Oakdale Commons Mall in Johnson City, NY: Shopping and More

Origins and Development

Oakdale Commons, developed by Interstate Properties, opened on October 1, 1975. The shopping mall, originally known as Oakdale Mall, is located at 601-635 Harry L Drive, Johnson City, New York, serving the Binghamton metropolitan area. It has a total retail floor area of 963,475 square feet.

The mall initially featured several major anchor stores, including JCPenney and Sears. JCPenney has remained a constant presence, providing a wide range of merchandise to shoppers.

Sears, another original anchor, offered various products from appliances to clothing until its closure in 2017.

In the early years, Oakdale Mall became a commercial hub in Johnson City. The mall’s opening brought a surge of economic activity and offered new shopping experiences to the community. Many residents found employment opportunities at the mall, contributing to its growth and popularity.

Throughout the late 20th century, Oakdale Mall attracted various national retailers and specialty shops. It became a focal point for shopping and leisure, drawing visitors from across the region.

This period marked the mall’s peak, solidifying its status as a premier retail destination in Broome County.

Things to do in Johnson City, NY, include visiting Oakdale Commons for a diverse shopping experience and exploring local businesses that have become integral to the community’s fabric.

Transition to Oakdale Commons

Oakdale Mall transformed into Oakdale Commons in 2022. Spark JC, LLC bought the property and started major redevelopment.

The goal was to modernize the mall and attract new tenants. This rebranding aimed to rejuvenate the mall’s image and bring fresh energy to the area.

One major change occurred in 2017 when Macy’s closed its location. Macy’s decided to focus on their top-performing stores, leaving a big space available.

This closure marked the beginning of the mall’s transformation. Dick’s House of Sports took over the former Macy’s space in 2023, introducing a new specialty concept by Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Sears, another anchor store, closed in 2017 as part of the company’s plan to shut down brick-and-mortar locations.

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The space that Sears occupied was then converted into “Factory by Beer Tree,” a two-level restaurant with indoor and outdoor dining, and Lourdes Health and Fitness, which includes three large saltwater pools and a steam room.

The Bon-Ton, a staple at the mall, closed in April 2018 due to financial difficulties. In 2023, BJ’s Wholesale Club announced that it would move into the former Bon-Ton space.

This addition brought a new type of retail experience to Oakdale Commons, offering bulk goods and services.

Major Transformations and New Tenants

The transition to Oakdale Commons saw several new tenants and exciting changes. In April 2023, Dave & Buster’s announced their opening in 2024, bringing arcade games, sports viewing, and dining under one roof.

This addition aims to attract families and young adults looking for entertainment options.

Another major change involved Burlington’s relocation. In September 2022, Burlington moved from Oakdale Commons to Town Square Mall in Vestal, freeing up space for new developments and further redevelopment projects within Oakdale Commons.

Local businesses also benefited from the changes. They believed the updates would bring more visitors and enhance the shopping environment.

Spark JC, LLC worked closely with existing tenants to ensure smooth transitions and relocations within the mall.

The redevelopment plans also include extensive renovations of the concourse and common areas.

Spark JC, LLC plans to invest in modernizing these spaces to make Oakdale Commons a more attractive destination. These efforts aim to create a vibrant and engaging shopping experience for the community.

Current Anchors at Oakdale Commons


JCPenney has been a staple at Oakdale Commons since the mall’s inception in 1975. Known for its wide range of merchandise, including apparel, home goods, and cosmetics, JCPenney has consistently attracted a steady stream of shoppers.

The store has weathered various economic changes and retail trends, maintaining its presence and serving the community for nearly five decades.

Dick’s House of Sport

Dick’s House of Sport opened in 2023, taking over the space previously occupied by Macy’s. This specialty concept store by Dick’s Sporting Goods features an extensive range of sports equipment, apparel, and accessories.

The store also includes interactive experiences like batting cages and rock climbing walls, making it a unique destination for sports enthusiasts and families alike.

