Things to Do in Bellevue, Nebraska

Places to visit in Bellevue, NE.

If you want to trip to Bellevue, Nebraska, there are plenty of things to do. This is a quaint town with a rich history that is situated along the Missouri River. It also offers a variety of outdoor activities, museums, restaurants, and accommodations.

Places to go in Bellevue, Nebraska

You are lucky if you are looking for things to do in Bellevue, Nebraska. It is a great place to spend the weekend, and the surrounding area offers plenty of other places worth visiting. From Omaha’s lakeside parks to a wide selection of dining options, Bellevue is a great jumping-off point if you want to check out the area.

Welcome to Bellevue, Nebraska
Welcome to Bellevue, Nebraska

Fontenelle Forest in Bellevue, Nebraska

The Fontenelle Forest in Bellevue, Nebraska, is a nature center and wildlife refuge. Located along the Missouri River, the forest is a place to reconnect with nature. It is also an essential part of the local community.

Fontenelle forest has many habitats, including loess hill forests, prairies, and marshes. They also have a large deer herd. In addition, the forest is home to an extensive floodplain.

Fontenelle Forest boardwalk trails
Fontenelle Forest boardwalk trails

The Fontenelle Forest Nature Center offers visitors a wide variety of activities. There are interactive exhibits, an aerial adventure park, and a children’s play area. Guests can also hike 17 miles of trails through the forest and wetlands.

The forest is also home to the Raptor Woodland Refuge, a tree-top refuge for injured raptors. It is a place where visitors can learn about raptors and other birds of prey.

The Bellevue Log Cabin

One of the oldest buildings in the state, the Bellevue Log Cabin is not to be overlooked. It was built near the Missouri river in 1835 and moved to its present-day location in the early 1900s. Until 1950, it was occupied by three families. The log cabin is now part of the Sarpy County Historical Society, a nonprofit organization that has been around since 1903.

The Bellevue log cabin served as the headquarters of the Astor family, which ran a fur trading post in the area. As a result, it has seen its share of highs and lows, most notably during the cholera outbreak of the 1860s.

Bellevue, Nebraska log cabin
Bellevue, Nebraska, log cabin

Today, it is a museum in its own right if you’re into that sort of thing. For a small donation, you can relive history and see for yourself. Whether you are a first-time visitor or a seasoned pro, the Bellevue Log Cabin is one of the best places to learn the city’s history and get a glimpse of the past. Despite its storied history, it is a testament to its builders’ hard work and foresight.

To find out more, check out the Sarpy County Historical Society website. Or, stop by the Bellevue visitor center near Paradise Park and see it yourself.

Gifford Farm in Bellevue, Nebraska

Gifford Farm is located in Bellevue, Nebraska, and is touted as the most significant local tourist attraction. The farm is a 400-acre working farm that provides many outdoor educational opportunities. In addition to its educational programs, the Gifford Farm is home to some excellent animal specimens available for hands-on viewing.

Best tourist attractions in Bellevue, Nebraska

The Gifford Farm is one of those places that you could visit on the weekend. There is no shortage of fun and games for the young and the old. They even offer a variety of farm animal encounters on Fun Family Saturdays. One of the more enjoyable aspects of the experience is the chance to observe the majesty of nature’s bounty.

Gifford Farm is a worthy contender for the best family-friendly tourist destination in the state. The educational offerings at the farm are aplenty. They include various programs and events ranging from science and nature programs to farm tours and community gatherings.

Swanson Park Trail in Bellevue, Nebraska

If you’re looking for a trail to challenge your bike skills, you may consider the Swanson Park Trail in Bellevue, Nebraska. It’s a fun trail perfect for beginner and advanced riders. In addition, several trails within the park will also provide you with a great workout.

The recommended route starts at the trailhead. The first section is an easy single track that leads to a loop in the woods. After that, the trail continues to climb. A short technical uphill section is followed by a fun little downhill worth a look.

Swanson Park Trail
Swanson Park Trail

Along the way, you’ll find lots of great features. For example, you’ll see mini-jumps, ramped log crossings, and nifty gravity cavities. Plus, there are some wildflowers.

You’ll also find a few climbs and drops. While not too steep or complex, they’re undoubtedly challenging. In addition, the Swanson Park Trail is dog-friendly. That’s a plus since there’s plenty of hiking and birding.

Swanson Park is an excellent venue for mountain biking and a good place to go for a hike, too. You’ll find it near the city of Bellevue, NE, which is located on Interstate 75. It’s a great venue to check out with your family. In addition, it’s got a playground and tennis courts.

Sarpy County Museum in Bellevue, Nebraska

The Sarpy County Museum in Bellevue, Nebraska, chronicles the county’s history. This historical museum has artifacts and documents illustrating the lifestyles of the people who settled in the area. It is located at 2402 Clay Street in Bellevue.

Fontenelle Bank - Courthouse building, Bellevue, NE
Fontenelle Bank – Courthouse building, Bellevue, NE

The Sarpy County Historical Society operates the museum. They are committed to protecting the historical treasures of Sarpy County. Their mission is to preserve the county’s heritage through education and archival research. In addition to displaying objects and artifacts, the museum hosts tours of historical sites. Visitors can also explore the Wimmer Union Pacific Collection, one of the nation’s premier railroad collections.

The museum’s collection contains photographs, manuscripts, real estate, and election records. Additionally, the Sarpy County Historical Society’s library consists of many biographical files and manuscripts.

Best Things to Do in Bellevue, Nebraska

Places to visit in Bellevue, NE:

  1. Fontenelle Forest
  2. The Bellevue Log Cabin
  3. Gifford Farm
  4. Swanson Park Trail
  5. Sarpy County Museum
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