Tippecanoe Mall in Lafayette, IN: A Shopper’s Paradise

Establishment and Early Years

Tippecanoe Mall opened in 1973 in Lafayette, Indiana. Melvin Simon & Associates developed the mall. The original plan included Montgomery Ward and Federal’s as the anchor stores.

Federal’s did not open as expected. Instead, JCPenney became one of the primary anchors. William H. Block Co. was added as a third anchor store, offering a variety of merchandise.

In the early years, Tippecanoe Mall became a central shopping destination for Lafayette residents. The mall’s location at 2415 Sagamore Pkwy South provided easy access for shoppers. Its mix of retail stores attracted a steady stream of visitors.

The opening of Tippecanoe Mall in 1973 marked a new era in Lafayette’s retail landscape. With JCPenney and William H. Block Co. as the main anchors, the mall quickly established itself as a key player in the local market.

The enclosed shopping center format provided a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience, making it a popular spot for things to do in Lafayette, Indiana.

1980s Developments

In the 1980s, Tippecanoe Mall experienced some important changes. In April 1983, Montgomery Ward closed its store, leaving a big gap in the mall’s anchor lineup.

High winds damaged the Block store the same year, forcing it to move temporarily to the former Montgomery Ward space.

Kohl’s came in to fill the space left by Montgomery Ward in 1985. This addition brought new energy to the mall, attracting shoppers with its wide range of products.

Block’s store, after temporary relocation, resumed operations and later rebranded as Lazarus in 1987.

Throughout the 1980s, Tippecanoe Mall continued to attract a loyal customer base.

The arrival of Kohl’s and the rebranding of Block’s to Lazarus ensured that the mall remained a popular shopping destination. These changes helped the mall maintain its relevance in Lafayette’s retail scene.

1990s Expansion

The 1990s brought expansion and new opportunities to Tippecanoe Mall. In 1994, the mall announced a major expansion plan, which included adding new wings and more retail space. This plan excited both shoppers and retailers.

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Two new anchors, Sears and L.S. Ayres, joined the mall during this expansion. L.S. Ayres relocated from Market Square Mall, bringing a new shopping experience to the area.

The mall also welcomed the first Hat World store in 1995. This store specialized in hats and quickly became a popular stop for visitors.

The addition of Hat World added variety to the mall’s offerings and attracted a diverse crowd.

The 1990s expansion solidified Tippecanoe Mall’s place in Lafayette. The new stores and increased retail space kept the mall bustling with activity.

As the decade progressed, the mall continued to adapt and grow, meeting the needs of its shoppers.

Tippecanoe Mall
Tippecanoe Mall” by Eric Fischer is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Key Store Openings and Closures

The early 2000s brought a mix of new stores and closures to Tippecanoe Mall. In 2002, Lazarus closed its doors, a move that changed the mall’s landscape and paved the way for new developments.

In 2004, the old Lazarus building was demolished. This demolition made room for two new stores: Dick’s Sporting Goods and hhgregg.

These stores opened, offering fresh shopping options for visitors. Dick’s Sporting Goods attracted sports enthusiasts, while hhgregg focused on electronics and appliances.

Another change came in 2006 when L.S. Ayres transformed into Macy’s. This rebranding introduced a new range of products and a modern shopping experience.

Macy’s became a key anchor, drawing in shoppers with its diverse selection.

The arrival of H&M in 2012 added a trendy fashion retailer to the mall. H&M replaced the former MC Sports store, bringing in a younger crowd. These changes kept the mall dynamic and appealing to various customer preferences.

Recent Developments

In 2017, hhgregg closed due to bankruptcy. This closure left another vacant space, temporarily filled by Spirit Halloween during the Halloween season.

The biggest change came in 2018 when Sears closed its doors. Sears, once a major anchor, shut down as part of a nationwide reduction plan. This closure marked the end of an era for the mall, opening opportunities for new stores.

In 2022, Malibu Jack’s indoor theme park arrived at Tippecanoe Mall. This new attraction brought a family-friendly entertainment option, enhancing the mall’s appeal. The theme park added a new dimension to the shopping experience.

