Fingerlakes Mall in Auburn, NY: More Than Just a Shopping Mall

The Tapestry of History and Development

Nestled in Aurelius, just outside Auburn, New York, the Fingerlakes Mall has been a community cornerstone since its inception in 1980.

The brainchild of The Pyramid Companies of Syracuse, New York, the mall was designed to be more than just a shopping center. It was envisioned as a gathering place, a hub of activity where locals could come together, shop, dine, and socialize.

Over the years, the mall has seen a series of transformations, each leaving its unique imprint on the fabric of the establishment. In June 1992, the management baton was passed to Jager Management. However, their tenure was short-lived, and by November of the same year, Gregory Greenfield & Associates (GG&A) had stepped in.

Under the stewardship of GG&A, the mall underwent a significant facelift. The renovations were not merely cosmetic but aimed at enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Every aspect was meticulously planned and executed, from revamping the interior design to improving the exterior landscape. The result was a rejuvenated mall that retained its original charm while offering a modern, comfortable shopping environment.

The Current Landscape and Tenants

Fast forward to the present day, and the Fingerlakes Mall stands as a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the local community. With about 30 stores and services, the mall offers diverse shopping options.

The anchor tenant, Bass Pro Shops, has been a major attraction since its opening in 2004. This outdoor retailer has drawn visitors from near and far, adding a unique dimension to the mall’s retail offerings.

The mall’s total retail floor area spans an impressive 410,000 square feet. This expansive space houses a variety of retailers, each catering to the different needs and preferences of the local community. From clothing and accessories to home goods and electronics, the mall offers something for everyone.

The Economic Impact and Local Significance

The Fingerlakes Mall is more than just a shopping destination; it significantly contributes to the local economy. It provides employment opportunities for residents and serves as a platform for local businesses to reach a broader audience. The mall’s economic impact extends beyond its walls, influencing the local economy in more ways than one.

However, like many retail establishments, the mall has faced economic challenges. These challenges, often reflective of broader retail trends, have tested the mall’s resilience.

Yet, through each challenge, the mall has demonstrated an ability to adapt and evolve, ensuring its continued relevance and contribution to the local economy.

Future Prospects and Potential

Looking ahead, the Fingerlakes Mall is poised for a future filled with potential. The rise of online shopping and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic have undoubtedly posed challenges. However, these challenges have also presented opportunities for innovation and adaptation.

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The mall’s management actively explores avenues to attract new stores and services. The goal is to continually enhance the shopping experience for visitors, ensuring the mall remains a vibrant and integral part of the community. The future of the Fingerlakes Mall is not just about survival but about thriving in a changing retail landscape.

The Role of Community Engagement

Fingerlakes Mall is more than just a shopping center; it’s a hub for community engagement and a platform for local non-profit organizations to grow. The mall’s management has implemented several initiatives that allow the community to participate and benefit from the mall’s operations.

One such initiative is the Fountain Fund Program. This program is designed to support local non-profit organizations. When visitors make a wish in any of the mall’s fountains, the money collected goes directly to the non-profit organization being hosted for that specific time. This simple yet effective initiative has helped numerous local organizations grow and develop.

Moreover, the mall encourages local vendors and event organizers to use its space for their activities. From setting up vendor tables to hosting large-scale events, the mall provides a variety of areas to accommodate different needs.

This has helped local businesses and organizations and added to the vibrancy and diversity of the mall’s offerings.

The mall also houses an Event Center, a large space that can comfortably hold up to 2,000 people. This space has been used for various events, including expos, banquets, trade shows, dances, fundraisers, and concerts. The availability of such a large and versatile space within the mall premises has made it a popular choice for regional event organizers.

The mall offers the Community Room and Family Room for smaller gatherings. These spaces are perfect for classes, seminars, birthday parties, baby showers, and other small-scale events. The rooms have chairs and tables, accommodating up to 50 and 36 people.

Fingerlakes Mall has positioned itself as a community center where people can shop, enjoy, learn, and engage with their local community. The mall significantly fosters community engagement and supports local organizations through various initiatives and offerings.

Reflecting on the Journey

As we reflect on the journey of the Fingerlakes Mall, it’s more than just a shopping mall. It’s a part of the local community’s history, a symbol of resilience and adaptability.

From its establishment in 1980 to today, the mall has weathered numerous changes and challenges. Yet, it continues to thrive, evolving and adapting to meet the community’s needs.

As we look to the future, there is no doubt that the Fingerlakes Mall will continue to be a cherished part of the local community. It will continue to evolve, adapt, and serve as a testament to the resilience and spirit of the community it serves.

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