Things to Do in Gulfport, Mississippi

There are many things to do in Gulfport, Mississippi. From shopping to dining, there is something for everyone. If you are a fan of seafood, you should visit the Half Shell Oyster House. They serve oysters, snapper, and yellowfin tuna. The restaurant has a New Orleans-style atmosphere.

Best places to visit in Gulfport, Mississippi

Gulfport, Mississippi, is the second largest city in Mississippi. It is also the co-county seat of Harrison County. There are lots of things to do in the Gulfport area. From shopping to dining, there are plenty of activities you can enjoy.

Mississippi Aquarium

The Mississippi Aquarium is a nonprofit public aquarium in Gulfport, Mississippi. It’s a new destination for visitors to the coastal area. Visitors will learn about the aquatic world through exhibits and programs. This facility features more than 80,000 square feet of displays.

It’s estimated that the Mississippi Aquarium will host 487,000 yearly visitors. The facilities are designed with accessibility in mind. They also offer active military discounts and veteran discounts. In addition, the facility offers plenty of special events.

Mississippi Aquarium exterior
Mississippi Aquarium exterior

The Mississippi Aquarium is a world-class facility. It will feature indoor and outdoor exhibits. There are also more than 200 species of animals. Several habitats will allow visitors to view the animals from inches away safely. Landscaped walkways connect these habitats.

The aquarium will be open seven days a week. Tickets are available for purchase at the door. Hours are subject to change.

Jones Park

Jones Park in Gulfport, Mississippi, is a popular place to visit. This waterfront park is located on 60 acres of land. It’s home to a variety of activities. Among its many features is a splash pad, perfect for young children.

Another impressive thing to see is the replica lighthouse at the main entrance. There are also a few concert pavilions and an amphitheater, making this park the ideal venue for several events.

Jones Park Gulfport
Jones Park Gulfport

The Splash Pad has some pretty cool water jets. They move at varying speeds, which makes it a fun activity for kids of all ages.

There are several other impressive things to see and do at Jones Park. For example, the ice rink and marina are open until 10:00 pm. In addition, the pavilions are lit up beautifully at night.

Fishbone Alley

Fishbone Alley is an alleyway located in the heart of Gulfport, Mississippi. Initially built as a service lane to connect two-story buildings, it now serves as an entryway to the local arts scene.

The alley has a funky vibe, and it’s the best place to enjoy a drink after a long day on the beach. It’s also an excellent spot for an afternoon stroll and has plenty of dining options.

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Best tourist attractions in Gulfport, Mississippi

For example, there’s a 60-foot octopus mural painted by Ryan D. Merrill, a local artist. There’s also a Mardi Gras celebration, which is a nifty tidbit.

Another interesting points to note are the upcoming Mississippi Aquarium, which will be opened later in the year. This is the city’s biggest tourist attraction and will be a big boon to the economy.

Ship Island

If you are looking for fun things in Gulfport, Mississippi, you should check out Ship Island. Ship Island is a 12-mile barrier island located in the Gulf Islands National Seashore. It is excellent for a day trip, with pristine beaches and beautiful water.

You can get to Ship Island by taking a ferry or a boat. The Gulfport Yacht Club offers a daily round-trip ferry service, leaving at noon and 9 am. There is a snack bar and restrooms on board. They also rent beach equipment.

Gulls - Ship Island, Mississippi
Gulls – Ship Island, Mississippi

One of the most exciting sights on Ship Island is the century-and-a-half-old fort, Fort Massachusetts. There are free guided tours available. This historic brick fortification dates back to the War of 1812.

Another noteworthy thing to do on Ship Island is to go snorkeling. You can see colorful fish swimming in crystal clear waters. During summer, you might even catch a glimpse of dolphins!

Gulfport Arts Center

The Gulfport Arts Center is a community center for local artists and a hub for artistic activities. Visitors can enjoy classes, exhibits, concerts, and events. They can also find works of art on display at the Galleria of Fine Art.

Places to visit in Gulfport, Mississippi

Located in the historic Carnegie Library building, the Gulfport Arts Center is a nonprofit organization that promotes creativity and cultural awareness. Classes are offered in a wide variety of media. You’ll also find a ceramics studio where you can try your hand at pottery.

The First Friday Art Walk is a monthly event hosted by the Gulfport Merchants Chamber. This is a juried event that invites professional and emerging artists to come and show off their work. It’s a fun way to spend an evening.

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