Today, Tippecanoe Mall continues to adapt to changing retail trends. With new stores and attractions, the mall stays relevant and exciting. These developments ensure that the mall remains a central part of the Lafayette community.

Current Anchors and Their Stories


JCPenney has been a cornerstone of Tippecanoe Mall since its opening in 1973. Over the years, it has evolved to meet changing consumer demands while maintaining its status as a reliable retailer.

The store offers a wide range of products, including clothing, home goods, and electronics.

The presence of JCPenney Portraits and JCPenney Salon further enhances its appeal, providing customers with additional services under one roof.


Macy’s joined Tippecanoe Mall in 2006, replacing the former L.S. Ayres. This department store brought a mix of high-end and affordable fashion, beauty products, and home essentials to the mall.

Macy’s Backstage, a discount section within the store, offers shoppers additional savings on popular items. Macy’s continues to be a major draw for the mall, attracting a diverse group of shoppers.


Kohl’s became an anchor store at Tippecanoe Mall in 1985, taking over the space previously occupied by Montgomery Ward.

Known for its wide selection of clothing, accessories, and home goods, Kohl’s also features a Sephora inside, enhancing its beauty product offerings.

The store regularly updates its inventory to reflect current trends, making it a popular destination for shoppers.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods opened in 2004, filling the space left by the demolished Lazarus building. This store has become a go-to spot for sports enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive selection of sporting equipment, apparel, and accessories.

Its presence has added a new dimension to the mall, attracting a different segment of customers interested in fitness and outdoor activities.

Malibu Jack’s

Malibu Jack’s, which opened in 2022, is the latest addition to the anchor lineup. This indoor theme park has transformed the mall into more than just a shopping destination.

Offering a variety of attractions, including go-karts, mini-golf, and arcade games, Malibu Jack’s provides family-friendly entertainment that draws visitors of all ages.

Its arrival has significantly boosted foot traffic and added a vibrant energy to the mall.

Famous Stores by Type

At Tippecanoe Mall, several well-known stores draw a diverse range of shoppers. In the fashion and accessories category, Aeropostale offers trendy clothing and accessories aimed at young adults and teens.

At the same time, American Eagle Outfitters offers stylish and comfortable apparel for both men and women.

Buckle provides a variety of denim and casual wear, attracting fashion-forward shoppers. Charlotte Russe targets young women with its affordable and trendy clothing.

Francesca’s Collections, a boutique-style store, is perfect for finding unique clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

H&M, a global fashion retailer, offers a wide range of clothing and accessories for the entire family. Hot Topic, specializing in pop culture and music-inspired fashion, appeals to a niche audience with its unique offerings.

Maurices caters to women with its versatile and stylish clothing for everyday wear. Old Navy, known for its family-friendly fashion, provides affordable clothing for all ages.

Tillys offers a mix of surf, skate, and lifestyle clothing, appealing to a younger demographic, while Torrid specializes in plus-size fashion and offers trendy clothing for women.

In the jewelry and accessories sector, Banter by Piercing Pagoda offers a variety of jewelry and body piercing services. Kay Jewelers is renowned for its fine jewelry, including rings and necklaces.

Pandora, famous for its customizable charm bracelets, also offers a range of other jewelry pieces.

Rogers & Hollands Jewelers features fine jewelry, including engagement rings and watches, while Zales Jewelers offers a variety of fine jewelry, including diamonds and gold.

Specialty stores at Tippecanoe Mall also attract a wide audience. Bath & Body Works is a favorite personal care product known for its fragrant lotions, soaps, and candles.

Earthbound Trading Company offers eclectic, globally inspired clothing, accessories, and home decor.

Spencer’s specializes in novelty and gag gifts and pop culture merchandise, while Zumiez focuses on apparel, footwear, and accessories for skate and snowboard culture.

In the entertainment and electronics category, GameStop stands out as a leading retailer of video games, consoles, and gaming accessories.

fye – For Your Entertainment offers a wide range of entertainment products, including music, movies, and pop culture merchandise.

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