The Legacy and Future of Broward Health Medical Center in Broward County, FL

A Look Back at Broward Health’s Roots

In the early days of Broward County, Florida, the community faced a shortage of reliable medical facilities. It all began with the Wallace Apartments, which was converted into the Edwards-Maxwell Hospital in the 1920s.

Unfortunately, the hospital closed in 1929 due to financial difficulties. However, Juanita Clay reopened it in 1932 and remained prosperous until 1937, when Medical Services, Inc bought it.

The Broward County medical community took action, forming the Broward Hospital Association (BHA) in 1937. The BHA began raising funds for a community-owned hospital, eventually transforming the Granada apartments into the 45-bed Broward General Hospital in 1938.

As the population of Broward County multiplied, so did the hospital. Various expansions and additions led to the formation of the North Broward Hospital District in 1952. The District focused on providing high-quality healthcare to the county and building more facilities to accommodate the growing population.

Broward Health Today: One of the Largest Public Health Systems in the U.S.

With over 7,500 employees and a vast network of healthcare facilities, Broward Health is one of the country’s largest public hospital systems. Its facilities and services include:

  • Broward Health Medical Center
  • Broward Health North
  • Broward Health Imperial Point
  • Broward Health Coral Springs
  • Salah Foundation Broward Health Children’s Hospital
  • Broward Health Weston
  • Community Health Services

The Broward Health Foundation, established in 1999, supports the various programs, projects, and initiatives of Broward Health through fundraising and donations.

Facilities and Their Offerings

Broward Health North

Opened in March 1961, Broward Health North has 409 beds and serves as an adult Level II trauma center, attending to over 50,000 medical emergencies and 14,000 hospitalized patients yearly.

Broward Health Imperial Point

Broward Health Imperial Point, which began operations in November 1972, boasts 204 beds and a range of medical services. In the most recent year with data, the hospital had 33,382 emergency room visits and 9,340 admissions.

Broward Health Coral Springs

Originally called Coral Springs Medical Center, Broward Health Coral Springs opened in March 1987. The facility is known for its unique summer day camp for children with Type-I diabetes, Camp KoralKids.

Broward Health Weston

Broward Health Weston, which opened in June 2000, responded to the community’s need for a more conveniently located healthcare facility.

Community Health Services

Broward Health’s Community Health Services provides healthcare in the northern two-thirds of the county, offering primary care, dental care, social services, and more through various facilities.

Salah Foundation Children’s Hospital

Located within Broward Health Medical Center, the Salah Foundation Children’s Hospital is a pediatric acute care hospital with 135 beds, providing comprehensive pediatric care for children aged 0-21 in southeastern Florida.

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Leadership and Advancements in Healthcare

The Board of Commissioners at Broward Health oversees the organization, with Shane Strum as the present CEO (2023). The organization has a history of leadership changes and faced a $69 million settlement with the federal government over accusations of maintaining a secret compensation system.

Despite its challenges, Broward Health continues to make advancements in healthcare, earning the Joint Commission’s Ernest Amory Codman Award for improving outcomes in sedating children for procedures.

Graduate Medical Education

Broward Health offers a range of accredited residency and fellowship programs for both osteopathic and non-osteopathic physicians.

With specialties in dermatology, orthopedic surgery, family medicine, internal medicine, hospice and palliative care, pediatrics, and cardiology, these programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and the American Osteopathic Association. The hospital also provides ASHP-accredited pharmacy residencies supported by GME.

Community Health Services and Broward Health Foundation

The Community Health Services division of Broward Health delivers healthcare services across the northern two-thirds portion of Broward County. This includes primary care, behavioral care, dental care, immunizations, physicals, nutritional counseling, social services, lab services, HIV research, and more.

The Broward Health Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1999, supports Broward Health’s various programs, projects, and initiatives. Contributions to the foundation have financed medical supplies, services, and educational resources for patients throughout the health system.

Patient-Centered Care and Technological Innovations

Broward Health has long focused on providing patient-centered care and embracing technological advancements to improve the patient experience. They have integrated various technologies to streamline patient care and enhance communication among healthcare professionals.

