How Provo Towne Centre Mall in Provo, UT, is Redefining the Retail Experience

A Shopping Beacon in Provo

Provo Towne Centre Mall, the enclosed shopping mall in Provo, Utah, has been a vibrant, bustling part of the community since it flung open its doors to eager shoppers in 1998.

Nestled in the heart of Provo, it offers a blend of retail, leisure, and entertainment options, anchored by JCPenney, Automotive Addiction, and a Cinemark movie theater.

The mall’s management rests in the capable hands of Jones Lang LaSalle, a globally recognized professional services and investment management firm.

The Birth and Growth of a Retail Giant

The birth of Provo Towne Centre wasn’t without its share of drama and controversy. When it was being constructed, developers JP Realty were embroiled in a lawsuit against the city of Orem, which was accused of offering incentives to keep ZCMI from shifting its store from University Mall.

Provo city council, on the other hand, expressed a preference for the mall to be named “Utah Valley Towne Centre.”

Despite these hiccups, the mall debuted in 1998, leading to JCPenney’s relocation from University Mall. General Growth Properties took ownership of the mall in 2002, adding it to its impressive portfolio.

The mall even made a cameo in popular culture when the MTV film “American Mall” was shot on location here in 2008. Brixton Capital eventually purchased the mall in 2016, with Jones Lange LaSalle stepping in to manage it.

Provo Towne Centre
Provo Towne Centre” by Ben P L is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Changing Guard: The Evolution of Anchors

When it opened, the mall boasted a robust line-up of anchor stores, including Sears, Cinemark, JCPenney, and Dillard’s.

Over time, however, this list saw some significant changes. On May 5, 2017, Sears announced that it would be closing as part of a plan to shutter 30 stores nationwide, with the Provo location being added to the list soon after. Redevelopment plans were announced, but nothing specific was revealed.

A new chapter began in 2020 when an automobile museum named “Automotive Addiction” opened its doors on the first floor of the former Sears.

Reviving the Former Dillard’s Site: A Major Upgrade

The former Dillard’s site inside Provo Towne Centre is poised for a significant upgrade. A red and white banner signaling construction upgrades now greets visitors as Brixton Capital initiates the renovation phase. The eastern entrance of the Dillard’s building has been fenced off, with interior renovation work starting in earnest.

Brixton Capital has been seriously discussing leasing a large section of the property to a well-known national retailer. The firm envisions the debut of a new store in the next two years, following the refurbishment of the building.

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This initiative is vital to Brixton Capital’s broader strategy to overhaul the mall. Since February 2023, it’s been confirmed that Target will fill the spot previously occupied by Dillard’s.

Brixton Capital’s Vision for Provo Towne Centre

Brixton Capital envisions the mall’s redevelopment into a mixed-use project. The scheme for redevelopment involves the incorporation of multifamily residences and other facilities to enhance the quality of living, shopping experiences, and sense of community in Provo’s East Bay locality. The addition of Target will complement these ongoing plans.

Reflections and Future Aspirations

Provo Towne Centre has stood as a testament to the evolution and resilience of retail spaces. From the early days of construction controversies to the dynamic shifts in anchor stores, it has continuously reinvented itself to cater to the changing tastes and preferences of the Provo community.

The departure of Sears and Dillard’s was met with nostalgia, as these stores had been an integral part of many residents’ shopping experiences. However, introducing new and diverse offerings like Automotive Addiction and the upcoming Target store have kept the mall relevant and exciting.

As Brixton Capital embarks on a significant upgrade of the former Dillard’s site and lays out ambitious plans for mixed-use redevelopment, the Provo Towne Centre stands on the cusp of a new era.

Integrating multifamily housing and other mixed uses into the mall’s blueprint is a promising step toward creating a more holistic and community-focused space. Brixton Capital’s vision could transform Provo Towne Centre into a thriving hub that isn’t just about shopping but also about living and connecting.

In these transformations, the mall continues to be a beacon of the Provo community. Its journey, filled with changes, adaptations, and reinventions, mirrors the evolution of Provo itself. As the community looks forward to the mall’s next chapter, they do so with nostalgia and excitement for the future.

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