How much would a vacation to Florida cost?

Florida is the Sunshine State for a reason. Its year-round warm weather makes it an ideal vacation destination, and its abundance of attractions and activities means there’s something to do for everyone.

So whether you’re looking to relax at the beach, hit some golf balls on one of Florida’s many courses, or enjoy a day at Disney World, you’ll find plenty of things to do with your family while in Florida.

An average trip to this state can cost anywhere from $100 to $900 per person, depending on your travel arrangements. However, you can save some money if you plan by researching flights and hotels before heading out on vacation, you can save some money!

Getting to Florida

The best way to get to Florida is by plane. For example, you can fly to Miami International Airport from most major cities in North America and Europe (like Paris, London, and New York City). The cost of this trip will depend on how much you are willing to spend and how far you’re traveling.

If you’re flying internationally, your flight will likely take longer than if you were flying domestically since there are more restrictions on air space when crossing international borders.

Florida vacation cost
Florida vacation cost

Where to Stay in Florida

Where you stay in Florida will significantly affect your experience and how much money you spend.

  1. Best family-friendly resorts in Florida


For those who want comfort and convenience, hotels are the obvious choice. Hotels in Florida have many different price points but don’t expect them to be cheap. Hotels near the beach can cost over $300 per night at peak times during the summer months.

Most areas have plenty of hotel options within walking distance of restaurants and attractions, so if you don’t have a car or need public transportation nearby, it might be time to splurge on some fancy digs!

Rental homes/apartments

Do you want something with more space than just one room? For example, a house or apartment may better suit families looking for vacation homes rather than a hotel room to spread out their belongings without feeling cramped.

The Southernmost House Grand Hotel and Museum - Key West, Florida
The Southernmost House Grand Hotel and Museum – Key West, Florida


Are hostel rooms too small for what you’re looking for? Then consider booking yourself into an upscale hostel like this one near Ft Lauderdale Beach, where there’s no curfew on hanging out inside – meaning late-night partying isn’t just discouraged but encouraged!

Rental cars

If staying in one place isn’t your thing, renting a car can make exploring more affordable than constantly taking taxis or Uber around town (although this is still an option). Traveling between cities is also handy as rental cars are generally cheaper than trains or buses.

Remember that driving in Florida can be dangerous because of heavy traffic and erratic drivers! We recommend researching before booking so that everything goes smoothly during your trip.

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Disney's Grand Floridian Resort, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida
Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

How much does an average Florida vacation cost?

Are you dreaming of a vacation in sunny Florida? But how much would it cost? We look at the expenses involved in taking a trip to Florida so you can budget accordingly.

  • Airfare to Florida can range from $150 – $500, depending on your destination.
  • Accommodations in Florida range from budget hotels for about $50 per night to swanky resorts for about $300 per night.
  • Meal prices vary depending on where you eat but can range from $10 to $100+ per person per meal.
  • Additional costs such as entertainment (e.g., tourist attractions or amusement parks), transportation around the state, or souvenirs will vary significantly based on individual travelers’ interests.
Four Seasons Orlando hotel at Walt Disney World
Four Seasons Orlando, hotel at Walt Disney World

Accommodation Costs

Accommodation costs depend on your chosen hotel or resort and the part of Florida you visit. Hotels, private home rentals, campgrounds, RV campsites, and other types of lodging all offer different prices.

Prices are cheaper outside peak seasons, such as during hurricane season (June-November). However, in peak seasons, prices will tend to be higher and room availability more limited, so planning is critical to get the best deals for accommodation.

Travel Expenses

The cost of travel will vary depending on your method of transportation to Florida. Driving can be pretty economical if you plan for multiple stops along the way, but airfare and train tickets will both be more expensive options.

Keep an eye out for special discounts or offers online throughout the year, where deals can save up to 30% off flights and even more from car rental companies.

'Kelly's' a restaurant in Key West Florida
‘Kelly’s’ is a restaurant in Key West Florida

Food Costs

Food costs vary drastically according to where and how much you eat in Florida. Eating at fast food outlets regularly is the cheapest, but dining out often can quickly add up; eating at home is one of the most affordable options (especially when staying in self-catering accommodation like an Airbnb).

Grocery prices generally tend to be high in tourist areas due to low competition – but with some savvy budgeting tips, it’s possible to stick within your holiday budget while still enjoying delicious meals along your journey!

Activities Costs

Finally, those extra expenses involve visiting theme parks or amusement parks, going on boat trips or cruises, and attending any sports matches for which you may need tickets.

