The Never-Ending Story of Northridge Mall in Milwaukee, WI

The Dawn of Northridge Mall: The Grand Opening and Initial Success

Ah, the year was 1972, and the air was excited as Northridge Mall opened its doors on August 14. Developed by Taubman Centers and co-financed by Senator Herb Kohl, the mall was a beacon of modern retail, designed to be a regional shopping center. With four anchor stores—Sears, JCPenney, Boston Store, and Gimbels—it was the place to be.

The mall was strategically located on 76th Street, between Brown Deer Road and Good Hope Road, making it easily accessible. The architecture was a marvel for its time, featuring skylights and a unique layout that made shopping an experience rather than a chore.

Northridge Mall quickly became a hub of activity, drawing shoppers from all over Milwaukee and even neighboring states. The mall’s food court was a gastronomic delight, offering a variety of cuisines that catered to different tastes.

In the years that followed, Northridge Mall became synonymous with shopping excellence. It was the go-to place for holiday shopping, first dates, and family outings. The mall served as more than a mere hub for retail; it was a focal point for community interactions.

The Golden Years of Northridge Mall: The Mall’s Anchor Tenants and Their Transformations

The 1980s and ’90s were the golden years for Northridge Mall. The anchor stores underwent several transformations, adding to the mall’s allure. Gimbels was sold and became Marshall Field’s, then transitioned to H. C. Prange Co., and finally morphed into Younkers.

These changes in anchor tenants were significant events that kept the mall in the public eye. Each transformation was accompanied by renovations and grand re-openings, which drew large crowds. Special promotions and events were the norm, making each visit to Northridge Mall an adventure.

During this period, the mall also saw an influx of smaller stores and boutiques, diversifying the shopping experience. Northridge Mall had something for everyone, from high-end fashion to quirky novelty shops.

However, it wasn’t just the shopping that made Northridge Mall the place to be. The mall also hosted community events, concerts, and even car shows. It was a focal point for social gatherings, making it one of the top things to do in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Dark Side of Northridge Mall: Crime and Controversy

1992, a high-profile crime occurred in a TGI Friday’s parking lot near the mall. This incident, widely covered by the media, cast a shadow over the mall’s reputation.

The mall management enhanced security by installing surveillance cameras and increasing patrols. However, the damage was done. The incident led to declining foot traffic, especially during the evenings, affecting the mall’s overall business.

The late ’90s and early 2000s were challenging times for Northridge Mall. Around that time, the mall also faced competition from newer shopping centers. These factors led to declining sales and store closures, setting the stage for the mall’s eventual downfall.

Despite these challenges, the mall tried to reinvent itself. Renovations were undertaken, and new stores were introduced. But the efforts were too little, too late. The mall’s reputation had suffered, and struggled to regain its former glory.

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The Decline of Northridge Mall: The Factors Leading to Closure

By the early 2000s, Northridge Mall was a shadow of its former self. The cancellation of a planned freeway that would have increased accessibility, competition from other shopping centers, and the economic downturn of the early 2000s were the final nails in the coffin.

Stores began to close, and the once-bustling food court became eerily quiet. The mall’s decline was palpable, and it was clear that its days were numbered.

In 2003, the inevitable happened: Northridge Mall closed its doors. The closure was met with a sense of loss by the community. For many, the mall was not just a shopping center but a place filled with memories.

The property sat vacant, a silent witness to better days. Over the years, it became prone to vandalism and decay, a sad end to what was once a vibrant community hub.

Failed Revitalization Attempts: From Menards to Phoenix Investors

Over the years, several attempts were made to breathe new life into the abandoned Northridge Mall. Menards showed interest in the property but eventually backed out. Then came Phoenix Investors, a Milwaukee-based company with plans to redevelop the mall.

In July 2023, Phoenix Investors terminated their purchase agreement, citing insurmountable challenges. The city of Milwaukee had issued a raze order for the property, complicating any redevelopment plans.

The mall has also faced a protracted legal battle with its current Chinese company owner. The legal tangles have further delayed any potential redevelopment, leaving the mall’s future uncertain.

Despite these setbacks, the community holds out hope for a revival. The mall’s structure may be deteriorating, but its place in the hearts of Milwaukee residents remains strong.

As of 2023, Northridge Mall is a far cry from its heyday. The property has been prone to fires, notably a series of arson incidents in the summer of 2022. These events have increased scrutiny and fines against the mall’s owners, Black Spruce, who face at least $26,000 in penalties.

In January 2023, the city of Milwaukee sought to take over the property, but a judge rejected the request in April. The legal battles continue, adding another layer of complexity to the mall’s already complicated history.

Despite its current state, the mall remains a topic of discussion and debate. Community members, city officials, and potential investors all have opinions on what should be done with the property.

While the mall’s future is uncertain, its past is a testament to its impact on the community. It may be a shell of its former self, but it’s filled with memories and lessons that Milwaukee will not soon forget.

Community Perspectives on Northridge Mall’s Future: A Mixed-Use Development Vision

The local business community has been vocal about its vision for the mall’s future, advocating for a mixed-use development that would offer long-term benefits to the area. This perspective opposes quick fixes and instead focuses on a sustainable, long-term vision for the site.

The idea is to transform the mall into a multi-purpose hub, including housing, hotels, restaurants, and perhaps even educational facilities. This vision aligns with the sentiments of many residents who feel the property is too valuable to be left in its current state.

Community members are hopeful for a redevelopment that would serve various needs and contribute to the area’s revitalization. The concept of mixed-use development has garnered support as it aligns with the broader goals of sustainable urban planning.

As discussions and debates continue, the future of Northridge Mall remains an open question. However, the strong community interest and the push for a multi-faceted development indicate that, while the mall’s structure may be deteriorating, its place in the hearts and minds of locals remains strong.


Northridge Mall is a complex symbol of community heritage and missed opportunities. Its history is a tapestry of success, decline, and ongoing struggle for revival. As legal battles and community discussions continue, the future of Northridge Mall remains an open question. Yet, it is a compelling case study in urban development and community engagement, a story far from over.

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  1. Avatar of Hope

    I would like to know who is getting the payoff for this building. It should have been taken care of a long time ago. Who is getting the money to keep it there. It should be demolished and little homes for veterans placed there or a place criminals to like instead of paying for their rent in high end places

    1. Avatar of Spencer Walsh
      Spencer Walsh (author)

      Thanks for sharing your perspective on Northridge Mall. The idea of converting the space into something beneficial for the community is worth exploring.

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