Telemedicine Services

Broward Health has incorporated telemedicine services into its care model, enabling patients to connect with medical professionals remotely. This has proven particularly beneficial for patients in rural areas or those with limited mobility.

Telemedicine Services Description
Virtual Consultations Patients can consult with healthcare providers via video conference, reducing the need for in-person appointments.
Remote Monitoring Wearable devices and home monitoring systems allow healthcare professionals to remotely track patients’ vital signs and health metrics.
E-Prescriptions Physicians can send electronic prescriptions directly to patients’ preferred pharmacies, minimizing wait times and paperwork.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Broward Health has implemented a comprehensive EHR system that allows healthcare providers to access and update patients’ medical information in real time. This system promotes efficient care coordination and reduces the risk of medical errors.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Broward Health has established various partnerships and collaborations with leading organizations and educational institutions in its pursuit of excellence and innovation. These collaborations aim to enhance the quality of care, promote research, and provide education and training opportunities.

Academic Partnerships

Broward Health has partnered with several medical schools and universities, creating a solid academic foundation for its Graduate Medical Education programs. These partnerships also foster research collaborations, enhancing patient care and driving advancements in medical knowledge.

Academic Partner Focus Area
Nova Southeastern University Medical education, research, and clinical services
Florida International University Collaborative research, educational programs, and clinical training
Florida Atlantic University Medical education, research, and clinical services

Research Collaborations

Broward Health actively collaborates with organizations and institutions focused on cutting-edge research. These partnerships enable the health system to participate in clinical trials and contribute to developing new treatments and therapies.

Research Collaborator Focus Area
National Cancer Institute Oncology research, clinical trials, and patient care
American Heart Association Cardiovascular research, prevention, and treatment
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Infectious disease research, prevention, and control

By embracing technology and fostering partnerships, Broward Health continues advancing its mission of providing high-quality healthcare to its communities.

Future Plans and Strategic Initiatives for Broward Health

Broward Health has an ambitious roadmap for the coming years, with several key initiatives in the pipeline that aim to enhance patient care and extend its service coverage:

Freestanding Emergency Department in Sunrise: In collaboration with Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, Broward Health plans to open a new freestanding Emergency Department in the City of Sunrise by 2024. This new facility will help address the growing demand for emergency services and improve access to care for the local population.

Stereotaxis Lab at Broward Health Medical Center: Slated to be the first in Florida and fifth in the nation, the upcoming Stereotaxis lab will offer state-of-the-art robotic cardiac care using the Genesis system. This advanced technology will enable Broward Health to provide cutting-edge treatments for patients with heart conditions.

Alzheimer’s Clinical Trial Partnership: Broward Health continues its partnership with UF Health and Insightec for an Alzheimer’s clinical trial announced last summer. This collaboration aims to develop innovative therapies and interventions for patients who have Alzheimer’s disease.

Broward HealthPoint Mobile Health Unit: To increase healthcare accessibility for at-risk uninsured, or underinsured residents, Broward Health is introducing a new mobile health unit called Broward HealthPoint. This initiative will deliver essential healthcare services to needy communities, helping bridge the healthcare access gap.

Jacqueline J. Bernstein & Marvin H. Weiner Imaging Center: Thanks to a generous $5.5 million donation by Marvin H. Weiner and Jacqueline J. Bernstein, Broward Health Imperial Point will establish the Imaging Center. This new facility will be equipped with cutting-edge imaging technology, enabling the hospital to offer advanced diagnostic services to its patients.

These plans showcase Broward Health’s commitment to innovation, collaboration, and community outreach, as it strives to deliver exceptional healthcare services across the region.

A Legacy of Growth and Community Involvement

From its humble beginnings as the first hospital in Broward County to its current status as one of the largest public health systems in the United States, Broward Health has consistently responded to the growing community’s needs.

With a wide range of facilities, programs, and services, it continues to play a vital role in providing healthcare to residents in the region.

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