BJ’s Wholesale Club

BJ’s Wholesale Club joined Oakdale Commons in March 2023, occupying the space formerly held by The Bon-Ton.

This wholesale club offers a wide variety of bulk goods, groceries, electronics, and household items.

It caters to both individual consumers and businesses, providing a cost-effective shopping option with its membership model.

Dave & Buster’s

Set to open in 2024, Dave & Buster’s is positioned between BJ’s Wholesale Club and the Guthrie Pavilion.

This popular chain combines dining with an arcade, offering a fun environment for families, friends, and young adults.

The addition of Dave & Buster’s is expected to enhance the entertainment options at Oakdale Commons, drawing more visitors to the mall.

Famous Stores at Oakdale Commons

Fashion and Accessories

  • American Eagle Outfitters: A popular clothing retailer offering casual wear, jeans, and accessories for young adults. Known for its stylish and comfortable clothing, American Eagle attracts a trendy crowd.
  • Bath & Body Works: Specializing in fragrances, skincare, and home scents, Bath & Body Works is a go-to store for personal care products. Their seasonal collections and signature scents keep customers coming back.
  • Hollister Co.: This store brings the Southern California lifestyle to Johnson City with its laid-back, beach-inspired clothing. Hollister is a favorite among teens and young adults.
  • Claire’s: Known for its wide range of jewelry and accessories, Claire’s is a favorite for fashion-conscious individuals, especially younger shoppers looking for trendy items and ear piercings.

Dining and Snacks

  • Auntie Anne’s® Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels: Famous for its freshly baked pretzels and various dipping sauces, Auntie Anne’s is a must-visit for a quick and delicious snack.
  • Chipotle: Offering customizable burritos, bowls, and tacos, Chipotle is popular for its fresh ingredients and fast-casual dining experience.
  • Cinnabon/Carvel Ice Cream: This store combines the irresistible allure of Cinnabon’s cinnamon rolls with the delightful treats of Carvel ice cream, making it a sweet spot for desserts.
  • Panera Bread: Known for its bakery items, sandwiches, and soups, Panera Bread provides a cozy atmosphere for casual dining and is a popular choice for a healthy meal.

Electronics and Entertainment

  • f.y.e.- for your entertainment: This store offers a variety of entertainment products, including music, movies, games, and pop culture merchandise. It’s a haven for collectors and enthusiasts.
  • Verizon Wireless: Providing the latest in mobile technology and services, Verizon Wireless is a key destination for anyone looking to upgrade their devices or plans.

Specialty Stores

  • Factory by Beer Tree Brew: This unique establishment offers craft beers and a vibrant dining experience. Located in the former Sears space, it has become a popular gathering spot.
  • The Children’s Place: Specializing in kids’ clothing and accessories, The Children’s Place offers stylish and affordable options for children of all ages.
  • Spencer’s: Known for its eclectic mix of novelty items, t-shirts, and accessories, Spencer’s caters to those looking for unique and humorous gifts.

By hosting these well-known stores and services, Oakdale Commons continues to attract a diverse crowd and ensures a vibrant and dynamic shopping environment.

Oakdale Commons: Long-Term Plans

Looking ahead, I believe Oakdale Commons has a promising future. Spark JC, LLC’s $117 million redevelopment plan aims to create a modern, mixed-use space. This investment will likely attract more tenants and visitors, boosting the mall’s appeal.

Plans include renovating common areas and introducing new retail concepts. The goal is to make Oakdale Commons a more vibrant and engaging place.

I expect the mall to continue evolving to meet the community’s needs. By focusing on sustainability and innovative retail solutions, Oakdale Commons can stay ahead in the competitive retail landscape.

The commitment to working with existing tenants also ensures a smooth transition during redevelopment.

Overall, Oakdale Commons is set to remain a key player in Johnson City’s economic and social life. The ongoing improvements and plans show a dedication to providing a dynamic and enjoyable shopping experience for everyone.

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