Things to Do in Santa Claus, Indiana

Places to visit in Santa Claus, IN.

If you are spending a holiday in Santa Claus, Indiana, you can do plenty of things to make the holiday season more fun for you and your family. Some activities you can enjoy include enjoying Christmas Lake, visiting the Saint Meinrad Archabbey, and the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial.

Santa Claus, Indiana, is the perfect weekend getaway from major cities. This quaint Hoosier town is built around the spirit of Christmas. Its attractions are ideal for families with young children.

Things to Do in Santa Claus, Indiana

Santa Claus Museum & Village is the perfect place to learn about the town’s history. The museum includes the original 1880 Santa Claus Church and post office. Kids can also write letters to Santa.

Holiday World & Splashin Safari

Holiday World & Splashin Safari offers family fun for the entire family. In addition to the many rides and attractions, the park features live entertainment, a holiday-themed water park, and dining and shopping options. The park is a great place to go for a multi-day stay.

Visitors can enjoy two junior-sized wave pools at the Holiday World water park, a lazy river, a Cheetah Chase dueling water coaster, and a Wildebeest and Mammoth water slide. Guests can also ride on the nation’s first launched wing coaster, Thunderbird.

Holiday World
Holiday World

Aside from the rides and attractions, the park also offers free Wi-Fi and parking. Visitors can also visit the Santa Claus Christmas Store, which sells ornaments, baked goods, and fragrances.

The park also offers access to Splashin’ Safari. Splashin’ Safari is located adjacent to the main area of Holiday World. It is often referred to as the “Water Coaster Capital of the World.”

As part of your trip, you can also check out the Hoosier Celebration Theater, which is an outdoor amphitheater. This is where you’ll find performances by contemporary Christian bands.

Santa Claus, Indiana
Santa Claus, Indiana

Lincoln State Park

Lincoln State Park is an ideal destination for outdoor recreation. This beautiful park is situated in the southern part of Indiana. It has a picturesque setting with two lakes and scenic countryside.

The United States Geological Survey manages the park. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) refurbished the park. They constructed over 12 miles of trails and built a lake. A lakeside shelter and boat rental building were also made.

Lincoln State Park - Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Plaza - January 5, 2015
Lincoln State Park – Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Plaza – January 5, 2015

The park features a natural history museum and a nature center. There are also interactive exhibits. At the museum, you can learn more about the life of Abraham Lincoln.

The park is also home to the Lincoln Amphitheatre. You can watch the Young Abe Lincoln musical.

Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial

Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial is a historic site that preserves the area where Abraham Lincoln spent his youth. The memorial features a museum, a pioneer farm, and a burial place for his mother. In addition, visitors can explore a series of scenic trails.

Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial - Indiana
Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial – Indiana

Located on the property where the Lincoln family lived for 14 years, the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial is a beautiful stop for a Lincoln fan. Its Living Historical Farm is a restored 1820s pioneer homestead with field crops, split rail fences, and animals. Visitors can also enjoy a film and exhibits describing the life of President Lincoln.

Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial is open year-round. In summer, a park is excellent for a picnic and swimming.

Saint Meinrad Archabbey

Saint Meinrad Archabbey is one of two archabbeys in the United States. It was founded in 1854 by monks from Einsiedeln Abbey in Switzerland. They traveled to southern Indiana to serve the needs of the German-speaking Catholic population.

Today, the Benedictine community at Saint Meinrad comprises about 100 men. The monks devote themselves to prayer and work. Their mission is to prepare men for ordained ministry.

Saint Meinrad Archabbey
Saint Meinrad Archabbey

The monastery is located near the Hoosier National Forest. It is also home to Saint Meinrad Seminary and the School of Theology. This is where graduates of the Benedictine monastic tradition can receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in theology.

Visitors can take guided tours of the Archabbey. A Benedictine monk conducts these tours.

Santa Claus Museum & Village
Santa Claus Museum & Village

Santa Claus Museum & Village

Santa Claus, Indiana, is an excellent place for children to visit during Christmas. Not only is there an actual Santa Claus statue, but the town also has a museum and post office. The Santa Claus post office is the only one in the world.

The museum traces the history of the town and features antique toys. There’s also an extensive collection of Santa Clauses from around the world. In addition, several displays are designed to tell the story of the town’s growth.

Best tourist attractions in Santa Claus, Indiana

The Santa Claus Candy Castle is a dream come true for those who love candy. This is the first themed attraction in the United States. Visitors can enjoy 35 different flavors of hot cocoa and retro candy favorites. Among its other treats are a scavenger hunt, gourmet popcorn, and Pez dispensers.

Another exciting attraction is the Santa Claus Land of Lights. This light display is just under a mile and a half long. It includes lighted displays and a written storybook on each sign. After seeing the show, visitors receive a coupon for a free photo with Rudolph.

Other attractions include the new Santa Claus Museum, the 1880 Santa Claus Church, and the newly relocated Santa Claus Post Office. The museum features a 22-foot-tall statue of Santa Claus.

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