Of course, all these activities come with their entry fees, which should be included in your vacation budget planning before leaving home – not necessarily as surprises once there!

Pier Amusements
Pier Amusements

Average Florida Trip Costs

Average Couple’s Trip

A vacation to Florida for an average couple can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, depending on the length of stay and planned activities. For a week-long trip, the average cost could be around $2,000. This would include airfare, hotel accommodations, meals, and some entertainment.

Couple in silhouette at sunrise on Smathers Beach, Key West, Florida
Couple in silhouette at sunrise on Smathers Beach, Key West, Florida

Airfare is typically the most expensive part of any vacation, and a trip to Florida is no exception. Depending on where you are flying from, the cost of airfare can vary greatly.

Generally speaking, flights to Florida from within the United States will cost anywhere from $200 to $500 per person, depending on when you book and how far in advance. International flights will be more expensive,

Average Family Vacation

An average family vacation to Florida can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000, depending on the length of stay and type of accommodations. A typical family vacation would include airfare, hotel or rental car, meals, and activities.

Airfare for a family of four can range from $500 to $1,500, depending on the time of year and location. 

A vacation to Florida can be as expensive or as affordable as you make it. The cost of a hotel will depend on the type of accommodation you choose, the location, and the time of year. For example, if you stay in a luxury resort in Miami Beach during peak season, you can expect to pay upwards of $400 per night. 

vacation to Florida cost
vacation to Florida cost

The Cost of a Luxury Florida Trip

A luxury trip to Florida can be expensive, with the average cost ranging from $3,500 to over $10,000. This includes airfare, rental car fees, hotel stay, food costs, and spending money for activities like swimming with dolphins or taking a helicopter ride.

For those wanting to indulge in the state’s many attractions and experiences without breaking the bank, it may pay off to book in advance and take advantage of discounts and special offers. A clear budget plan of where and how much you are willing to spend will also help conserve funds.

With careful planning and some savvy shopping around, you can still enjoy a luxurious holiday in Florida without having to blow a fortune.

Florida Keys Luxury yacht - Key West
Florida Keys Luxury Yacht – Key West

How do I save money when traveling?

If possible, take advantage of hotel loyalty programs such as Marriott Rewards or Hilton Honors points. These programs offer discounts on hotels and often include perks like complimentary breakfast and late checkout time (which means no extra charge!).

  1. Florida tourist spots

Also, consider Airbnb: Airbnb properties are usually less expensive than hotels while still being comfortable and convenient locations to explore your destination city!


A vacation to Florida could cost anything from just a few hundred dollars for each person if spending frugally – through mid-range prices that are reasonable even without discounts – through more extravagant budgets covering hotels and luxury experiences – providing everyone something that suits their pocket!

How much is a 7-day trip to Florida?

If you’re going to Florida on an average 7-day vacation, the cost of your trip will vary greatly depending upon where you stay and what activities you participate in. Your average budget for a 7-day trip to Florida could be anywhere from $100 to more than $1,000 daily!

What is the cheapest month to go to Florida?

The most expensive time to go to Florida is in the summer, while the cheapest time is in spring. The difference between a summer and a spring vacation can be as much as $300 per person!

You can save money by planning your trip around off-season travel. For example, visiting during May or February will cost around $200 less than in July or August.

How long should you spend in Florida?

How long you should stay in Florida depends on what you want to do, the season, and your budget.

If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation, one week is enough time to see all the key attractions of Florida. Five weeks may be more appropriate if you’re planning an epic road trip through the state with friends or family. But, of course, if money isn’t an issue and time is no object… why limit yourself? Enjoy yourself as long as possible!

Is food expensive in Florida?

One of the most incredible things about Florida is that the food is not expensive. Florida has a lot of seafood, with excellent prices and flavors. So you can get a good meal reasonably in Florida, no matter where you eat. And if you’re traveling to one of its theme parks, you’ll also enjoy great meals for even lower prices!

Florida vacation prices
Florida vacation prices

A trip to Florida is an excellent investment.

You might be surprised how much you can save by traveling to Florida for your next holiday. A trip to this paradise is an excellent investment for anyone, especially those who want to visit a new place but don’t want the hassle of booking flights and accommodations separately.

With the Florida vacation package from Travelocity, you’ll have your accommodations sorted out ahead of time, so all you have left is to enjoy your vacation!


Now that you know how much a vacation in Florida will cost, you must plan it! There are so many things to do and see in this beautiful state. You could spend weeks exploring its beaches, forests, and cities without running out of new experiences.

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