The Shops at Kenilworth Mall: A Gem in the Heart of Towson, MD

Birth of a Landmark

The Shops at Kenilworth Mall sprang into existence in 1979, opening its doors as the Kenilworth Bazaar. This mall in Towson, Maryland, quickly became an integral part of the community, housing more than 30 stores.

Stebbins Anderson and Hochschild Kohn’s initially anchored it. Over the years, it welcomed many other tenants, including an express location of the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration and a location of European clothing retailer Ulla Popken. However, these two have since closed, a testament to the ever-changing retail landscape.

Weathering Storms

In 2008, the mall embarked on a multimillion-dollar facelift, which was a brave move considering the economic downturn that year. Undeterred by the economic climate, the mall succeeded in attracting new tenants, showcasing its resilience and adaptability.

A year later, as The Shops at Kenilworth Mall celebrated its 30th anniversary, it proudly reported that its retailers were doing well, despite the economic downturn.

A New Era

In 2015, The Shops at Kenilworth Mall entered a new era under the ownership of Greenberg Gibbons, who announced massive renovations and an expansion of the decades-old mall.

The plan was to reconfigure the current retail space to give the mall street frontage on Kenilworth Drive, with the expansion set to be completed by the summer of 2017.

Stebbins Anderson downsized to one floor as part of this process, and Trader Joe’s announced plans to move its store from downtown Towson to the upper level in Spring 2017.

The Times They Are a-Changin.’

The winds of change swept through the mall once more in 2019, as Stebbins Anderson, a tenant who had been part of the mall’s fabric for a long time, revealed that it would shut down its store.

This announcement came four years after Stebbins Anderson had reduced its operations to a single floor, which was closely followed by the closure of its Ace Hardware store.

The mall has undergone several changes in ownership, the latest being Kenilworth Limited Partnership, an entity related to Towne Properties of Cincinnati, which has owned it from April 1994 to the present day.

Fresh Faces at Kenilworth

As of 2023, the mall continues to evolve, adding fresh faces to its roster of businesses. The Sassy Squeeze, a juice bar, opened its third Baltimore-area location at The Shops at Kenilworth in May, specializing in fresh, made-to-order juices, smoothies, protein shakes, and acai bowls.

The juice bar on the lower level between Italian Gardens and South Moon Under also offers homemade granolas, snacks, and coffee options and plans to launch a meal-prep service.

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Poppy & Stella: A New Chapter

Poppy & Stella, a Baltimore fashion boutique, announced plans to open its fifth and largest store at The Shops at Kenilworth in the summer of 2022. The new 2,941-square-foot store was opened in October 2022 and is located on the shopping center’s lower level across from South Moon Under and next to Arhaus.

This move comes in response to customer requests and a growing cohort of small, local, and women-owned businesses opening at the mall. Poppy & Stella’s owner was especially attracted to the mall’s ample parking and easy access during severe snow and rain.

The Unseen Chapter

The Shops at Kenilworth‘s future continues to unfold. Still, one thing is sure: this mall is more than a collection of stores – it is a vibrant, resilient community hub that continues to serve the people of Towson and beyond.

It has shown remarkable adaptability and resilience through economic downturns and changes in retail trends. With new businesses joining the fold and existing ones expanding, the Shops at Kenilworth remain a steadfast landmark in the heart of Towson, MD.

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