The Mall at Fox Run in Newington, NH: From Glory Days to a Promising Future

The Glory Days

In the heart of Newington, New Hampshire, the Mall at Fox Run once stood as a bustling hub of commerce and community. It was more than just a shopping center; it was a gathering place, a venue for events, and a cornerstone of local life.

The mall was home to various stores, from fashion boutiques to electronics outlets, each contributing to the vibrant tapestry of retail that drew in locals and visitors alike.

The mall’s food court was a culinary crossroads, offering various options for hungry shoppers. The aroma of freshly baked pretzels, sizzling stir-fries, and hearty burgers filled the air, creating a sensory experience that was as much a part of the mall’s charm as the stores themselves.

The Changing Retail Landscape

However, the retail industry has changed significantly over the past few decades. E-commerce has reshaped how people shop, with online giants offering convenience and variety that brick-and-mortar stores struggle to match.

This shift in consumer behavior has profoundly impacted traditional shopping centers, including the Mall at Fox Run.

As more people turned to online shopping, foot traffic at the mall began to dwindle. Stores that had once thrived started to struggle, and they began to close their doors one by one. The once-bustling mall started to show signs of decline, mirroring a trend seen in shopping centers nationwide.

Signs of Decline

The signs of decline at the Mall at Fox Run were hard to ignore. Empty storefronts began to appear, and the once-bustling corridors grew quieter. The mall, which had once been a vibrant hub of activity, seemed to be losing its luster.

Concerns about the mall’s future began to circulate among the local community. The decline of the mall was not just a loss of a shopping venue; it was a loss of a community gathering place, a venue for memories made and experiences shared.

The Mall Fights Back

Despite these challenges, the Mall at Fox Run refused to go quietly into the night. The mall began to innovate to adapt to the changing retail landscape and draw in visitors.

It introduced dog-friendly policies, making it a destination for pet owners. It also started hosting events like a monthly car show to create a sense of community and draw in crowds.

The mall also took steps to correct misconceptions and promote its offerings. It contacted the community, informing them of the changes and inviting them to experience the new and improved Mall at Fox Run.

A New Vision for the Mall at Fox Run

The future of the Mall at Fox Run took a good turn with the acquisition by Torrington Properties. Torrington’s vision of transforming the mall into a vibrant mixed-use center brought a new sense of hope and anticipation.

Torrington’s plans for the mall align with its recent acquisitions and developments, signaling a commitment to revitalizing and reimagining retail spaces.

The company’s strategy focuses on creating community-focused retail plazas anchored by essential services like grocery stores and investing in them to improve the shopping experience.

The Mall at Fox Run is set to join Torrington’s growing portfolio of revitalized retail spaces, promising a future beyond traditional shopping.

Mall at Fox Run in Newington
Macy’s (Mall at Fox Run)” by jjbers is licensed under CC BY 2.0


The story of the Mall at Fox Run is a testament to the resilience of physical retail spaces in a digital age. It’s a story of adaptation, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to serving the community. While the mall has faced its share of challenges, its journey is far from over.

As the Mall at Fox Run embarks on its next chapter, it serves as a reminder of the enduring importance of physical retail spaces. It stands as a symbol of resilience, a beacon of transformation, and a testament to the potential of retail spaces to adapt and thrive in a changing landscape.

Mall at Fox Run in Newington
JCPenney (Mall at Fox Run)” by jjbers is licensed under CC BY 2.0
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