Things to Do in Martinsburg, West Virginia

In the eastern part of the Shenandoah Valley, Martinsburg, West Virginia, offers visitors a variety of fun and exciting things to do. The city is situated on the tip of the Panhandle and is surrounded by nature, including pristine lakes, lush forests, and majestic mountains. You will also find some great dining and shopping opportunities.

If you are looking to travel to Martinsburg, West Virginia, there are several things you can do. Some of the top attractions include the Apollo Civic Theatre, Belle Boyd House, and the Poor House Farm Park.

Things to Do in Martinsburg, West Virginia

Apollo Civic Theatre

The Apollo Civic Theatre is a 106-year-old theatre in Martinsburg, West Virginia. This historic theater has been a focal point for entertainment in the community for decades. It is a non-profit organization and is a landmark in the city.

The original Apollo Theatre was built in 1914 and was designed by Washington, DC, architect Reginald Geare. It opened in January of that year with seating for approximately 1,000. In 1979, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Apollo Theatre, Martinsburg WV
Apollo Theatre, Martinsburg WV

The theater has had many owners and changed hands over the years. Today, the building is owned by the Apollo Theatre Preservation Group. They have been implementing a significant renovation plan for the building. In addition, a team of architects and engineers evaluated the building and developed a 110-page Historic Structures Report. This report is a detailed analysis of the structure and includes recommendations for improvement.

Poor House Farm Park

Poor House Farm Park is the perfect place to unwind and have fun. The park features several recreational activities, including five acres of stocked fishing, a medium-sized pavilion, and a disc golf course. In addition, the park boasts a couple of newer features, such as a playground structure and sand volleyball courts. It is located in the heart of Berkeley County, just minutes from Martinsburg station.

Best places to visit in Martinsburg, West Virginia

Poor House Farm Park is a prime example of the nexus of local government and community support. The farm was in shambles when it was purchased by the “overseers of the poor” in 1850. But after a spirited effort by the community, the property was transformed into a thriving recreational hub.

While there isn’t much history on the property, the site has several interesting relics. One of the best is the stone house. Previously home to the eponymous John and Elizabeth Emert, it was built in 1844. Over the years, it had a few upgrades, most notably a smoke and mirrors bathroom and a sickhouse. Today, it is a popular wedding venue.

Orr’s Farm Market

Orr’s Farm Market is a family-run business operating for almost 60 years. Initially, the farm was a small fruit farm in Arden, WV. However, as the dairy farms in the area went out of business, the Orrs purchased hundreds of acres and built a packing facility. As a result, the market now features a wide range of fresh produce. It also offers children’s hay rides, live music, and educational events.

Places to go in Martinsburg, West Virginia

There are plenty of farmer markets in the state, but the Orr’s has a unique flair. They have been around for over six decades and boast a hefty staff of longtime employees. Besides providing a wide array of fresh fruit and vegetables, they also sell fresh meat, dairy products, and candy.

While they are not the only market in the area, their impressive feat of arms is a prime example of the state’s efforts to maintain a healthy local economy. In addition to the usual suspects, they are currently promoting a balanced diet, educating children about good agricultural practices, and improving the area’s reputation for being one of the cleanest and greenest places to live.

Martinsburg Roundhouse

Martinsburg Roundhouse is a National Historic Landmark that is a great place to visit in Martinsburg, West Virginia. This historic building was a vital part of the history of the city.

The facility was a major regional employer during the late 1800s and early 1900s. In addition, it served as a transportation hub in the Shenandoah Valley.

Martinsburg Roundhouse
Martinsburg Roundhouse

When the Confederate army was in town during the Civil War, they tore up nearly thirty-six and a half miles of track and destroyed a total of forty-two locomotives and cars. They also destroyed seventeen bridges.

In 1849, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company established machine and engine shops at the Martinsburg Roundhouse. These shops were an essential part of maintaining the railroad property. After the war, the Roundhouse became the largest employer in the area.

Belle Boyd House

The Belle Boyd House is a historical museum in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Initially built in 1853, this house is still a part of the community. Today it is a museum owned by the Berkeley County Historical Society. This museum is dedicated to the history of Berkeley County, West Virginia.

It is a five-bay, two-story brick townhouse. It is similar to other country houses in the county.

Martinsburg, Belle Boyd house
Martinsburg, Belle Boyd house

The Berkeley County Historical Society purchased the Belle Boyd house in 1992 and restored it to serve as a museum. This museum offers an informative and entertaining experience for visitors. It has a variety of exhibits, including the house’s history, the Civil War, the African American community, and the Jewish community in Martinsburg.

Belle Boyd was a famous Confederate spy during the American Civil War. She traveled across the country to relay military information to the Confederate commanders. She wrote a book about her time as a spy. Her memoirs were reprinted numerous times.

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