The Mall at Rockingham Park in Salem, NH – Unbelievable Tax-Free Shopping Haven

Ultimate Shopping Destination: The Mall at Rockingham Park

The Mall at Rockingham Park in Salem, New Hampshire, is a shopping paradise for those seeking a tax-free and fashion-forward experience. Serving greater Boston, the Merrimack Valley, and Northern New England, this mall is the largest in the state and boasts over 150 stores.

Shoppers can find everything from fashion apparel and cosmetics to electronics, with popular brands such as Macy’s, lululemon, Sephora, Michael Kors, Vera Bradley, Altar’d State, Blue Nile, and Coach all represented.

To complement the shopping experience, the mall offers dining options like Appleseed Crepe & Bread in the Dining Pavilion and the cozy atmosphere of Bertucci’s, with its warm brick oven. For entertainment, visitors can catch the latest blockbuster at Cinemark.

The Mall at Rockingham Park is conveniently located off Exit 1 on I-93, right on the New Hampshire-Massachusetts border, making it an accessible leisure destination for locals and visitors alike.

History and Ownership

Opened in August 1991, The Mall at Rockingham Park occupies over 1 million square feet of floor space and is adjacent to the former Rockingham Park race track. Currently hosting 150 stores, it is anchored by Macy’s, JCPenney, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, with two vacant anchors previously occupied by Lord & Taylor and Sears.

The mall is managed by Simon Property Group, which owns a 28% stake. As of March 2015, it was Simon’s highest-grossing center, with annual sales of $2,100 per square foot.

The mall’s strategic location near the Massachusetts state line allows it to draw many customers from across the border, thanks to New Hampshire’s lack of sales tax on most goods. The Mall at Rockingham Park’s success has led to the closure of the Methuen Mall in Massachusetts and the conversion of the adjacent Rockingham Mall into a “big box” center.

Over the years, various changes have occurred, such as the closure of the original Macy’s store (formerly Jordan Marsh) in 2006 and the opening of Lord & Taylor in the former Macy’s space in 2012.

Design and Layout

The Mall at Rockingham Park features a unique internal design with a circular walkway on both floors. A staircase at the center of this circle allows visitors to move between levels.

Two significant corridors extend from the central circle at approximately a 140° angle. The long corridor leads to Dick’s Sporting Goods, while the shorter one leads to Macy’s. The food court is also connected to the central circle.

Accessibility and Parking Options

Visitors to The Mall at Rockingham Park can easily access the mall via Interstate 93. Northbound travelers can take Exit 1 for a quick and direct route to the mall. At the same time, those coming from the southbound direction will find Exit 1 offers a slightly less direct, yet still convenient, path to the shopping destination.

Parking is abundant at The Mall at Rockingham Park, ensuring visitors can easily find a spot. A two-level parking lot is situated east of the mall, providing easy access to all parts of the shopping center. In addition, a smaller lot is available on the southwest side of the mall, offering convenient entry to the southern half of the complex.

Additional parking can be found north of Dick’s Sporting Goods, and yet another lot is located east of Route 38, which was initially intended for the now-defunct racetrack. With these multiple parking options, visitors can enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience.

The Mall at Rockingham Park – A Premier Shopping Destination

The Mall at Rockingham Park in Salem, New Hampshire, offers visitors an unparalleled shopping experience with over 150 stores, including fashion-forward brands, cosmetics, and electronics.

Shoppers can enjoy tax-free shopping while exploring brands like Macy’s, lululemon, Sephora, and Michael Kors. Dining options such as Appleseed Crepe & Bread and Bertucci’s provide delicious meals, and the Cinemark theater keeps visitors entertained.

With convenient access from Interstate 93 and ample parking, The Mall at Rockingham Park is a must-visit destination for leisurely shopping and entertainment.

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