Prudential Center Mall in Boston, MA: Where Shopping, History, and Culture Collide

The Prudential Center: An Iconic Shopping and Entertainment Destination

The Prudential Center, fondly known as “the Pru,” is a significant shopping mall and mixed-use complex in Boston’s historic Back Bay neighborhood. Opened in 1993, this iconic destination is anchored by the prestigious Saks Fifth Avenue and features over 75 stores and services.

The complex provides direct indoor access to numerous landmarks, such as the Hynes Convention Center, 101 and 111 Huntington Avenue office towers, and the Sheraton Boston hotel.

The Pru offers various retailers, from upscale brands like Earl’s, Lacoste, Club Monaco, Ralph Lauren, and Vineyard Vines to a large Star Market supermarket.

The mall also includes St. Francis Chapel, a Roman Catholic chapel that has been part of the shopping center since 1969. The complex also has around 20 food-related businesses and an open-market Eataly location.

Effortless Connectivity and Transportation Options

At the heart of Boston’s bustling cityscape, the Prudential Center offers excellent transport connections. The Prudential Center complex provides convenient transportation options, including the Prudential and Hynes Convention Center subway stations on the MBTA Green Line.

The nearby Back Bay multimodal station, connected through the adjacent Copley Place shopping mall, provides access to the MBTA Orange Line, Commuter Rail, and Amtrak inter-city rail services.

Several bus routes stop at the Pru, and the complex features New England’s most significant enclosed parking garage, with over 3,600 spaces.

The Pru is also connected to Boston’s largest hotel, the 1,100-room Sheraton, and offers numerous visitor tours, including Boston Duck Tours and Old Town Trolley Tours.


History and Evolution of the Prudential Center

The area where the Prudential Center now stands was once marshlands next to the Charles River. Over time, the wetlands in the region were filled in, making way for a large railyard. In the early 1960s, the railyard was replaced by the Prudential Tower and several smaller structures.

In collaboration with the then-owner Prudential Insurance Company of America, the Hahn Company spent over two years and $100 million to develop and connect all the buildings, creating the enclosed shopping center in 1993.

In 2014, the remaining open plaza along Boylston Street was replaced with a newly constructed entrance. Unfortunately, this required the removal of the Quest Eternal statue, a famous 27-foot bronze sculpture by Donald Harcourt De Lue.

The Boston City Council announced in 2019 that the statue would be relocated to Smith Playground, a public space in the Allston district. In addition, the Prudential Center complex still hosts several more minor public art and temporary installations.

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Timeline of Major Events at Prudential Center Mall

Year Event
1965 Prudential Tower completed
1991 Plan for enclosed and expanded shopping center proposed
1993 Shops at Prudential Center completed
2014 A new entrance to Prudential Center built
2019 Quest Eternal statue relocated to Smith Playground
2020 Lord & Taylor announced the closure
2022 Dick’s Sporting Goods announced the House of Sports concept

Recent Developments and Reception

In August 2020, the premier regional division of Lord & Taylor announced its closure. By 2022, Dick’s Sporting Goods revealed they were in negotiations to take over the former Lord & Taylor building for their House of Sports concept store.

In November 2019, MassLive, an online business news website, ranked the Shops at Prudential Center as the fifth-best shopping center among 40 malls in Massachusetts.

The adjacent Copley Place was ranked fourth. With over 60,000 visitors per day, the Prudential Center has cemented its position as a premier shopping and entertainment destination in the heart of Boston.

Prudential Center: A Place Where Legacy Meets Innovation

The Prudential Center is a unique destination that embraces history and innovation, embodying the spirit of the city that inspired its creation. The 3.6 million square feet mixed-use urban center comprises 3 million square feet of office space and 680,000 square feet of retail space.

The office component includes the Prudential Tower, 111 Huntington Avenue, 101 Huntington Avenue, and 888 Boylston, while the retail part is home to over 72 shops and eateries.

Major retailers at the Pru include Aritzia, Tesla, Canada Goose, Polo Ralph Lauren, Eataly Boston, Sephora, and the Under Armour Brand House. Attracting over 60,000 daily visitors, the Prudential Center is recognized by Women’s Wear Daily as one of the top five shopping centers in the United States.

The complex also features various amenities, such as a Boston Sports Club, a full-service U.S. Post Office, a Catholic chapel, and Zipcar.

A Relaxing Urban Oasis: The South Garden

Prudential Center’s South Garden is a 1.3-acre open-air park located at the apex of the retail arcades and office buildings. This urban oasis offers a tranquil escape from bustling city life, with water features, a built-in stage for musical performances, and ample seating.

The South Garden is a testament to the Prudential Center’s commitment to serving as an integral part of the community fabric, offering world-class office and retail destinations and spaces for relaxation and enjoyment.

As a thriving hub in the heart of Boston, the Prudential Center continues to evolve and adapt to the needs of its visitors, retailers, and office tenants. With its blend of history, innovation, and a wide range of amenities, the Pru remains an enduring and essential part of the city’s landscape.

Experience the Best of Boston at the Prudential Center

The Prudential Center in Boston, MA, is a leading shopping and entertainment destination, enchanting and entertaining visitors worldwide. This iconic mall offers a remarkable blend of history, innovation, and luxury, providing a memorable experience for everyone who enters its doors.

With diverse shopping choices, eateries, and amenities, the Pru truly caters to all tastes and preferences. Situated in the heart of Boston’s historic Back Bay, the Prudential Center showcases the city’s rich heritage and dedication to embracing progress.

As you discover the numerous attractions of the Pru, you will undoubtedly be immersed in a unique shopping and cultural experience that encapsulates the spirit of Boston.

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