Arsenal Yards Mall, Watertown, MA: A Lifestyle Destination for All

History of Arsenal Yards

Arsenal Yards, located at 485 Arsenal Street, Watertown, Massachusetts, opened as Arsenal Marketplace in 1983. New England Development originally developed it.

The mall featured anchor stores like Marshalls and Ann & Hope. Ann & Hope closed in the early 2000s and was replaced by Home Depot and Linens’ n Things, which later became Golfsmith.

Simon Property Group purchased the mall in 1999. Boylston Properties and The Wilder Companies bought the mall in 2013, renaming it The Arsenal Project. They aimed to revitalize the area, focusing on mixed-use development.

In 2016, Boylston Properties introduced redevelopment plans to transform the mall into Arsenal Yards. The Watertown Planning Board approved these plans in January 2017.

Construction began, with Marshalls and Home Depot remaining open. The first stores in the new Arsenal Yards opened in late 2019. Old Navy, Gap Outlet, and Chipotle were among the first to reopen.

Arsenal Yards include 250,000 sq ft of retail and restaurants, 200,000 sq ft of office space, a 150-room Hampton Inn hotel, and 425 residences. The revitalized area has become a central hub for shopping, dining, and living, perfectly fitting the “things to do in Boston suburb” description.

Current Retail Offerings

Arsenal Yards hosts various well-known stores. Marshalls offers a wide range of discounted brand-name clothing and home goods among the anchors.

The Home Depot provides everything for home improvement needs, from tools to garden supplies. Roche Bros., a local favorite, serves the community with its fresh groceries and quality products.

The Majestic 7 enhances the entertainment options with its modern movie theaters, making it a popular destination for moviegoers.

In addition to these anchors, Arsenal Yards features several famous stores that draw shoppers from Watertown and beyond.

J.Crew Factory offers stylish, high-quality clothing at affordable prices, while Nike Unite supplies athletic gear and footwear for all sports enthusiasts. Too Tempted caters to fashion-forward shoppers with its contemporary women’s fashion.

Health and wellness stores at Arsenal Yards include Restore Hyper Wellness, known for innovative wellness services, and Solidcore, which provides intense, full-body workouts.

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F45 Training adds to the fitness options with its high-intensity team-based workouts. GNC is the go-to place for vitamins and health supplements, supporting a healthy lifestyle for its customers.

Beauty and personal care will be more represented in 2024 with the opening of Squeeze Massage, offering personalized massage services, and Marvelous Cuts, delivering precision barber services.

Now, European Wax Center provides comfortable and effective waxing services, while Ulta Beauty stands out as a one-stop shop for cosmetics, skincare, and hair care products.

Specialty stores like AT&T offer a comprehensive range of telecommunications products and services, and James Joseph Salon provides premium hair care and styling services, ensuring everyone looks their best.

Each store at Arsenal Yards contributes to the vibrant and diverse shopping experience, making it a prime destination in Watertown, MA.

Arsenal Yards
Arsenal Yards Logo” by Arsenal Yards is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Residential Living at Arsenal Yards

Living at Arsenal Yards combines convenience and modern amenities. Blvd & Bond features three apartment buildings designed for comfort.

These apartments come with efficient appliances and high-end finishes. Residents enjoy modern technology integrated into their living spaces.

The community offers attractive amenities. The rooftop deck is perfect for summer evenings; residents can relax by the fireplace during winter.

The views over the Charles River add to the appeal, creating a pleasant living environment.

The residential area, managed by the Bozzuto Group, opened in June 2021. It quickly became a sought-after location for those looking to live in Watertown.

The proximity to shops, restaurants, and entertainment makes daily living convenient and enjoyable.

Blvd & Bond exemplifies modern urban living. The combination of stylish design and practical amenities ensures residents have everything they need.

Arsenal Yards provides a vibrant community atmosphere, making it a top choice for living in the area.

Office Spaces and Life Sciences Hub

Arsenal Yards has become a prime location for office spaces, especially for life sciences companies. The area offers over 400,000 sq ft of lab and office space across three main buildings: 200 Arsenal Yards Blvd, 100 Forge, and 500 Forge.

200 Arsenal Yards Blvd stands out as a state-of-the-art life sciences building. This historic structure has been renovated to provide modern lab spaces.

Companies here benefit from its unique blend of history and cutting-edge facilities. The 108,000 sq ft building opened its doors to tenants in 2021.

Arsenal Yards
Shops at Arsenal Yards” by Aaustin97 is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

100 Forge, the first purpose-built lab building in Watertown, towers 130 feet and provides tenants with spectacular views of the Boston skyline.

The building houses various life sciences companies, fostering innovation and collaboration. This facility became operational in 2022.

500 Forge, the gateway to Arsenal Yards, offers 158,680 square feet of dynamic new space. Originally known as One Arsenal Marketplace, it has been transformed to support groundbreaking science.

This building is part of the vibrant Arsenal Yards community, blending workspaces with retail and dining options.

The strategic location of these buildings, coupled with the surrounding amenities, makes Arsenal Yards a hub for forward-thinking companies. The private shuttle to Harvard Square and structured parking add convenience for employees.

Dining Options

Dining at Arsenal Yards offers a variety of experiences. Shake Shack is a popular spot for burgers and shakes.

City Works, known for its craft beers, provides a robust menu. Frank Pepe’s pizzeria, famous for its coal-fired pizzas, attracts pizza lovers from all over.

Sweetgreen offers fresh salads and bowls for quick and healthy options. Chipotle, another favorite, serves up its well-known burritos and tacos. These dining options ensure that there’s something for everyone.

Community Events and Activities

Arsenal Yards hosts various events and activities that unite the community. One of the highlights is the outdoor fitness series, which kicked off in April 2024. These complimentary workout classes draw locals who want to stay active while enjoying the fresh air.

During school vacation weeks, Arsenal Yards becomes a hub of activity. For instance, the April School Vacation Week saw events like performances by Good News Gus in the iconic caboose on April 17, 2024. These events create a fun and engaging environment for families.

Arsenal Yards
Arsenal Yard” by Aaustin97 is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Easter celebrations at Arsenal Yards are also a big hit. The community gathers for themed events, such as Easter egg hunts and festive activities. In 2024, the Easter event on March 21 brought in many families for a day of fun and celebration.

Seasonal events keep the calendar full. Spring and summer bring farmers’ markets, outdoor concerts, and holiday-themed gatherings.

These activities foster a strong sense of community and make Arsenal Yards lively and welcoming.

Recent Developments and Future Plans

Arsenal Yards continues to grow and evolve. In May 2024, the area welcomed several new establishments.

J.Crew Factory has landed at Arsenal Yards, offering fun, classic, and colorful styles. Enjoy frequent new arrivals, exclusive in-store events, and great deals.

Jersey Mike’s Subs, famed for fresh-sliced and grilled subs on freshly baked bread, is now open near you. With a history dating back to 1956, it offers signature subs and is on a mission to make a difference in local communities.

An expert pet grooming service also started, catering to pet owners in the community.

Arsenal Yards will see even more additions this summer. New dining options, including a steakhouse known for its perfectly cooked steaks, will open, and retail offerings will expand with stores catering to various shopping needs.

The development doesn’t stop there. Arsenal Yards plans to introduce more fitness and beauty services by the end of 2024. This continuous growth ensures that the area remains a dynamic destination.

Arsenal Yards is on track to become an even more vibrant community hub. The ongoing projects and plans highlight the commitment to providing a comprehensive and enjoyable experience for residents and visitors alike.

With its blend of shopping, dining, living, and community events, Arsenal Yards stands out as a premier destination in Watertown.

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