community​.

The center offers various gymnastics classes and programs catering to different age groups and skill levels.

In addition to its regular classes, the center adheres to a weather policy that ensures the continuity of classes, making it a reliable option for parents and children, especially during harsh weather conditions.

Morning classes are canceled only when schools are closed due to weather, ensuring minimal disruption to their schedule​​.

The presence of Grand Traverse Bay Gymnastics adds to the mall’s family-friendly appeal.

Offering an exciting and engaging activity within the mall attracts a diverse group of visitors, enhancing the overall mall experience.

This addition reflects the mall’s evolution, adapting to the changing needs and interests of the Traverse City community.

Grand Traverse Mall: Economic and Cultural Impact on Traverse City

A Catalyst for Local Economy

The Grand Traverse Mall, since its opening, has been a significant contributor to the local economy of Traverse City.

Offering a range of shopping and entertainment options has attracted shoppers from the immediate area, tourists, and visitors, injecting vitality into the local economy.

The presence of major retailers and various small businesses within the mall has fostered job creation and supported the livelihoods of many in the community.

Social and Cultural Hub

Beyond its economic impact, the Grand Traverse Mall has emerged as a social and cultural hub. It hosts events and gatherings that unite people, fostering a sense of community.

The mall’s evolution, with its changes in stores and attractions, mirrors the broader cultural shifts in Traverse City.

It serves as a space where people of all ages can socialize, shop, and participate in communal activities, strengthening the area’s social fabric.

Looking Ahead: Adapting to Change

As retail trends shift, the Grand Traverse Mall faces the challenge of adapting to meet new consumer demands.

The mall’s ability to evolve, from embracing new retail formats to enhancing its entertainment offerings, will be crucial in maintaining its relevance.

The mall’s future lies in its capacity to innovate and remain integral to Traverse City’s economic and cultural landscape.

Grand Traverse Mall
Grand Traverse Mall” by Crispus MSP is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Conclusion: Reflecting on the Grand Traverse Mall’s Journey

As we look back on the story of the Grand Traverse Mall, it’s clear that it has been more than just a shopping center; it reflects the evolving retail landscape and the community it serves.

From its grand opening in 1992 to the challenges and transformations it faces today, the mall has continually adapted, serving as a commercial hub and a community gathering place in Traverse City.

Its ability to evolve with the changing times will be key to its future success, ensuring that it remains a cherished part of Traverse City’s social and economic fabric.

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